“Got Balance?”

Happy Friday, All!

Can “we” put a little T.G.I.F. in our lives … maybe?!?  You know there are a bunch of “lunatics” running the main countries of the world today!!  Crazy “mofos”! Imagine how some of these “people” came to power!!  Lies, bribery, death threats and assassination/murder!  How “democratic” … NOT.  In the States, it appears that the concept of “democratic government” is being put to the test.  As it was stated during the hearing of Mr. Mueller, the president was NOT exonerated and his entourage of family and friends who were GIVEN security clearances by the “perpetrator” himself, were in contact with Russian “thugs” over 125 times during the campaign!  Scrump is ready to take more information from hostile foreign governments AGAIN!  As I watch people rally around a perfectly insane creature, my heart breaks for them ….

THIS is where stuff like meditation, yoga, stretching, deep breathing, and positive thinking come into play … for me!  My birthday just passed and it was (still is, by the way, as I continue to celebrate the month of July) a very “balanced” one.  I didn’t plan anything … and everything turned out just right!  Now, of course, I planned the basics, to wake up, wash up, eat and “look nice” … but everything else just fell into place!  “Pura Vida” and good vibrations.  Of course, “the haters” continued to try to upset my balance … because “they” have NONE … but that’s to be expected from “struggling souls” and “spirits”.  When I can’t “control” the environment outside of my body, my temple … I am sure to “control” my spirit, even when aroused and disrespected by “fledgling souls” who are hell-bent on disturbing “the peace” … MY peace!!

When I learned how much MONEY the “Scrump Organization/Gang” have been amassing while “it” is still in office, I cringed!  Freaking “Scrump Towers” everywhere!  If “we” didn’t hear Mr. Mueller, yes … worn and run down because he had to conduct an investigation into “tampering” with the election in multiple ways, from “bots” and fake accounts to pure lies and treason, “we”must be deaf and want to be stupid.  If you think that he, not to mention the four women of color in the United States Congress and their families, has NOT been receiving “death threats” from the supporters of this heinous administration, you don’t know how “Scrump” works.  When … I said WHEN have you seen SO MUCH criminal activity surrounding a president, from grabbing “private places” of women to paying off prostitutes (I feel sorry for his wife!) to ignoring historical facts like “Frederick Douglass is Dead” to out and out lying to the very people he is supposed to be representing.  Why doesn’t the US just wise up and make the popular vote numbers the deciding factor in who becomes the leader of a once “so-called” Democratic nation!?  There is no darn balance … people are all over the place doing as “scrump” says “… anything I want”!  I thought those people were called “dictators”!!  Maybe “scrump” didn’t study that in history class either!

While the world spins out of control, may we each stay balanced … doing the right things … the enlightened things … the things that may help sustain “humanity” …

Peace and Blessings,

John I. Cook, Director

We STILL Can’t Breathe!

Let’s make it a Happy Friday, y’all!  

“If you want something done right, sometimes, you have to do it yourself!”  So, let’s get off our collective “butts”, come together and rid the world of one of the most deceptive, lying, low-class people EVER!  Start with a “T.G.I.F.”, if you will!

If we … “people in general” … don’t know what, “Send her back!” means and ALL but insinuates that one is not wanted, respected, nor appreciated “here”, wherever that is, humanity is in sad shape!  Comments like this are simple to understand, even for a buffoon … especially the cowardly type.  It’s simple, the way I like to keep stuff, scrump is trying … nearly successfully so … to CHANGE the United States of America into a totalitarian dictatorship, an oligarchy of sorts, with HIS own family lurking in the ranks to “seize the spoils” of a pending civil war … just like in Libya … 

How can someone scream at the top of one’s hate-filled lungs with an extra dose of “greed” on the side that another person, elected to a seat in Congress, against all of the odds of being a woman of color … that “they hate this country”?!  This “alien’s” lies have gotten so personal that the House of Representatives had to take a vote to censor (condemn) some of the character’s “tweets”!  Now, everyone is on “Twitter” as part of the American Democratic process, “trashing” each other!!!  “Politics”, as former British PM, Theresa May said, “have become rancor!”  It is no longer a “classy” profession even in the good ole United States!!  Now, the leadership is disguising his campaign slogan, “Send them back!”, as something that is “political” in the lowest sense of the word!!  THIS is what happens when a person who doesn’t even know the history of the country he is supposed to be leading … attempts to lead a country … and a democratic one at that!!

The “social media” waves are manifesting themselves in “shouting” ralliers with poison passion in their veins – racism!  Now, I know that some of my thinking and writing “charge” us to “be the best that we can be” and that is an optimistic wish of mine … and others, I am sure.  Yet, when I watch a “crowd” get caught up in chanting some negative crap … I am thinking if one could replace the “negative” words with some positive ones, like, “We are ONE!”  We now have world leaders who are so greedy, corrupt, power-hungry and “classless”, that it is going to take a world-wide “Love Revolution” to change the vibrations prevalent in the world today!  I can’t even begin to imagine what it must be like in the “Gulf of Hormuz” with drones, shipping containers … and now battleships looming around every bend!!  It’s like humanity has lost its soul!  Look at your loved ones, hold your grandchildren, kiss your partners and love one another!  This is probably the ONLY way to overcome this … some plain old “hippy style” LOVE!  “Try IT … you just might like it!”  Besides, we’ve tried everything else!!

Peace and Blessings,

John I. Cook, Director

“Awww, Man … Darn!”

Happy Friday again, y’all!

So let’s do this quick … T.G.I.F!   Okay, there … I said it!  NOW!

Don’t get me started with this “anti-immigrant” discussion, as if the land of the North American continent had NO INHABITANTS when the first European settlers arrived!!  Don’t make me explain that NOBODY with “white skin” is a native inhabitant of ANY of “the Americas” … except for maybe parts of Canada.  So, hopefully, intelligent folks can see the “bait and switch” technique used in sales being applied here!!  So, some people arrive at your “door” one morning to inform you that they are looking for “riches”.  You tell the “visitors” that your lifestyle is different from theirs!  And you continue telling them that there are lots of things that they can “enjoy” other than gold, silver and other riches in this land.  Soon, the people “you” helped decide that they are going to “MOVE INTO” your home and utilize everything you have there … as if it is theirs!  Could this be “the American Dream”?  Can we “do better” than this?!?  You know it, so as Chris Cuomo says on CNN weekday nights, “Let’s Get After It!”

Now, as tyrants and dictators strike fear in the hearts of the people in their domains, some folks in the good ole USA are beginning to realize “the error of their ways”.  It’s funny … NOT … when one realizes these “errors” but continues to reap the benefits of their erroneous way of life!  So, for the sake of “money” – pieces of paper with a promise to honor a debt or payment – we allow them … sorry guys, rich white men … to destroy our planet as they play freakin’ “Monopoly” with the Earth.  Iran is flexing it’s tiny muscles as England shows them clearly that they don’t have the “muscles” to mess with British cargo ships!  Is it crazy enough for you yet?  Wait … we’ve got the “scrumpster” breaking alliances with former Western allies, hoarding money of the taxpayers in this country for “his base’s” egos established on “keeping brown people out of Amerika” … and beginning various “bromances” with Kim and Vladimir … don’t forget the Saudi prince who had an American journalist “buzz sawed” into tiny unrecognizable unlocatable pieces in Turkey!!  Can you say it with me … “I can’t …”!!

Well, at least now we know what the agenda is:  “… destroy the world and its beauty before the “dumb inhabitants” who have been separated by skin color, religion, economic position (man-made) and cultural traits realize that they can “SAVE THEMSELVES”!”  Really?!?  And I guess the rest of “us” should just sit back and enjoy the unreal “reality tv show” that these totalitarian characters have created utilizing basic human fears and insecurities to control us!!  “Enough of No LOVE!” … What the #@*! are we waiting for?!?  For everything to collapse around us … and then us, too?!  “Raise your vibrations, Folks!”  Don’t let the scum have their way with OUR LIVES!  Reach out to each other in peace and love … and harmony won’t hurt either.  Maybe … we can show them the way!

Tomorrow is my 65th Birthday … and … I can’t believe it … I am so Darn grateful to Mom and Dad (RIP) … and My Creator!  I am pushing back tears …  Bye … and have a great weekend!


John I. Cook, Director

Seek Enlightenment

It’s Friday again, y’all!

Happy Friday to each of youse, and I’m wishing you a stupendous day … T.G.I.F.!

What’s in a celebration?!?  Fun?  Food?  Frolic??!  Fireworks?  Tanks on the ground in the nation’s capitol and warplanes flying overhead?!?  Are you having fun yet?  How about a long “8th grade style” fiery speech preaching the ethics of war and violence … by the president?!?  Still not impressed?!  Is it fun yet?! If not, “you” must be enlightened!  

Our “modern world” has a lot of people in it who think “selfishly”.  Somewhat understandable when most “nations” are led by people who do NOT have the interests of ALL in mind.  They may have their OWN concerns in mind when making decisions … or  … they may have the “ideas” in mind given to them by the people who also gave them MONEY!  So, what rules … ethics or money?!  Can one influence the other?!?  Can we still live our “best lives” for ourselves and our offspring if we place money ahead of say … enlightenment?!?  Do I have your attention yet?  Perhaps, like many, you just don’t give a flying horse’s tail!!  THAT, my fellow spirits, IS the problem.  We have been lulled into “NOT CARING”!  At best, some of us get caught up in “the team we are playing for” or “the country we were born in” … or any other such “feeble” human configurations that we have chosen to call “reality”!  Meanwhile, we are ignoring the FACT that we are ALL human and are ALL interconnected!  I know, I know, that’s a far stretch for “us” selfish, compartmentalized, greedy, insecure human beings!  How could “I” be wrong?!?  THAT, too, is the problem … right vs. wrong rather than … being enlightened in ALL of our life’s decisions.  How hard is that?  I mean, I have folks try to tell ME when I am happy or what “I need to do”, or describe how they think that I am living or doing!!

Take Mitch McConnell … Republican leader of the Senate … He wants to buy the first pair of “Betsy Ross”/Ku Klux Klan logoed sneakers from the first company to manufacture them, since NIKE refused to continue production of and release of the sneakers for the “4th of July” once being alerted to the fact that “white supremacist” and the Ku Klux Klan have adopted the “thirteen starred flag” depicted in Betsy’s rendition of the “First US Flag”.  McConnell is NOT enlightened … He is an old school fart that couldn’t give two “shirts” about what happens to immigrants or “minority” people (quickly approaching the “majority”) within the shores of the usa …  The ONLY thing he cares about is “representing HIS party’s base” and their “pipe dreams” rather than the dreams of the people who live here and whose land was taken from them and the people who actually spend(t) their lives “building” the country once it was confiscated from the Native Americans!! 

  It’s a simple paradigm … “Do unto others as you would have them do unto YOU”!  Be the best divine self that you can possibly be.  Make the “journey” beautiful … forget about war, conflict, and division.  Embrace ourselves, each other … and our “universe”!


John I. Cook, Director

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