Pay Attention: LISTEN!

Happy Friday, mi Gente!

It’s T.G.I.F. time for me … you understand!  T.G.I.F. in a joyful voice!!

What a world we have on our hands today!  Think … I mean really THINK about what we are leaving for the next generation.  Do we even “think” that far ahead?  Or are we the species that became so wrapped up in our own illusions that we let the EARTH die beneath our feet?  Don’t make me say it … WT@!?!  I know, that’s why I put the “@” in there!  I mean, seriously … what legacy do we want to leave … one of stupidity?  Arrogance? Self-indulgence coupled with self-deception? WE are destroying our HOME!!! The EARTH!!  #dumbspecies

It’s like with “scrump” – an infectious disease that makes and keeps you stupid with each inhale!  “Failed want-to-be mob bosses” should NEVER be elected as president of a democracy!  The States have subjected “ourselves” to this type of ignorance and now that “we’ve” been taken hostage by this disease, have to wait until “it” gets tired or not “re-elected” … Can we wait?  Or will “it” do something MORE desperate and stupid!?  Now that the government is divided into groups waging “war”, but not representing the people anymore, we have to nearly take a back seat to these “proceedings”!  As the Earth continues to be heavily polluted by totalitarian dictators who probably see that the end is near and seek to take their “dreams” to their graves, I refuse to sit by and idly watch.  So, I seek high vibrations, meditate … prayer even, that somehow we can get through these seeming “last days and times”.

Of course, I do want to thank the “politicians” who realize that there is a malignant disease in the White House and needs to be identified, held accountable, regardless as to whether “Democrats win the election” … and “it” should be impeached.  Let this sci-fi reality tv character go way down in history just as “it” is … a disgrace to humanity!

Let’s keep the vibrations high around ourselves, include those we love in our meditations and embrace these times with love and commitment!


John I. Cook, Director

Can You Believe This?!?

Happy Fridaaaaay, YEAH!

I’m going to have to do a “T.G.I.F.” shout out right about now! TGIF – peace be still!

Well, I don’t know about you, but I can hardly believe the “lack of leadership” worldwide, if you will, as the Saudi oil refinery was attacked and a tiny cell of terrorists “took credit” while Iran said that they “had nothing to do with it”!  The whole world is in turmoil … over “fossil fuels”!  Aren’t “we” smarter than that?  Or have we just let greed for this imaginary paper with numbers on it control our formerly “human focus” and concern for our Earth!  Believe me … it’s NOT theirs!!

So, the current president in the States refuses to turn over his tax records, is now meddling in the intelligence mechanism to allow a “whistleblower” to expose potential wrongdoing and continues lying non-stop to the American people … and the world!  If I am not mistaken, the school children are “taking today off” to demonstrate THEIR concern for the horrific changes occurring in our world climate … world-wide!  I think there were a few places in New York where this was also being done as a way to demonstrate concern for “the world”.  Now, it’s the youth trying to show the so-called “adults” the dangers of human existence at the rate we’re going … world-wide.  Can we hear them?  Can we see them?  Many are actually afraid to go to “school” … Do the “adults” care?!?  Well, I do!  What about you?

I have decided to reach out to those willing to be peaceful and caring for each other and the planet.  I have decided to try to maintain a positive attitude throughout our human “tragedy”, if you will.  I continue to write, to motivate, to facilitate learning when and where I can … including learning for myself!

Stay tuned … we are ALL a part of this reality show!


John I. Cook, Director

Let’s Set the Record Straight!

Happy Friday, All!

I hope it’s cool with youse to do a little “T.G.I.F.” thing up in here!  TGIF!  There it is!

How do “you” know that something is “just for you”?  Things that you “know” are just for you usually come directly from the Creator, perhaps via some of his angels.  I know, because it’s happened to me, more so now than before, though I know that “it” was happening.  I’d like to call it that “divine gift” that NO ONE can take away from you!

First of all, the third manuscript is coming along just fine.  I just finished Chapter 9 and started the tenth one.  Just so you know, the book has nothing to do with where I am, Puerto Viejo, Limon, Costa Rica.  But, it has everything to do with how I got here … you know, retired and all and able to take care of myself.  The last place that I was describing in the manuscript was the time I spent in Amsterdam two years ago!  Some cool memories and I’m just trying to “paint a picture” of what it looks like to be a “brother” who was bussed to elementary school in a suburb of New York City, attended a private all-boys (initially) Episcopalian boarding school on an academic scholarship, went on to Princeton University on a “work-study” package and so on and so on … until I got here!  Can you say “miracle” with me? Hey, I got enough gratitude for most of us!

Last week, I was in Ft. Lauderdale for a business trip.  I had to check the mailbox for Educational Excellence which I still maintain at the main post office in Ft. Lauderdale on Oakland Park Boulevard.  I also had been trying to budget so I could go to Ft. Lauderdale, get a new laptop, perhaps a new pair of glasses and contact lenses, and some smaller items from Walmart.  My friend, Johnny Ace whose home I stay at whenever in the FTL, had told me that “Best Buy” outlets may have laptops still on sale from Labor Day in the States.  I went there, the prices were too high, I had to buy a new cellphone there since I left the one I came with in the Uber driver’s car, I got back to Johnny’s and got set to go to my favorite dance club in Ft. Lauderdale – “Capone’s”!  I had a blast seeing so many friends that I used to hang out with until I retired from “clubbing”!

The next day was spent getting my old phone back from a very kind Uber driver who actually met to return it to me personally.  More gratitude and now two cell phones … one 3g and one 4g!  I ran a few more errands and hit CVS Pharmacy where Johnny later picked me up and we went to Walmart.  We “window shopped” there for a computer, found a nice Hewlett Packard for $300.00 and returned with some snacks and goodies to eat for a few days for me.  The next morning, I got up early and walked across the street to Walmart, charged the HP on my Capital One card, got a brief yet thorough explanation and configuration of the product by a young Jamaican “buck”, purchased an additional “thumb drive” and laptop carrying case and headed back to Johnny’s!

I also picked up some Prilosec for my acid reflux, some vitamin C tablets and a few other items for my health and beauty!  There, I said it.  THAT is another reason that I decided to retire here in Puerto Viejo … have the best quality of life possible … and finish the third manuscript!  Right about now, I am firing on all cylinders in a most serene way!  The gratitude to the universe and my Creator often oozes from my pores.

Carry on, have a great weekend and stay in “close touch” with yourself, the universe and the Creator!


John I. Cook, Director

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