What Kind of “-Isms” Are They Talking About Now!

Happy Friday, Troops!
Of course, and you know that …. coming from my heart … T.G.I.F.!  Now, you don’t have to believe anything I say ’cause its been said before.  And … I don’t have to listen to anything you say ’cause its been said before, too!  Yet, these lives we live get oh so complicated … wars, and nuclear meltdowns …. government shut-downs, unemployment, plagues and the rest.  We sometimes think we are the first to witness it or talk about it …. even brag about it!  How people can want the government to shut down is beyond my understanding other than some folks want to exercise their power over others lives …. hmmmpf!
“I’m not into isms and asms.  There isn’t a Catholic moon and a Baptist sun.  I know the universal God is universal.     . . .   I feel that the same God-force that is the mother and father of the pope is also the mother and father of the loneliest wino on the planet.”   – Dick Gregory
Today, I am grateful for God’s care.  May I learn to increase in trust and knowledge of God.  ( … as each of us may understand Our Creator …)  TOUCHSTONES  April 8
Have a great weekend … and love one another … if possible! 

John I. CookRed rose, Director
Educational Excellence

Ps – Congratulations to Opal, former student of mine from City College, FTL and still a good friend, who made the South Florida cut for “X-Factor”!  You go, Girl!

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