Workshops and Presentations

1.  From the Projects to Princeton:  This is the title of Mr. Cook’s first book and the workshop, which involves a talk and interactive discussion about self esteem and general motivation, and is aimed at high school and career college students as well as freshman and sophomore students at four year universities.  The book provides a basis for experiences and discussion as well as motivation and instruction.  It also attempts to show the importance of the family in socializing its members and helping them avoid, and if necessary, overcome obstacles and pitfalls.

2.  Anger Management:  The topic of managing ones anger has become prevalent usually after someone has commited a serious crime involving some domestic or violent incident.  This workshop seeks to identify anger and what may trigger a person to become angry.  Secondly, there is a paradigm used to show how one can avoid simply reacting, rather than “counting to ten” and acting intelligently, and select an alternative to physical actions.  It is aimed at reaching youth in general, at risk youth, and people who may have been charged with somewhat violent behavior.

3.  Embracing Diversity:  This is a workshop perfectly designed for the ever-growing international communities in neighborhoods, schools, the workplace, business, even in churches.  People come from many nations and live here in the USA, get educations, start businesses and become part of our work force.  Diversity is not only obligatory in this multicultral world, it is becoming an integral concept that children must be exposed to “at home” in order to be able to function in the larger society and contribute to integrating all culturals.  This workship is aimed at school aged youth, business organizations and corporations as well as law enforcement agencies, hospitals and medical offices who are in position to service a multicultural clientele.

4.  DWB-Driving While Black:Is Racial Profiling Real?:  This is a controversial workshop that has historically caused much upheaval in the national community.  It is the kind of thing that most people feel is best kept as a secret and “swept under the rug”.  Many individuals rights have been violated as a result of such incidents of what must be called “racial profiling”.  Since “9/11”, Muslims and Arabs have been targeted as well but moreso in regards to  terrorism.  African Americans know this story well and have lived through this social enigma in America, which is a country that advocates “freedom and justice for all”.  This workshop first seeks to identify racial profiling as well as present techniques necessary to protect ones rights as well as challenge individuals and institutions that are utilizing racial profiling.

Note:  Other workshops include topics for ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) students, newly arrived immigrants and multicultural relationships.  As well, additional workshops may be developed depending on the need of the particular institution or event.  Mr. Cook is also available as a keynote speaker, graduation ceremonies and other events to highlight the accomplishments of a particular group.  Tutoring and editing manuscripts as well as resume writing and research paper critiques and refinements are also part of Educational Excellence.  I may be reached by cell phone at: (954)678-8334 or e-mail at:  The business address for mailing is: Educational Excellence, P.O. Box 9361, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33310

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