And Away We Go!!!

away we go

Happy Friday, All!
It’s about that time again …. T.G.I.F.!  You know, I often have to promise myself, that no matter how “uncaring” a person may seem, which usually contradicts what someone like this might say … “how much they care about you!” …   their actions tell a far different story.  I am still practicing some serious detachment from situations like this.  This is when people try to hurt you or discourage you with something they might “with hold” from you …  like a raise … or simply said, cut your pay!  I don’t quite get it … I mean, it seems that EVERYBODY is on the “take”!!  What’s really going on?!?  Now don’t get me wrong … I’ve some superb friends who show me some “serious care” or “love”, if you will.  Yet, at a repair shop, for example, or at work … sometimes even in traffic it seems that somebody is trying to put somebody else “down” or into a difficult situation or just are plain old disrespectful.  Others in positions of authority may try to make another person feel like “they owe you something”!!  Are they seeking ego fulfillment due to their lack of character?!?
Things like this push me into a very peaceful yet warrior-like way.  Yes, sometimes I feel like acting out … arguing or something.  But usually, the person with whom I would argue wouldn’t understand anything anyway.  “Their” minds are made up, so to speak, and reaching them would be a miracle!  So, I save my comments most of the time, and simply move away from the potential conflict or drama.  Usually when I do this, I find a “miracle” of my own!!
As I mentioned, I will be moving and don’t know when I will have access to internet … though I will be looking for the “Wi-fi” locations in the meantime.  It is also the time to write maybe two e-mails/blog posts per week … who knows … maybe even one!  Let me know what you think, if you’ve the inkling!!  In keeping my head “to the sky”, I continue to hope to ramp up my options and take an interest in my daughter and my new grandson, Caleb Isaac.  The challenges we all face from time to time seem “normal” in our world today.  Do you think we can make some changes for the better?!?  I hope so … And away we go!!
John I. Cook, Director

“You Dropped A Bomb On Me!”



Happy Hump Day, Y’All!

Yeah … that’s what I’m saying now that I have gotten probably some of the most challenging news ever … in a long time anyways.  Yes, but not as challenging as some news I have gotten in the past.  So, for me, about this time … it is all relative!
There is  more electrical (fuse box) repairs needed in the Jeep Compass and the cost is even more than the last repair!  I had notions of “abandoning” it and … well … ruining my already struggling credit …  I had thoughts of just leaving it there for a few months and catching the buses across Broward County … Those thoughts were pretty horrifying, not to mention “challenging” as I wondered how I would grocery shop or get to the gym.  Then, I thought about asking a good friend … who agreed to help me out … again!  I am overwhelmed with happiness as I just got off the phone with the assistant manager at the repair shop to “get the ball rolling”, as he said!  Humbly grateful as I have so much to do this weekend.  I will leave the details for another day while embracing the love being shown to me.
Have you ever had those moments when you are NOT sure what to do?!?  Just yesterday … on my way home from work … I spoke with my daughter who shared her wisdom regarding “things that just happen that are unexpected”!!  I listen to suggestions, I meditate and pray … then meditate again … and listen to the “inner voice”.  I am so blessed and so grateful to have you folks as readers, as it is one of the readers who agreed to help … again!  Thank you, David …

John I. Cook, Director

Remembering Hurricane Wilma – R.I.P. Mom …

wilma devastation

It’s Monday . . .

How are things going for YOU?!?  Hope all is well.  As for me, I am developing another dimension (NOT dimentia!!) of spiritual faith and endurance … better said, seeing the blessings in my life!  There are, for me, various dimensions of spirituality, if you will.  The first level is the more tangible level where deep breathing and meditation help balance out life’s ebbs and lulls at that moment … you can feel the relief, similar to that relief one may feel after a yoga class.  The other more deep (deeper) level is the “long term” maintenance of one’s “faith”, if you will … that “every little thing’s … gonna be alright” attitude expressed in one of Bob Marley’s greatest compositions!  It requires an ability … gift even … to keep the faith over a long period of time, defending oneself against the negativity that we may find as we engage in spiritual warfare against our opponent’s goals … to bring us down, especially in the face of challenges.  Feeling very grateful, right now.
Many of you who may know about Hurricane Wilma, which surprised the East Coast cities of SoFlo including the city where I was living at the time, Pembroke Pines, FL, will recall how the hurricane appeared over our shoulder, so to speak, as it crossed the “corridor” from Naples, FL to Broward County’s Greater Ft. Lauderdale area.  The destruction was devastating, destroying homes, towns and cities, putting nearly 6 million people in darkness with the loss of power at gas stations, supermarkets and homes of the populace as occurred in my sister’s house in Lauderdale Lakes around October 25th, 2005.  Ultimately, I quietly thank Hurricane Wilma for making conditions so that my mother – Marietta Dolores – could expire without tragedy like a plane crash or house fire … let alone being killed in a drive by or car accident!  She went quietly … and peacefully.
Interestingly enough around this time of year, I remember “Wilma” and recall all that went with it … from living at a “sober house” in Pembroke Pines where I actually did the “check-ins” of tenants in our community to  my roommate, Michael Keels, and all the fun we had together.  We had set up a gas grill provided by the landlord outside in the parking area of our place there on Johnson Street and took turns cooking our foods on the grill in an effort to avoid having to throw out meats and stuff that required refrigeration, since we had lost power in our building, too.  Remembering Hurricane Wilma requires me to remember my mother’s passing … they go hand in hand in my journey.
On Halloween, I plan to move again … from my studio in Hollywood to an apartment in Sunrise/Plantation, which is a condominium that my sister owns and rents out.  I am also planning to do two e-mails per week as I have not secured internet there yet, and, I do want to start to spend time on two other projects for Educational Excellence – the third book and motivational talks/presentations.  I am still dealing with the “car drama” as the repair shop didn’t have a chance to look at it yet; my friend Burke Wortman has lent me his truck for a few days … and I am grateful for that!  The full moon is on the horizon, as I noticed when I went to put the trash out last night and saw it’s beauty hanging in the dark yet star-lit sky.  So in closing, I am sharing with you some of Joel Osteen’s words today, that our Creator did NOT “make” us to suffer … and is a loving and caring Creator … giving us experiences perhaps, that make us spiritually more fit to continue along our individual journeys …
Until we meet again!


John I. Cook, Director

Just When You Thought It Was Safe . . .

face palm

Happy Friday, y’all!  I’m going out on a limb with this one so … T.G.I.F!
Have you ever had those days when you just kind of let your head drop down, almost limp and shake it from side to side??  Well, I had one of those mornings yesterday.  I had actually gone out and started up the car, realized that I had left somethings … went back to get them, came out … and right before my eyes, the car stopped running!!!  Just like that!!  Enough said??!
I can imagine that sometimes “folks” may wonder why I am so forth coming with things … drama … that happen to me!?  First of all, this comes from my heart.  I mean, things go on that I STILL don’t mention and won’t mention … mostly out of respect for others and their “privacy”.  I am pretty open about things because I like folks to know how difficult it can get sometimes … as well as how good it gets, too!  As I’ve mentioned more that once in these writings, you might even meet … know … or be someone like me!  That is, one who sees life as a spiritual journey with the goal of remaining positive, spreading and sharing love and peace, too!  Of course, I work every day and haven’t had as many outside opportunities to earn more money yet …  Reliable transportation is an integral part of that here in South Florida!!
The other reason I write about some of my experiences is two-fold: first, it is therapeutic for me … I don’t get so “caught up” in the stuff if I write it down; and, I don’t take some of the experiences so personally or perhaps, so seriously!!  It really gets to me sometimes, so I employ my own techniques including yoga and meditation to stay balanced.  As far as I know, I have not been “depressed” to the point that I couldn’t handle a “feeling” which led me to feel sad, so to speak.  I am not sure I “know” what that means.  I seldom use the word to describe myself … if ever … though I do know that many humans experience this.  I have the utmost respect for that “dis-ease” as I do for other illnesses like breast cancer!  Yep, my father died from bone marrow cancer … so … I know what death looks like up close and personal.  I don’t fear it … I think … yet I don’t want it yet either!
The regular readers may remember a week or so ago when I began my “car-escapades”, for lack of a better term, and I was expressing that I had “had enough” of this car drama!!  It is very costly, and life altering even, as well as a bit of a challenge!  So, yesterday I called the service manager at Joey Accardi Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep and told him I may bring the car back.  After checking my car insurance, and finding the terms and mileage of the towing benefit, I had the Compass towed there last night!  I also had a chance to chat with my daughter, Ayanna Lynne, who may be going home from the hospital soon with her son, Caleb Isaac.  I am happy for this bit of joy and am clinging to it as Ayanna says that Caleb clings to her!
John I. Cook, Director

It’s The Little Things That Count!

love the world

Happy Hump Day, Y’all!
How are things progressing for you this week so far?!  I hope it is all good … you understand?!?  Feeling chipper today, just counting my blessings as well.  Gratitude is an important part of my attitude. THAT … keeps me humble!!  Why humble, one might ask?  Because “one” who is not teachable in a variety of situations … or at least able to “learn the lesson” … is doomed to repeat the same mistakes, and possibly remain in an “unhealthy” frame of mind or spirit!
I have those  moments like many of us when I wish I could just talk to my mother.  These are the moments when I am calling upon all her teachings and “nurturings”, tips and clues of how I might best handle a certain situation that I encounter in my life.  I filter that information with what I have personally experienced in my own past and seek to merge the two, if that makes any sense.  I don’t want to make another mistake unless I have to … and I don’t want to make another mistake that is costly and not fun … or “serving my true needs”.  I  have found that the small adjustments I make on a day to day basis help me to “sail smoothly”.  Just the other day, I was in the parking lot at Publix and a guy climbed out of his red pick up truck with “ROLL TIDE” flags positioned on it and he wore an Alabama t-shirt, also red.  I was standing in front of my vehicle just observing some of the damage and this guy comes walking towards me within inches and says, “Excuse me!”  I turned around and looked at him, and replied as I turned sideways so this character could walk by me, “You could’ve gone that way next to your truck, you could’ve gone straight down the walkway in the middle of the parking lot … but you chose to come up behind me!”  This guy replies, “Well, I said excuse me!  I could’ve just shoved you out of the way!”  I looked at him and smiled, stating: “You wouldn’t want to do that … you’re just talking!”  He kept walking without a response nor turning around.
In general, people try to make more out of some simple things than they need to … and not enough out of the things that are usually bigger and more important.  So, what I try to do, is weave or connect a bunch of little things to make the “bigger things” that I need in my life.  I say thank you when someone holds the door for me, and I occasionally let people cut in front of me in crowded traffic and am much moreso on the lookout for close encounters with other cars, leaving more room for the unexpected.  I do the same with people … like at work … I avoid the “drama” peeps and focus mainly on getting my work done.  Again, it’s a little thing to be polite and peaceful, much less applause but a lot more comfort … for me!  I don’t like the noise and drama of some things in life.
My daughter, Ayanna, just had her first child and I am a first time grandfather.  She is my only child so the only kid(s) I would ever have as grandchildren, I suspect … , will have to come from her!  The first one, and fine with me if it is the only one (that’s how it is for me …), arrived October 19th, 2015.  As one co-worker wrote on a hand-written note for me, “Welcome Caleb Isaac!”  Do you guys remember that we ALL started as a little thing … a baby?!?  When Ayanna was born in White Plains, NY over 30 years ago, I called her “Squeezy”!  That’s because she had the best little hugs a father could ask for!  Now, she has her own “little Squeezy”, whom she calls fondly “Cash” … short for “cashew” describing the shape of Caleb Isaac in his sonogram!  Congratulations, Ayanna Lynne … And welcome, Caleb Isaac!  I am glad that her mother was there with her and many many friends of hers from Connecticut are showering she and Caleb with love … and many many gifts!

John I. Cook, Director

Don’t Let Nothing Steal Your Joy!

Count it ALL joy


It’s Monday, Folks!

What’s love got to do with it?!?  Everything!!!  And from left field, I come at you folks with a Monday morning wake-up (or delete) read … the choice is yours!!  Either way is fine with me.  So … Top o’ the morning to you lads and lassies!
I don’t know if many of you know why I write other than the fact that I love it … just writing and sharing things.  But, I just wanted to say that I don’t … in case you ever thought I did … know everything!  So you can take me out of that class of “crazies” that do think that they know everything.  Know that I want to share thoughts and ideas … not so you can say that I am right (or wrong), but so you can see how one might want to work on oneself (or someone they know!) to make some self improvements and enjoy life in some of the ways that I do.  Just in case … I mean, you might meet someone like me one day … or maybe you already know someone like me … or heavens forbid … you … yes I said YOU might be like me yourself!!
I wanted to share something ELSE with you that you might find interesting … if only my take on it.  So, Friday morning, after I had just gotten my Jeep Compass out of the Joey Acardi dealership repair shop Thursday evening, I was on my way to work a bit early on I-95, and I had an accident.  And, it was my fault … so to speak!!  Okay, so I was in the second lane at Griffin Road which is always under construction and traffic was stop and go so  much that it felt unsafe.  So, I cruised, speeding up a bit to merge into the third lane.  It appeared that the car in front of me was moving slowly because I don’t recall seeing any brake lights.  After 2 seconds, I realized that the car was NOT moving!!  I was going about 50mph and slammed on my brakes … But, it was NOT enough to avoid contact with the rear bumper of the car in front of me!!  Are you “spiritual” enough to count even THIS “all joy”, as the scripture states?!?  I know that I wasn’t!  I was so upset with MYSELF … disappointed in ME … until I started to feel “hopeless” …  Not a good thing!!  I struggled through Friday at work once I got there, some friends took me out to dinner after work and I continued to work through my feelings.  Enter Sunday morning televangelist Joel Osteen …
Sunday’s sermon focused on “keeping a song in your heart” … that same song your spirit can sing when things seem to be going ever so wrong in one’s life.  Joel used his usual funny stories about a bird that sang in a big house until one day, the home owner accidentally “sucked it up” in her vacuum while cleaning her huge curtains!!  Once she got the bird out of the vacuum cleaner bag, it stopped singing … for good!  Is that you?  Do you let things that happen in your life stop YOU from singing … being happy … overcoming obstacles?!?  It can easily happen, so … keep that song in your heart … because “bad” things happen to good people, too!  Keep your spiritual strength up … I know when I woke up this morning, I thought about all I need to do NOW, and very grateful that my car is still riding very nicely … I have some dents on the hood and some front grill damage on the Compass, but it is running like a good car should!  Can I count it all joy?!?  I will tell you this though … I refuse to let anything steal my joy, y’all!
Don’t loose your joy, don’t stop singing your song … as difficult as it may seem … keep your dreams alive!
John I. Cook, Director

It’s The Weekend, Baby!!

peace colors


It IS Friday … what do you make of it?!?  Hey! Hey heyyyy! … T.G.I.F.!!!

Man … and woman … oh man! …. and woman! … It has been quite a week for me!!!  Changes out the “ying/yang”, to use an old school expression.  Between catching two buses to get to work and then home for a week can wear you … in this case …. ME … out!!  Okay … at least wear me down!!!  Whewww. Walking maybe a mile at 6:30am to catch two buses with a bit of walking in between stops and work!?!  Keeps one humble … A lot of working folks do it everyday.  I even observed some some students … elementary/day care age to trade school age … taking the bus ritualistically!  Reminded me of my days when I lived on Ft. Lauderdale Beach and had to catch two buses to get to American Express’s Call Center in Sunrise, FL.  There is a whole world or “early morning people” out there, y’all!
So, thanks to a few good friends again, I got the Compass out of the shop Thursday evening.  It was so beautiful, yet, while somewhat challenging for all involved, to see how the people who helped me out came together into the situation!  You know who you are … and some of y’all reading might remember them, too.  Nice to get into the vehicle after 3 weeks of constant drama and disappointment, and finally start it up and drive without incident!  But, last evening … definitely this morning by now, the Jeep Compass is cruising the streets of Hollywood, the roadways of I-95 as well as the streets of Ft. Lauderdale again!!
Keeping in mind that we are bringing Hispanic Heritage Month to an end, we are in the middle of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  There have been so many great posts on social network and really  nice to see the different means that people are choosing to demonstrate an interest in keeping Breast Cancer Awareness in the forefront of our modern society.  This Saturday at Huizenga Park off of Las Olas in Ft. Lauderdale, the “Glam-Doll-Strut” will begin its annual parade of women (some men blended in there, too!) set up in groups with costumes and outfits, high heels and make-up … and strutting their “stuff”!  It begins around 11AM as the various “competing groups” assemble and get their marching positions in the parade.  The parade better known as “Glam Doll Strut” is hosted by Lynn Martinez from Channel 7/WSVN News and Deco Drive here in SoFlo.  Hey, I am going to be there taking some photos and enjoying the extremely positive ambiance.  Come on down to the Esplanade Park near the New River and the IMAX Theatre downtown FTL where the even “holds court” and culminates.
Now, as if that ain’t enough, the Brahma Kumaris Meditation Group of Hollywood will be holding the monthly “World Peace Meditation” in ArtsPark at Young Circle in Hollywood, FL on Sunday at 6pm.  It is always a fine time with many activities including QiGong movements, yoga asanas … and singing bowls along with our guided meditations by the yogis and Roz Reich and Etta Stevens.  I am sending out vibrations for decent weather so these outdoor activities, as well as many many others, can be enjoyed by those choosing to participate.  It’s the weekend, Baby!  Do something good for yourself!

John I. Cook, Director

The Politics of Reporting

a million

It’s HUMP DAY! Yeahhh!
I know, still a little crazy with all the “drama” at my door, so to speak!  While I am generally a “loner”, meaning I go and do things by myself if necessary, I do genuinely “love” people!  Just watching the Democratic Candidate Debate for POTUS was very entertaining … not “trump style”, but “reality” and grass-roots style.  The intelligence of Bernie Sanders and the character that has become “Hillary Clinton” due the drama she has handled over the years demonstrated that people … potential and current leaders … KNOW what the most serious problems in this country are today.  They can state all of our problems in this country with racism, mass incarceration rates, the top 1% of the top 1% of the wealthiest people in this country control over 90% of the wealth!!  Even the problem with too relaxed gun control laws and its relationship to mental illness in this country.  Why do we “allow” this to continue?  Is the notion of changing “it” too big?!?  Too arduous??  Too difficult, maybe?
Now, I am not a journalist … in some folks opinions, maybe not a writer!!  Still, I enjoy writing … I write because I love to express thoughts and ideas that are positive, nurturing, illuminating perhaps … exposing things we may take for granted even.  I know its not perfect, I know there are mistakes … I do my own editing at 10 at night or 6am in the morning.  So, enough of that!
Reporting is an area where “the brothers” get the short end of the stick, too!  Okay, how many saw any stories or articles, videotapes or posts on social media about “The Million Man March” in DC this past weekend?  I heard about it early last week but actually forgot about it until I saw a few posts on Facebook talking about the “lack” of publicity of a “sea of brothers” peacefully co-existing, no police needed nor wanted … and supporting each other … to do good!!  Why didn’t we see any live television broadcasts … okay, how about just quick clips of video to show on the news!!  I didn’t see ANY television station report it!!  Now, we know that the “media” can sensationalize everything else … especially the negative.  Why not The Million Man March?!!!
Okay, now … how many of you “readers” heard about the NBA basketball professional who plays for the Atlanta Hawks being attacked and arrested by New York Police Department officers and had his LEG BROKEN????  Okay, I’m gonna back up a bit … I L.O.V.E. basketball.  I watch it every chance I get … especially the NBA and college basketball.  Not to mention my love for “travel team” basketball and high school basketball – both jv and varsity  … I love this game!!  But I didn’t hear ANYTHING about this player who along with another NBA player at a night club in New York during the early NBA Play Offs and the games held in New York City (Knicks, Nets) got arrested.  Difference is, Thabo Sefolosha, (Swiss and South African … born in Switzerland) a star player for the Atlanta Hawks, got his leg broken while in police custody in New York.  One account had it that he got out of his car to give money to a homeless man … like $20 … and supposedly an officer came over and began to question the professional basketball player who is “black” but a foreigner … somewhat fair-skinned.  Another story had it that some guy began stabbing a group at a night club but Sefolosha and the other player, Antic, claim they were no where near that incident.  All in all, Sefolosha was found not guilty and he and the NBA are looking into filing a suit against the three officers of the NYPD.
Keep in mind folks, that there are some real issues on the horizon that we must deal with in this country.  As Bernie Sanders insinuated last night during the Democratic Party Debate that the void is too big between the”very few haves” and the “way out of wack have nots” … perhaps a revolution is needed.


John I. Cook, Director

Columbus Day?? Explosion at A Peace Rally in Turkey??

native women

Yep, it’s Monday …
I really can’t do the Happy Columbus Day … it is a holiday for the most part though I hear the kids still have school!  I know that the historically distorted rumor is that “Columbus Discovered America” … since … he thought he was in Asia near China and the East!!
Instead of just swallowing the Columbus Day historical “rumor” hook, line and sinker, do some research.  I have come across a few links on social network, and, when I read that “Chris” was just a hustler who promised the greedy Spanish investors in his journey, whom he promised would have high yields of gold.  Or maybe I could focus on the explosion at a “peace rally” in Ankara, Turkey in today’s piece.  A lot of options.  Still I could probably build a mini-story around what Joel Osteen talked about today when explaining that a human’s character is developed more during “dark times” in our lives.  For it is during those times that one ” … prays more, gets closer to family and develop important characteristics like faith, perseverance, honesty and trust.”
Yes, we’ve built Western civilization here in the Americas around “Columbus’s Discovery of America”.  Hmmmm …. Many Native Americans would disagree.  Actually, the meeting of these two cultures was quite the “misunderstanding”.  The “natives”, first of the Bahamas, were considered by Columbus to be ” … naked as animals; very free with their possessions …”.  You see, the “natives” assumed that the “travelers” were friendly and did NOT have an ulterior motive!  How wrong they were!!  The “natives” were very kind, innocent, and dressed for their climate in the Americas.  Ignorance and greed had the Spaniards taking “natives” to Europe where most of them got cold, sick and died before reaching a land of “horror”, as they were converted into servants!!  It was written that in some places, once the “natives” were forced to go into areas, rivers, mountains and search for the “gold” that Columbus was convinced was here, since he had convinced his investors that gold was here, realized the ultimate goals of these “visitors” … many even committed suicide and killed the children to avoid the hostility, horror and greed of the Europeans …. Sounds more like “Columbus Day” to me …
Try to listen to others when you are engaged in an exchange.  Oftentimes, the person you may be dealing with may have a different set of “values” and “intentions” than you do!  It is interesting when people think “they have the upper hand” when the other person is really genuinely trying to be friendly ….
Have a great day, remember the origins of this “Columbus Day” thing, and seek peace … still seek peace!
John I. Cook, Director

What Should I Do NOW?!?

what should I do now


It’s Friday … can I say “T.G.I.F.” today, too?  Even though things are a bit challenging, I have learned to be blessed, grateful and hopeful … faithful even!  It’s tough sometimes.
 When the going get’s tough, the tough get going!!  Sounds good, though!!  I am sending this out early to the “e-mail family” as I will be using public transportation to get to work and have to leave an hour earlier.  For me, it is not a big deal … I just don’t like the way this “car repair” thing has been going.  I stopped by the Jeep dealer on my way to work yesterday morning to pay, as I was able accumulate the estimated amount for repairs ($700.00), and … when I got in it, the car drove exactly the same as it did when I drove it in to the Joey Acardi Jeep/Dodge Dealer’s Service Center last Saturday!!!  I was in awe!!!!  How could it be so difficult to fix this thing?!?!  I was never a good auto mechanic but … neither are some of these guys … and they do it for a living!!!
I am pushing forward pretty hard … “spinnin’ on a dime” … as it is said in some circles, handling those things that I can … and leaving those “other” things to my Creator!!  Now, I have been on public transportation many many times since living in South Florida.  The buses are pretty cool … most of them clean, and, Tri-Rail is another means of public transportation that is very popular and fairly efficient running between the three counties.  I remember when I lived on Ft. Lauderdale Beach in a studio and worked in Sunrise at AMEX’s telephone service center. I didn’t have a car then either and took two buses like I am today, literally crossing Broward County.  You can actually relax a little bit but “you” have to be on time!!  Those buses are punctual … and often early!
So, I’ve gotta have faith that this mechanic can figure it out, or the assistant service manager can convince someone in their service center to figure out what is wrong with the Compass.  I mean, it ain’t no Maserati  or Benz SUV or nothing … it’s a Jeep Compass!  This is one of those times when I am grateful that I can get up at 4 or 5am and walk maybe a mile and a half to Young Circle to catch a bus across County.  I mean, I am sore … I have different aches and pains but I can’t let that stop me now.  So, I am keepin’ it moving!  Looking forward to a great weekend, counting my blessings … that’s what I am doing now!!
“Count it all joy!”

John I. Cook, Director

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