The Hopeless Plight of a Bully

Happy Friday, All!

Maybe you’ve time for a TGIF with me, eh?  Then, TGIF, Baby!

Straight-out questions:  How do you feel about a person who clearly bullies others in an attempt to create an image, perhaps?  How do you feel about the person(s) being bullied?  Do you even care?  Perhaps, unless “you” are the one being bullied?  Have you ever tried to bully someone?  Do you know why??  Yes, it’s a hell of a topic!

A bully is a “person” who has low self-esteem and probably less talent or skills.  A bully is a parasite that preys on the weak.  One thing that the average teacher has witnessed is the hopeless plight of the bully!  Personally, I detest bullies … those who would rather go around trying to put others down, so to speak, so that “it” … the bully … has moments of joy as it watches its victim cringe in discomfort …  In my career as a classroom teacher/learning manager, I’ve had to deal with a few bullies.  It seems that they resort to this behavior because they are hiding something that they MUST come to grips with in order to be mentally, spiritually, and humanly healthy!  Bullies can be some serious creeps who have the talent of convincing other lost souls to follow and believe in “them” and not believe in themselves!  What a problem(s) these predators can cause.

Once we can agree on what a “bully” is, we can either decrease their relevance or simply ignore them and keep them out of positions of importance and out of our/your lives! Power is the drug used by the bully.  The bully first convinces its subjects (yes, objects of bullies are usually weak and ignorant people) that they need “it”…  A bully can be a woman or a man, a sibling, aunt, or boss.  Sometimes, they are just people “off of the street” looking for a weak link.  KNOW who you are so that you can protect and defend yourself.  Sometimes in my life due to my desire for PEACE, some people actually think that I am weak!  I’m cool but far from weak.  I have conditioned myself both mentally and physically so that I do NOT fly off of my handle.  I have wreaked havoc and destruction when I just fly off!!  (I decided that I don’t want to be remembered for that!)  I give the person trying to bully me a chance to see that “I am not of their world” full of bs and fear!!  I was in fourth grade at Rochambeau Elementary School the first time I stood up to a bully …   It was a black kid just like me! I haven’t stopped standing up to those fools yet … black, white, or in between!  In whatever manner a bully approaches me, it better come at me strong … ’cause I’m ready!  I said it … cool yet READY!  A simple lesson in self-esteem.  A hard one to learn but a lesson that one should learn.

Again, I’d like to thank the readers and remind you that I am peace and love, an anti-racist, a social activist, and a learning facilitator.  Trust me, I have been there, done that, got the t-shirt and I’m still here to tell my story!  Thank you “universe” … I really do love you!!


John I. Cook, Director

ps – Thank you for reading …

Gratitude Is . . .

Happy Friday, I say to each of you! We have so much more to be grateful for than we are often willing to admit.  It’s that “ego” thing (easing God out) that has us, humans, in competition with God.  As for me, TGIF!!  What sayeth you?!?

Well, the racial underbelly of the fabric of American society reared its ugly head again .. this time at a synagogue in Texas, Colleyville to be exact.  The Congregation Beth Israel synagogue was the scene of a ten-hour standoff last weekend caused by a British Asian.  This misdirected Muslim chose that synagogue because of its proximity to a prison where a convicted female Muslim terrorist is being held.  So, this character seemed to come from England to the USA to die at the hands of the FBI.  The tangled web of racial tensions and disinformation have entrapped yet another seemingly feeble-minded human …  Peace be still …  I argue again that the racial hatred being displayed not only in the States but worldwide was created … again by “man” (humans ourselves).  As “he” sought to use race as a determinant in a hierarchy of power associated with imperialism, colonialism again, which seems to omit the Native American existence altogether, and the expansion of capitalism, “race” has become a determining factor in “who” is attacked, by whom and why!  Now understand that the attackers choose senior citizen Asians in San Francisco or NYC, not any Asians at a gym or martial arts studio …

Interestingly sad as well, one of the survivors of the botched hostage situation had taken a course offered by the Anti Defamation League and/or FBI that he, Jeffrey Cohen, said he credits for helping to save his life.  One of the other four survivors had only one thing to say … “I am so grateful, I’m just so grateful …”  Imagine …  Mr. Cohen said he believes that Akram, the attacker, was mentally ill as his family mentioned in an apology to the hostages.  He added that he did not think Akram was “your typical attacker” who wanted to kill Jewish people but that he had “bought into these tropes.”  This is another indication of how closely tied mental illness is to racism.

In closing, I wanted to mention how difficult it is to watch the American political system fail the actual people that it was designed to serve.  Watching these suit-wearing law school-educated buffoons argue and bicker like children while they line their pockets with money from the lobbyist(s) is so disheartening in one of the last strongholds of democracy in the world.  So, help spread the good news, encourage people to vote, don’t allow yourself to be complicit in that low-level racist behavior!  Blessings!


John I. Cook, Director

ps. Thanks for reading!

Please … Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Happy Friday, Y’all!

How are we holding up today in this world full of precarious situations?  Think positive … TGIF, even!  It can’t hurt!

So, first of all, I want to thank the readers of the e-mails/blog posts from me.  Educational Excellence has become a viable platform for me to send out some grassroots messages and vibrations to help make the world a better place.  I was raised by my parents and the “universe”, often in the form of God and friends, with “tough love”.  It’s something I not only had to come to grips with as well as its’ lessons, I have also learned to employ it on myself.  I try to make these pieces have some universal appeal and relevance.  I mean, I am an African American male.  I don’t want to change that and I accept the challenge!  And if you think it’s not a challenge, keep reading and hanging around.  There are a lot of people like me in the world.  We’re not so “bad”.  In fact, we are good for the world!

So, my experiences often begin with someone else’s notion of what an African American man should be treated like, defined even.  Now, we ALL know the historical premises that this “identity” was based on, and, unfortunately, some folks still hold those or similar ideas about the aforementioned.  Can you imagine how many different ideas are floating around?!?  So, I am tough in my love … and that means if you “love” or care about me and my kind, you will accept the mission of what it means to be “my friend”.  That includes mutual respect and basic human intelligence.  “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Several Oath Keepers have been charged with sedition.  The leader of them, Mr. Rhodes, has been charged with seditious conspiracy.  They promised “Civil War 2.0” … if the attempt to “steal” the election by bullying FORCE failed.  Which side will you be on?!?  Freakin’ ridiculous moronic bs!!  As I watched some news clips of the “tourist insurrection” (OMG!), I saw a guy holding a sign that read: “Blacks for Trump”.  I thought to myself, “What will happen to them during Civil War 2.0?”  But, cut to the chase, THAT’s the logic that keeps me away from the States … Civil War 2.0 …wtf!!  Even as I traveled to a few European countries four years ago, most people I met from Paris or Amsterdam, Valencia, Barcelona .. even Hamburg … shook their heads when I told them that I wanted to retire outside of the States.  I think that they understood why and felt sorry for me!!  Just in case “you” didn’t know, more people have retired outside of the States due to the political and social instability.

So, my pieces and my attitude, as well as my work in general, seek to clarify some social ills and misconceptions, false information and disinformation, that might make someone “choose sides” in “CW 2.0”.  Right now, I have got to say: “You know I am joking and that nobody I know better not choose any side to sacrifice you and your loved ones lives for in CW2!!”  Can you imagine how close the USA’s Capitol came to being another mass murder scene?  It hurts to think people allow themselves to get so worked up … mostly over lies or misunderstandings.  The “Beacon of Hope” or the “Shining City on the Hill” almost became an overthrown democracy turned “citizen coup”.  Some folks sit around listening to hate speech by people like Bannon who said: “There will be blood in the streets …” or Rhodes who continued to plan the violent overthrow of the US government AFTER January 6th …  So exciting, right?!?  WRONG!!  #45 nor Rhodes was at the Capitol that day …  They as hate “leaders” simply riled up “the fools” and sent them into mayhem to cause chaos.

Be a good person because it’s more fulfilling and constructive than hateful, misdirected violence.  It’s not important to look for differences between ourselves.  Be smart enough to NOT be used by negative destructive energies.  Wake up if you’ve been misled by the leader(s) you choose to support and reclaim your natural loving, peaceful, cooperative self.  It’s okay … WE ARE ONE!


John I. Cook, Director

TRUTH … A Shared Experience

Happy Friday, All!

So, in keeping with my practice, let’s do a hearty TGIF!  Whoop whoop! TGIF!!

What’s in a word?  It depends, right?!  Everybody “loves” everything … I love my Mom.  Or, I love my money.  Is there a similar meaning in both cases?!  Not hardly!!  In creating “truth”, we must share a similar reality … like … “All people are created equal.”  If we can start with that premise, we can find some truths that will make it possible to coexist on the Planet!  From there, “leaders” will naturally rise to the top, or such leader types can be identified, based on a global truth of what leadership looks like, and groomed accordingly. In a democratically formed government in which each person’s vote is equally counted, “we” have the best chances of having every voice be heard.  And as is commonly believed and seen, especially in “The American Experiment”, while not perfect it is the best of our “choices” to select from forms of government.

Most people, let alone Americans, don’t know their own nation’s history.  These people may fall prey to greedy and overzealous “leaders”, even on local levels of leadership.  This is where corruption in leadership needs to be thwarted and leadership kept “precious” as it is necessary to achieve a good outcome for the people following these leaders.  You know, once a person latches on to a lie that “makes them feel better”, they hold on to that “leader” and lies that make them feel good.  Intelligence AND education are extremely important for the citizens of any territory.  If a “citizen” doesn’t know what the shared truths are in a given society, they may be frightened into supporting a lousy leader … just so that they “feel good” even if that feeling is based on lies!  Educate YOURSELVES!  Reading is fundamental!!  (Don’t be a moron, nor be led by one!)

Critical race theory IS important.  Why?  Because if you are smart enough … yeah, I said it … one can easily ascertain that this is ONLY a means to understanding the entangled modern human history.  To understand the role that the concept of “race”(sometimes synonymous with “skin color”) plays and is “critical” in understanding modern human history and the challenges we face today, one needs to simply examine the words, not your “feelings”.  Why would one race consider “itself” superior to ALL others?  Is that possible?  Does that make one “feel good”?  Sure!  It should because that is the description of entitlement.  In other words, you “do” nothing … you just happen to be the right “color”, and “you win” in every situation.  Can you say “primitive thinking”?!?  Now, let’s interject a situation in which certain “people” didn’t (don’t) feel good … little African American girls and boys playing in a Baptist church until it is blown up by “people” who “think” or believe that the children’s race or “color” renders them inferior!!  How do you think “they” felt?  How do you think their parents felt?  Or don’t you give a FUNK?!?  To understand how “race” plays a critical role in studying American History (world history, too!), one has to stop looking to “feel good” but instead consider others and the critical role that their “race” plays (-ed).  As I was told throughout my education which occurred in some highfaluting places, “be an intellectual”!  Now that I have become an intellectual, some folks want to harm, fight or kill me … because I am smarter than they are.  I freaking studied (still do!) my a$$ off.  Check yourself before I do … intellectually!

In closing, I wanted to share and thank so many of my “former students” and colleagues that I’ve had the opportunity to work with over the years.  They gave me the most beautiful compliments on social media for being their teacher after I had posted a picture taken by a student in one of the classes circa 1980’s I taught at White Plains High School. I was seated and evaluating my students’ presentations which were their homework assignments EVERY Friday based on current events!!  I was also teaching my a$$ off!  I mean, it’s okay to be an intellectual in understanding human history.  It’s “our” job now as we are tasked with grooming and making a way for the young people to inherit THEIR WORLD!


John I. Cook

Thanks for reading!

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