TRUTH … A Shared Experience

Happy Friday, All!

So, in keeping with my practice, let’s do a hearty TGIF!  Whoop whoop! TGIF!!

What’s in a word?  It depends, right?!  Everybody “loves” everything … I love my Mom.  Or, I love my money.  Is there a similar meaning in both cases?!  Not hardly!!  In creating “truth”, we must share a similar reality … like … “All people are created equal.”  If we can start with that premise, we can find some truths that will make it possible to coexist on the Planet!  From there, “leaders” will naturally rise to the top, or such leader types can be identified, based on a global truth of what leadership looks like, and groomed accordingly. In a democratically formed government in which each person’s vote is equally counted, “we” have the best chances of having every voice be heard.  And as is commonly believed and seen, especially in “The American Experiment”, while not perfect it is the best of our “choices” to select from forms of government.

Most people, let alone Americans, don’t know their own nation’s history.  These people may fall prey to greedy and overzealous “leaders”, even on local levels of leadership.  This is where corruption in leadership needs to be thwarted and leadership kept “precious” as it is necessary to achieve a good outcome for the people following these leaders.  You know, once a person latches on to a lie that “makes them feel better”, they hold on to that “leader” and lies that make them feel good.  Intelligence AND education are extremely important for the citizens of any territory.  If a “citizen” doesn’t know what the shared truths are in a given society, they may be frightened into supporting a lousy leader … just so that they “feel good” even if that feeling is based on lies!  Educate YOURSELVES!  Reading is fundamental!!  (Don’t be a moron, nor be led by one!)

Critical race theory IS important.  Why?  Because if you are smart enough … yeah, I said it … one can easily ascertain that this is ONLY a means to understanding the entangled modern human history.  To understand the role that the concept of “race”(sometimes synonymous with “skin color”) plays and is “critical” in understanding modern human history and the challenges we face today, one needs to simply examine the words, not your “feelings”.  Why would one race consider “itself” superior to ALL others?  Is that possible?  Does that make one “feel good”?  Sure!  It should because that is the description of entitlement.  In other words, you “do” nothing … you just happen to be the right “color”, and “you win” in every situation.  Can you say “primitive thinking”?!?  Now, let’s interject a situation in which certain “people” didn’t (don’t) feel good … little African American girls and boys playing in a Baptist church until it is blown up by “people” who “think” or believe that the children’s race or “color” renders them inferior!!  How do you think “they” felt?  How do you think their parents felt?  Or don’t you give a FUNK?!?  To understand how “race” plays a critical role in studying American History (world history, too!), one has to stop looking to “feel good” but instead consider others and the critical role that their “race” plays (-ed).  As I was told throughout my education which occurred in some highfaluting places, “be an intellectual”!  Now that I have become an intellectual, some folks want to harm, fight or kill me … because I am smarter than they are.  I freaking studied (still do!) my a$$ off.  Check yourself before I do … intellectually!

In closing, I wanted to share and thank so many of my “former students” and colleagues that I’ve had the opportunity to work with over the years.  They gave me the most beautiful compliments on social media for being their teacher after I had posted a picture taken by a student in one of the classes circa 1980’s I taught at White Plains High School. I was seated and evaluating my students’ presentations which were their homework assignments EVERY Friday based on current events!!  I was also teaching my a$$ off!  I mean, it’s okay to be an intellectual in understanding human history.  It’s “our” job now as we are tasked with grooming and making a way for the young people to inherit THEIR WORLD!


John I. Cook

Thanks for reading!

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