Collaboration, Cooperation … Not So Much Competition!

Happy Friday … and the last one of this year … 2021!  When we’ve had every kind of challenge this year, we’re often ready to turn the page!!  So, TGIF with me if you’re feeling it!!  “TGIF!”  Boom!!

Here at Educational Excellence, I occasionally offer up some “lite” anecdotes.  Then, other times I challenge readers to the heavy stuff … the deep stuff that one cannot find the solutions to on the mere surface.  This is where the real work begins … on yourself!!  This is when we lose many humans as they dare to face themselves, their own truth … be it good or not so good!  This type of personal cowardice affects many of us, especially if the coward is supposed to be a leader!

Each day of my life, I try to do better than the day before.  I’m not trying to make as much money, nor acquire as much power as anyone.  Once we’ve passed a certain age, we should have learned right from wrong, the difference between disrespect and hatred versus respect and love!  They aren’t that difficult to understand.  Some people like to play you for a fool and are so dishonest with themselves that I prefer not to be around a quagmire of volatile, negative, hostile energy.  When I stay in my lane, I work hard on myself.  Some folks like to “switch” lanes, so to speak, and “get into” your lane (life) without paying attention to their own lane or issues.  So, then I have to deal with ones’ negative energy coupled with my own issues!  This type of unwarranted intervention is what I didn’t come here to retire for since it is not aligned with my own healing.  I mean, after all, this is pretty much my life to develop and recover my own peace and happiness.  In addition, I try to share my love, peace, and understanding with whomever I meet, if possible.  Yes, it is a tough job … but someone has to do it!!

A while back this year maybe a few months or so ago, the CEO of Whole Foods mentioned in an interview that “we” need to stop using hurtful, hateful language toward each other as we each find ourselves struggling to keep our natural human competitiveness healthy.  While competition has its benefits, its limit(s) should be clearly identified so “it” (the competitive edge) does not lose its purpose and destroy the fabric of our human civilization.  Unfortunately, some of us don’t think far enough ahead to determine the negative repercussions of our actions.  In the animal kingdom, of which we are a part, their lives are not based on the color of the animal nor who one animal decides with whom to take up company!  They are not so primitive!  Imagine that!!

In closing, I would like to add that for the new year, may we reconsider being one human family.  Our continuation as a species depends on it!  “We are one!”


John I. Cook, Director

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