Can You Believe This Guy?!?

‘t is Friday . . . What say you?  Really … what should we do?  You want to start with a “TGIF” first?!  Cool then … TGIF!  We might need all of our positive energy to abate the negativity that emanates from the current occupant’s mouth and apparently evil spirit.

Not one officer was even charged (let the court decide … NOT “the state attorney general”  #sellout) in the murder of Breonna Taylor in Louisville!  Now, two different officers are recovering … yep, in Louisville … from gunshot wounds leveled by a “protester”(the suspect is in custody) while “armed vigilante militia” arrived and parked near the “peaceful,protesters”.  Of course, on the other side of the parking lot were supposed “armed” protesters” … last night in Louisville.  I might add here that the majority of the “peaceful protesters” were younger white youth!  Not only did “scrump” praise the state attorney general for NOT doing his job, but this character also won’t agree to leave the White House if and when he loses to Biden.  “Welcome to the USA!”  The country where Africans were brought to a land “the immigrants” stole from the Natives and had the Africans provide free labor for 400 years.  

When the rhetorical question has been posed to “the clown’s” cronies, they all have been conditioned to say that China is interfering more than Russia in the current election!!  Yet, one executive from Facebook observed that the biggest threat to “America” is the feuding American people themselves!!!  The whole world is watching as the “American Experiment” is being flushed down to nowhere by “the liar in chief”!!  Aren’t YOU proud to be an American?!?  The States are now on the verge of a “civil war”, especially in “open carry” of weapons domains/states.  And look at the “head clown”, continuing to sow his hateful seeds of divisiveness!!  Check yourself … especially when you vote in November!!

Well, “young folks” world-wide … hopefully you can see clearly what your options are because “the adults” are caught up in pursuing THEIR own demise.  Please vote wisely and help to save the planet from greed and stupidity.  “There’s enough for ALL of us to have fun!”  “We are ONE”!  Frankie Beverly and MAZE


John I. Cook, Director

“If the Shoe Fits, Wear It!”

Good Day, y’all. “Hey ya, hey ya, hey ya, hey yaaaa!”  Let’s do the TGIF thing, okay?! TGIF!

I hope that your weeks and days are flowing smoothly.  I was pleasantly surprised when I called the self-publishing company I used for my first two books yesterday.  I had “promised” myself to use the “stimulus check” to publish my third book.  It is dedicated to my Mother with a short “shout out” to a couple of people who helped out while and when I experienced successes and challenges as well as those who helped in putting the finished product together.  During my call yesterday, the representative I spoke with offered me a discount as a repeat author as well as to provide the option of perhaps two or three payments. THIS, too, is “how I roll” in my dedication to “give back” to the Universe that nourishes and guides me.  I fell into deep thought yesterday morning about my brother “Hank” aka Henry Charles Cook (RIP).  In talking with a friend yesterday, I realized how much my Father had endured and why he was so strict on me to “make” me internalize that “work ethic” and self-discipline.  Of course, I make it a point to “represent” the best of “my” people … the best of ALL people … in whatever I do!

My only grandchild – the Son of my only Child, Ayanna Lynne – will be 5 years of age in October.  I promised myself that I would fund a passport for him on his birthday.  I’m still on it!!  As I spend my last couple of weeks in “Casita Azul” with the kitchen roof still under repair, I am pulling together the energies of the Universe to “be the best that I can be”!  I am excited to be moving! I often stress how important it is to “know thyself” and to “be yourself”.  Of course, improvements are permitted!!  I write about things that I “see” in the world today and give an honest view of things, whether they involve me or “others”.  I simply offer MY perspective which “you” can disagree with or “grow” from, if interested.  Some folks don’t “like” that while others take the discussion as an opportunity to improve oneself and the “world” we live in!  Choose wisely . . .

In the meantime … enjoy the day and your weekends!  Follow the scientists, not the “fools”!  Stay safe in peace, respect, and love!


John I. Cook, Director


Happy Friday, All!

Can we skip the “small talk” and cut to the chase?!?  TGIF, then, y’all!

Do you think that “your creator”, name it what you will, is happy with “us” Earthlings?!?  There is so much going on in the world today … from deceitful leaders to “wildfires” and even arson type fires in Europe’s largest refugee camp … not to mention basic human discontent … worldwide, y’all!  I don’t do the “drama” thing or the “discontent” state … so … I MOVE ON!

It’s interesting how life can teach you things if you are smart enough … and concerned enough … to check it out!  You see, for me, if I sense that a person is “offending” me … and “they” won’t stop … I leave!  I ONLY owe my life to My Creator and to those who demonstrate and seek respect, peace, and love!!  Trust me … I KNOW it’s a tall order … but “that’s how I roll”!  I have been living in this 3-story old-style Caribbean house for a year and a half now.  It came complete with “geckos”, bats, termites, spiders, and a variety of insects, especially ants.  My rent has been $600 USD/month.  The landlady first wanted a “month’s” security, which I refused to pay to a “near-stranger” in another country without a contract.  I told her I couldn’t afford it but that I would be the best tenant she ever had!  The roof in the kitchen over the stove has cracked pieces of a “covering” which holds and stores … gecko and bat poop. Over the past 4 months, the roof has been releasing this “mixture” into the kitchen through the cracks!!  I have had to sweep EVERY morning and several times a day.  After multiple requests … and seeing the landlady’s roof being repaired in plain sight … but not mine … I decided to “move on”!  As is “suggested” in yoga, “when something/one no longer serves you, as you are serving others”, it’s time to release “that” from your energies!!

It seems that I have found a nice outdoor 1 bedroom apartment/home set up and have plans to move in October first in a few weeks.  Needless to say, I have been “hosting” and working with the “Caribbean style roofers” who are here already and downstairs cutting wood now to finish the job today!!  It’s 7:35 am here!  So remember, when the time comes … “keep movin’ on” … preferably forward!

Have a great weekend!


John I. Cook, Director

Connecting to Your “True Self”

Happy Friday, All!

Whether you say it with me or not, it’s going DOWN!!  So, TGIF!  Make it a good one!!

Through my last years in the States before retiring abroad, I noticed that as long as I kept a positive attitude things would go well.  There was a pattern that I observed when challenges or obstacles would appear from nowhere!  If I kept a positive attitude with peace, love and respect in my approach to things, a positive result would be “created”.  Sometimes, I would be pleasantly surprised by the manner in which “The Universe” would unfold and provide me with the things I needed!  Sometimes, it was like magic!!

Since I have been living here in Puerto Viejo, I have experienced the “pros and cons” of being an “outsider” though I look like I am from here, so I have been told!!  A few nights ago … it was the full moon … I was at a gathering of friends and a guy approached me and had nothing but kind things to say.  Now we had spoken before and I am closer with his lady friend, but he caught me off guard in a most uplifting way!!  He complimented me on my kindness and genuine effort to meet and interact with “good people” here as well as telling me what a gentleman I have been with both he and his girlfriend. Shortly after that, another young gent approached me and asked me where I was from.  I told him and he said that his father was from the Bronx, NY and lives here now.  They are looking to do some filming and video shooting …  So he kind of repeated what my other friend, “Paolo” had said:  “You look like you are from here but when you speak and the manner in which you carry yourself, it’s clear that you are not from here!  I like the way you represent yourself …”  I smiled and thanked him and we exchanged numbers for only “The Universe” knows why!!

A friend and former colleague at a college I taught for in Ft. Lauderdale – City College – had some nice things to say to me on social media.  I was happily surprised as well!  She had worked in admissions before the school shut down for various reasons.  She had mentioned recently on social media that she had just gotten a new position in admissions for another university in Florida.  In her response to my well wishes in obtaining her new position, she said something like this:  “Thanks, John!  You have always inspired me and were a role model for me in working with and motivating the students!”  My jaw dropped as I pushed one tear back …  “Wow!”, I thought to myself.  “What a compliment!”

So, just remember this … “When they go low, we go high!”  – Michelle Obama

Connect with your true self!!


John I. Cook

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