“Let the Healing Begin . . . with the TRUTH!!”

Happy Friday, Y’all!

We’ve got yet another chance to get it right, so … TGIF, then!  I know, I know … I am corny sometimes!!  That’s how I roll!

So, sure … now that domestic terrorists have defaced the Capitol and it was televised worldwide, the call for healing is louder than ever … even from the so-called “right”.  But why do “we” need unity and healing?  What happened?  Why did people ransack the Capitol in the first place?  Can we “heal” and call for unity while “The Big LIE” that the election was stolen is not being addressed??  Let’s be logical!  Nothing can be healed without addressing “The BIG Lie”. 

These cowards that perpetuated this “lie” must be held “accountable” like any other damn employee!!  Shucks, I remember being “docked” for my pay for arriving to work 20 minutes late … after a car accident from which I had called my manager!  Now, these “mofos” straight up LIE in some feeble faces and minds!!  No acknowledgment of the “LIE” has followed … and there will be only “fake healing” (temporary at best!) until these “little effin boys (and girls)” admit their dishonesty with the American people!  In case some of us haven’t heard, “scrump” watched the tv while the dumb ass domestic terrorists acted on HIS LIE!!  (He said he was going with them!!!) You see, “scrump” has ALWAYS preferred uneducated, desperate (even many with money), followers whom he can whip into an “ignorant frenzy” like in “Lord of the Flies” and have “us” kill each other … Capitol and DC police included!!  Why do you think that those two or three officers committed suicide … AFTERWARDS?!?  They were undoubtedly abused beyond comprehension during the riot!!  Can you say, #NOLIVESMATTER with this creep?!  Then, one of his lapdogs traveled to perform the ultimate act of stupid humility by visiting a twice impeached, morally bankrupt cowardly creep and ask for “its” help!!!  Damn, Bro’!!

Yeah, I came to Costa Rica to heal myself, which I can’t do on the “capitalistic merry-go-round” anymore in the States.  Yes, I am humble … but far from stupid!!  I don’t envy anyone and I try to take care of MYSELF and my “loved ones”!  I keep it simple and HONEST!  I am ALWAYS representin’ for EVERYONE … unless you choose to be stupid!  Then, you’re on your own!!  You see, the people who “look for” hatred, racism and just have a judgmental attitude in general, are the real ignorant victims of these arrogant “politicians” who enjoy manipulating these “losers”!  Trust me, “they” don’t have to be “losers” … they just need to do some researching and soul searching …  Yep, that’s a TALL order, mofos, but you better start taking responsibility for your OWN behavior!  Even these “so-called” leaders …. or are they just LIARS?!? … don’t give a rancid crap about you and your families!

“… to thine own self be true …”

Enjoy your weekends, let’s step it up while we can.  The “roaches” are looking for a reason to come out of hiding!  Stand Tall for TRUTH!


John I. Cook, Director

Activism and Love

Happy Friday, Y’all!  Yeah!  So you want to give money to a millionaire?!?  Really?!?  Do a “TGIF” with me and send that money to a worthy charitable foundation (research it first!) or something!  Snap out of it!! BOOM!!

It seems like the so-called “leader of the free world” has inherited some issues with inequalities in a variety of areas!  Are WE really free?  Do we really care anymore?  Now, THAT’S the damn problem – folks don’t care anymore and many of us have adopted the “rat race/dog eat dog” mentality and wonder why stuff is so messed up!!  People don’t even have time to CARE anymore!!  Now that’s some SERIOUS sh@t!  We’ve got to break that spell generated by greed and selfishness and begin sharing and community building.

Okay. I didn’t want to mention this but … The publishing company still has the bulk of the money I had paid over two installments back in October 2020 (I put a stop payment on the third!) which is just over a thousand dollars.  The bank I use is “waiting” for the bank of the “criminal” publishing company to reply with a document!!  It’s going on 90 days now, which on February 15th will come full circle!  I must admit that this has got me “messed up a bit” …  I don’t appreciate it when folks intentionally delay a project especially this manuscript which is dedicated to my Mother.  I may be reading too much into it but that’s the way I am, too.  I have to still “learn” that even here, “the process” takes some time.  “Patience, my Son!”  But this is a characteristic of how corrupt greed and capitalism in the USA have gotten … some folks have NO MORALS when it comes to “someone else’s” money. (Some folks steal from their own family member!) Anyway, I will keep you updated … It’s something else that I have to work on.

So, right now I have been fortunate enough to have found a dentist here in Puerto who can help me with my teeth.  It’s a long-overdue activity that I had been ignoring because dental insurance and treatment in the States requires one to be rather wealthy or connected … somehow.  So, I’ll invest any extra funds I may come up with in my mouth!  Soon next week, I think … I’ve got to “feel” it first … I will begin my research into publishing with “Amazon”.  That should keep me busy!  “Stay focused”!

Today, I didn’t wake up with “scrump” on my mind … like most of the world!  Most of us know that we haven’t seen the tip of the iceberg that this character put afloat in the USA and the world.  While I am not expecting Pres. Biden to do any miracles, I am expecting those of us with a “higher calling”, often called “leadership”, to get out there and promote our activism with love.  Talk to your fellow human … try a conversation …  I said a conversation without guns and flags and hostilities.  Trust me, I know that’s not easy … I’ve been at it for a while now … ever since I learned that “Love is the Answer”!  I truly believe that we the people have a chance to move our energies in a much more positive direction.  I mean, there’s enough on ALL of our plates to get started so, let’s begin!!

Enjoy your weekends!  Give love a chance!


John I. Cook, Director

(ps. The Inauguration Ceremony & Activities really looked like “America … the beautiful!”)

Did Someone Say “Absurd”?!?

Happy Friday, Y’all!

Say it quick before the “right to speak” is taken away, too!!  Some of these folks already forfeited the “right to think” … just like “their loser leader”.  How many different courts need to tell him over and over … you LOST, “scrump”, times 60!??  So TGIF! BOOM!

Have you ever heard of “The Theatre of the Absurd”?  Look it up!  It was a theatrical style of playwriting popular amongst European playwrights after World War II.  Have you been able to realize that this character in the White House has woven each of us into his “theatre of absurdity”?  Example one:  Rioters said, “This is our house!”  Then they looked around and saw all of the destruction in the Capitol building and quickly said, “It’s our country!”  Windows were broken with sledge-hammers and shields, people carried ropes while others simply scaled the walls.  Yet still “others” in “their house” decided to go as low as to urinate and defecate in the “halls of their house”!!  Absurd enough for you yet?!?  Savages for REAL!!

What if you learned that several, three or so, Republican Congressional representatives gave “tours” of the Capitol to anxious “followers” who turned out to be the RIOTERS who forced their way into the Capitol on January 6th?!  I know, a devout supporter of the biggest loser on the planet would believe that the “election was stolen” and that the “loser” won … yes I said he said “won” … by a landslide.  And then “one” … of the basket of deplorables … believes every lie this imbecile tells!  Look it up on your cell phone, stupid!!  Why believe a known chronic liar … look it up, you fool!!  Or, is that harder than pissing in the halls of the nation’s capitol!!  Oh, I shouldn’t use those words … but “they” can DO IT!?!  Give me a break!! (Let me try some sh@t like that and see how fast I am killed!)

So, now, the US Capitol is preparing to have 20,000 troops there to offset these characters in the “theatre of the absurd” directed by head-terrorist – “scrump” – at the Inauguration!  That is more troops than there are in Afghanistan, Iraq, and a few other places over there COMBINED!  It has been clearly identified by the FBI – believe it or not – that there are multiple “white supremacists” groups planning to join whoever else shows up at the nation’s capitol on Inauguration Day!  Smart people, right?!   Did you know that some police officers took selfies with the rioters on January 6th, while other officers from places like Virginia were actually amongst the rioters!!?  Is it absurd enough for you yet?!?  How about a USA Olympic medalist with his jacket on?!? (THIS is why WE the people on the Planet MUST come together … or else!)  Now, “the brothers” of the planet have seen, been touched by, manhandled … even killed by some of these types of law enforcement officers.  Can you say “police reform” yet?  Or do you need a knee on your neck, too??!  I mean, damn y’all!  WAKE UP!  We are being “used” to fight against each other while the real thieves are getting away … time and time again … with MURDER!  I rest my case!

What’s my case?  Research stuff, y’all!  Don’t be “sold” a book of lies, which strategically feed directly into “your” discontent and drives you to harm your fellow human (perhaps of a different sexual preference or color or income) rather than lend a helping hand!  It’s clear that the moronic fool lost the election by a “LANDSLIDE”.  Sure … he had less than half the country that voted for him … their effin’ problem to be so dumb.  Yet, get in line, be civilized and WAIT for the next election … like Americans have been doing since before slavery!!  No more excuses for domestic terrorists!! LOCK THEM UP!  Start with the “head” of the snake!!

In the meantime, I hope you readers understand my position as a social activist, like it or believe it … or not!  I’m trying to make some positive changes out here world-wide, y’all.  So join me and Educational Excellence and make a difference … for the betterment of humankind!


John I. Cook, Director

You Aren’t Surprised, Are Ya?!?

Good Day … Happy Friday and … Damn “amerika” … you’re lookin’ naked, Baby!  Yet, churn up a “TGIF” for ev’rybody then … World-Wide even – TGIF!

Need I or anybody say more about the double sometimes triple and quadruple standard depending on how close your “skin color” is to being white in “the land of the free, home of the brave”?!  “Pay attention, Son!”  Some of “us” have to actually live that “lunacy” while others just go overboard by abusing the “fake” power that comes with “being white”!  “Time for a change with the colors game, Gang!”  Amerika is naked now … those with accurate vision can see everything!!  Just remember, “you” can be duped, too!

When leaders lie, they aren’t only disrespecting you (they think you are stupid …), they are literally controlling you with their “words”!  So, once a person … any person … makes you believe their lies, they will try it again and again and again.  So, one has to educate “themselves”, the way we do here at Educational Excellence!  I have always been the “Curious George” type, always wanting to know “the truth” and WHY this “fact” was true.  One fact I learned is that a “black Man” can run a country for 8 years (2 terms) and thwart a pandemic, handle the institutional racism of the very institution that he led, challenge the racists that loomed in every corner like Speaker of the Senate Mitch McConnell and low life trash like Ted Cruz.  So many people nowadays do this “suck up and swallow” move like a “champ” and then get NOTHING in return (not even loyalty from selfish morons like “scrump”)!  And the next day, these sycophants wake up in the morning and repeat the same dumb sh@t!  Until … the head moron pulls the covers off of the scene and one can see clearly that “the creature” is using everyone in its path to become the USA’s first dictator … on OUR WATCH!

So, just how “stupid” are you willing to be for someone who controls you with its words and lies and motivates you to do illegal stuff!? Those are the “extreme morons” who traveled from Georgia and Alabama to the nation’s capitol to “TERRORIZE” it!!  The so-called president doesn’t even care about the pandemic anymore!!  Hundreds and thousands of people are dying each day in “the richest, most powerful country in the world” … with the dumbest “Americans” EVER … supporting and fighting for a “fool” who LOST the election!!  Can you see the picture yet?!?  Or are you blind and stupid?!?  These types of bullies prey on your weaknesses … like being a racist!  Then, the “bully” fills your head with lies about a “race” from which the previous leader came and did a superb job even with “morons” all around him AND his family who thwarted every effort of his leadership!!  Then, these “fools” elect an incompetent, uneducated creature who ruins EVERYTHING that it touches … including the former United States of America!  I am sure most of you don’t want another season of this failed “reality tv show” at the cost of about half a million lives … mostly people of color … and have the government taken over by a “Putin”-like dictator.  WE, the people, are responsible for doing “our” part by checking creatures like “scrump”!  Educate yourSELF!!

“Come together … right now … over me!”  – John Lennon & the Beatles, 1969!


John I. Cook, Director

Make It A Good One!

Good Day and Happy Friday (2021) even!  I “took” last Christmas Friday off … I had a lot of stuff on my mind and the other stuff was going down.  But … I was cool!  So, let’s do it … TGIF!

It’s interesting for me to observe how things change over time … including me!  My patience has grown as well as my self-awareness.  I no longer put myself in situations that will cause me “stress” just to deal with the mess!!  No thanks … no compromising my sanity for a “friendship”.  A real friend won’t make you choose between your mental health and pure “bs”!

So, I am reorganizing my health and workout routines.  My meditations come so readily in this place where I live now.  I just have to make sure that “folks” understand that I like privacy!  I’ve got some funny “privacy” stories, too!  I have temporarily stopped going to yoga classes but continue to stretch at home as I feel the need to which is often.  I want to start some “spiritual work” maybe with a horse while walking along the beach!  When I lived in Cali, Colombia, South America, I often rode horses on the weekends as a great form of entertainment.  Yet, I was pretty much a “partying cowboy” when I went up into the mountains above Popayan, Colombia, SA for the weekend to rent a horse for a few hours!  I am feeling the urge so I am signed up for a session with a lady and her horse on the beach here …

How can “we” come back from a year of complete confusion?!  Stay focused on the most important goals like our mental health and the planet we live on!!  I don’t know about you but I can feel the change in this Winter Solstice.  Some of us don’t “keep still” long enough to listen to the urgings of our lives from the inside.  We just keep running … chasing this imaginary ball of artificial wealth!  “Wealth” and “power” should NOT be based on an accumulation of paper bills often acquired at the “loss” and abuse of others!  That’s a bit unfair considering that the same system needed to acquire this “wealth” and “power” is biased against certain groups while simultaneously “telling” them that they are included … that’s false!  So, “we” … each of us … has to be aware of what’s going down around you!

“Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of ALL!”  from the Muhammad Ali movie.  Do you remember that anecdote?!?  It’s pretty powerful, once we “learn” to understand that “our” love for ourselves is THE MOST IMPORTANT one!  No, it’s not sex, money, “shiny things”, or drugs!  Nor is it a “false sense of self”, be it good or bad, and in most human civilizations the sense of self comes from being able to meet the basic daily needs of human survival like food, clothing, and shelter.  Now, I’ve been a “black man” most of my life.  And let me tell you something, I am ALWAYS representing for the core of my existence.  Trust me, over the years of “being a black man” I have heard it all from: “Oh, you have a chip on your shoulder ’cause you’re black!” … to … “All you have to do is stop thinking like a black man!”  Oh My!!  Trust me on this one, it is not so easy being “black”, let alone a “black man” who is the object of so much hatred, hostility, and jealousy in the same land that “we” helped to build …

Yeah, I got nostalgic on Christmas, remembering how my Father use to “over-decorate” the tree!  That’s my Man, though … I ALWAYS go that extra mile, if possible, as I represent one of the most underrated creatures.  So, it is important to “Know Thyself!” AND “be the best that YOU can be!”  ‘Nough said!  I thought about Mom’s “spiked” egg nog and the “Christmas music” of Mahalia Jackson coming from the “stereo console” in our tiny living room at apartment 5A in “The Winbrook Apartments”!  Man, those people worked so hard for “us” that I might need TWO lifetimes just to equal their lives’ output!!  Hey, I would feel guilty if I didn’t “represent” their dreams for me as I took on “the world”!  Yeah, who said: “Men don’t cry”?  Maybe a fool or a “non-human” with no feelings whatsoever doesn’t cry.  When I saw the “toughest Man” in MY world cry from the pain of bone marrow cancer while he independently laid back on my arm in the bed at his apartment and said, “I just want to go … this pain is too much!”, I HAVE to be “the best that I can be” … if ONLY for Him and my Mom!!  So, make sure you understand that I am “spiritually” “locked and loaded” when I am out and about!  I’ll try to conquer “your” hostilities with “love” (the LOVE I got from Mom and Dad!) and respect FIRST … and hope that “you” feel both love and respect!

So, as the Winter Solstice and the New Year offer “us” an opportunity for desperately needed “changes” on the Planet and “ourselves”, may we become creative while embracing respect for EACH other, love, and harmony in excellence.  

“Make it a good one!”


John I. Cook, Director

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