Happy Friday, mi Gente!

In many parts of the world, it is “holy day” season … you know, families and friends getting together to hopefully appreciate each other … and the planet Earth!  We humans definitely eat a lot of food over these “holy days”.  I have kind of converted the “time of year” as simply a time to “give thanks”!

I grew up in one of those typical American households where the parents get “sucked in to” the commercial “pinnings” if you will, that capitalism has also “captured”.  Now, while all of the cards and trinkets and gifts are gestures of kindness, those same things are like “lures” to us humans to keep feeding the “capitalist machinery”.  Don’t get me wrong now, I am retired and living off of monthly checks.  So, THIS aspect of “capitalism” I appreciate …

Last night, after much thought, I took myself out for a nice meal.  Normally, I would be with family and/or friends.  But this time, I wanted to try to see what it would be like to go out to eat alone on a day like this!  Needless to say, all around me were tables filled with folks chatting about “Thanksgiving” while others spoke in their native languages be it German or Italian since many tourists come from Western Europe.  I “no longer” imagine “Pilgrims and Indians” eating a Thanksgiving Dinner together.  I have read enough and studied enough of “American History” to determine that there was “no love” between the two totally different cultures … Peace be still!

These past few days, I have been thinking about my Dad, “Big Ike”, and how he and my mother, “Mary”, often worked magic to make our household in the Winbrook Projects in White Plains, NY our “home sweet home”.  I have learned how to be humble and still have a great time.  It’s not genius but it’s due to “necessity”.  Ain’t no silver spoon or any type of “privilege” that I can count on except being a “good person” … the best that I can be.  So, I thought about all that stuff as I consumed my first part of a three-course dinner … alone.  It was called a “Mediterranean stack” … pure veggies including eggplant and some other stuff!!  My entree was blackened Mahi Mahi with shrimp sauce and more lovely steamed veggies including asparagus and smashed potatoes.  I was feeling it.  I am not a drinker so I had a glass of water, which I finally finished after my chocolate cheesecake with blackberry sauce smeared heavily on top!  My table was for one, and it was close to the road.  I watched the wet street as it has been very rainy lately … including this very moment!  It’s the “rainforest”, Baby.

An interesting new friend I have met recently was walking by as I ate.  I said hello to her and she noticed I was alone.  She said, “Hi beautiful!”  Then she walked between the heavily populated tables to reach mine and stooped down to plant a kiss on my cheek.  Upon realizing that I was alone and there were no other chairs, she replied, “I’m going home!” and we planted another kiss on each other’s cheeks.  I finished my meal, got up amongst the multitude after paying my bill, took my leftover blackened Mahi Mahi and stepped into the rainy street and headed home.

All I could say was, “Thank You” … you dig?!?


John I. Cook, Director

” . . . Moral Reasons . . . “

Happy Friday, Folks!

“What A Wonderful World!”!  Or … “Oh what a tangled web we weave, when we practice to deceive!”  It all depends on how you look at it!  Are we “Americans” better than this?!?  What do you think former KGB Chief, now Russian dictator, thinks about “Americans” … especially #45!??  Its defenders say, “Oh!  That’s not enough to impeach a president …”  Then WHAT IS?  Now, folks, they want you to feel sorry for a serial liar, a sexual predator and a formerly failed racist businessman with multiple bankruptcies and court cases!  And, #45 does NOT want to release his taxes … but wants “people” to feel sorry for him… being impeached!  Are you KIDDING ME?!?

Whatever happened to: “IF YOU SEE SOMETHING … SAY SOMETHING!”?  Or are “we” to believe that this axiom … a moral axiom … doesn’t count with this “creep”?!?  As I watched the impeachment investigation, I noticed how these various “republican” representatives in the House sought to attempt to “grandstand” aka “bullying” with most of the witnesses who came to state the facts.  It was clear that #45 and his cowardly cronies were all using the “bullying” tactic, and little jerk Jimmie Jordan (R) resorted to yelling at everybody.  I liked Dr. Hill’s approach to the yelling … intellectual replies in a calm voice.  My Dad, “Big Ike”, didn’t like liars or yellers.  I got punished enough at a very young age and learned NOT to lie.  Yelling was NOT acceptable!  I appreciate him so much for instilling the moral of “truth-telling”, much like many of the witnesses who testified as to what they knew regarding the “Ukranian Cover-Up”.  As Dr. Hill said, “the thought that the Ukrainians interfered in the 2016 US election is a fictional narrative”!

Mr. Holmes, a Princeton graduate of the Woodrow Wilson School of International Affairs, put his “classy” etiquette in place when dealing with a group of republicans who worship the dishonest president in office.  I mean, he started lying BEFORE entering the office of the president … about EVERYTHING!  This creature has no class caused by the dearth of morality and values in his life!  So, what conclusion can we each draw that is not “hearsay” … about “scrump’s” fool aid drinking supporters?

The problem is, as Dr. Hill tried to point out, the president of the States is selling out American interests to dictators across the globe.  In return (quid pro quo), I am sure he and his family get preferential treatment wherever they go across the globe!  “How do you like him now?”  He has basically used the office of president for his personal gains … across the board!  He doesn’t care about any of his supporters if he doesn’t care about Ambassador Sondland and his million-dollar donation to the “scrump” campaign!  Meanwhile, the “foolish americans” are fighting each other at home with Russian help and interference even up to the level of the “three branches of government”!  They (Putin) had their way in the 2016 election, and, as Dr. Hill and many others have indicated, they are working on securing the 2020 election for their favorite “muppet”.

Just like with the environment, we are facing living in a world and country WITHOUT respect for human values.  The leaders are leading us to “hell”!  We still have time, not much … but we have some.  “Do what you do … the choice is yours … as are the results of your choices.”

Have a great day and a wonderful weekend.


John I. Cook, Director

Show Some RESPECT … for YOUR Own Country at Least!

Happy Friday, All!

So, I’m feeling a grand “T.G.I.F.” today … whatever it takes … I am thankful!

Well, “america” is in the throes of another “impeachment inquiry”, thanks to the “most dishonest”  president in the history of the United States democracy!!  You see, this is what happens when you put an “auto mechanic” in a “brain surgeon’s” position of an operating room!  Things WILL go VERY wrong!  Through a “loophole” in the elections process commonly called the “electoral college”, an auto mechanic type of businessman was able to plow his way into the highest office in the land.  It has NO EXPERIENCE in politics and has decided to do a bunch of “back door diplomacy” moves with North Korea, Russia … and even Turkey.  The leader of the “free world” wants to become a “dictator” in a “democracy” … it doesn’t know any better … but WE should!  “We the people, in order to form a more perfect union ….” is a phrase from the constitution that has been nearly forgotten with such a divisive president.

It is 45’s manner of divisiveness using race, of which Americans are many, religion again of which Americans practice different religions, and “income” which sometimes dictates “class” … that causes the disintegration of the society.  The current president of the USA is squandering the nation’s power and wealth to benefit himself and his family … not his country … nor the Americans’ country.  Right about now, he is helping Russian expansion (even into Ukraine) not to mention Turkey’s expansion as “45” attempts to preserve oil fields rather than Kurdish lives!  Or, have the Ukrainian president search for non-existent dirt on candidate Joe Biden and his son …

As a result, “Americans” are choosing sides (even some non-Americans … like Russians are doing it, too!) rather than being intelligent enough to see that this creature is preying on the weaknesses of some, the ignorance and lack of knowledge regarding their own country of others, and meanwhile literally placing his OWN children in positions of power in the government!  As a result (and he is worried about Hunter Biden), HIS children have gotten away with all sorts of immoral behavior and money, probably some crimes, due to their father’s occupation of the position of president.  Now, while “americans” are fighting “americans” (don’t forget scrump’s suggestion that if he is impeached … there will be another civil war!), this thief disguised as a president is counting his and his family’s profits.  Ha!  This is what dictators do! This is proof of his divisiveness and lack of concern about what happens to “everybody else” in the United States of America!

Many Americans lack knowledge of how the country is supposed to be run (no bribes and no lies) and, that “the people” should have concrete knowledge of what the leadership is doing at all times.  This is the transparency necessary for democracy to function properly.  In the previous day of hearings for the impeachment inquiry, two witnesses from the US delegation to Ukraine attempted to restore some decency to the government, not to mention the impeachment proceedings, and expose the president’s abuse of power.  Meanwhile, so-called “Americans” choose sides (we’re ALL on the same team, fools!) and taunt each other as to each “sides'” wishes and evils while the “whole world is watching”!  The usa looks like a bunch of babbling fools to Putin and Erdogan! 

So, in hopes of determining the truth … which we all already know … Americans shouldn’t let their guards down too much and can hopefully overcome the divisiveness established in our midsts from the current occupant of the White House!  Pray for RESPECT of each other … at least!


John I. Cook, Director

“Here’s One for the Record …”

Happy Friday, Earthlings!  Y’all want to do a big “Thank You” to the “universe”?  I’ve got you, if necessary!  ‘Cause, I know you got my back!!  TGIF, then!

Do you all remember the days when someone’s “word was their bond”, so to speak?!?  In other words, you can count on me … you can trust me to do the right thing!  Do you recall the “comfort” of that feeling, the one you get when you KNOW someone (something, perhaps) is looking out for “you”?!  Pretty sweet, right!  You feel like you can “conquer the world” with that type of support!

THAT’s how my Mother, Marietta, use to make me feel!  In fact, nowadays when I think of what she would want for me, her “baby boy”, I get all worked up and go after that goal with a passion.  This past Wednesday, November 6th, made the 14th Anniversary of her passing.  She was in hospice after a nasty fall which caused hemorrhaging of the brain that went unnoticed for many hours.  I was the last “family member” to see her and it was about 12midnight and I had worked all day and had to go in to work in the morning … so I left the hospice and went home in the darkness caused by the loss of electricity in Ft. Lauderdale due to the downed power lines that Hurricane Wilma brought across the coastline of Broward County.  After settling in a few minutes and listening to music through the headset, my cellphone rang … Mom had expired.  I got back on my scooter and rode in the damp darkness to Florida Medical Center to say good-bye …

Yeah, I was pretty worked up Wednesday.  Between memories of Mom’s “unconditional love” for me, this deep chest cough that I needed to get some antibiotics to move the phlegm from my lungs, and the annoyance of the team of imposters in the White House requiring impeachment investigations … I was glad to stay home in the driving rain.  I didn’t even go to yoga …  It was an incredibly “cleansing day”.  It is part of my journey, all the things that I’ve experienced and have been fortunate enough to survive and share.  For me, and I know it sounds crazy, it’s kind of like a love story with life!  I get that from my Mother, too!

So, as you are listening to the transcripts of these hearings and observing the “public hearings” regarding how these cowards took their criminal minds into the nation’s government and sought to destroy the remnants of democracy and rob everyone in plain sight, keep the memories of loved ones and those relationships you’ve been able to build along your journey.  Enjoy your lives!


John I. Cook, Director

“Did They Just Say That?!?”

Happy Friday, All!

I want to encourage you to do your T.G.I.F., should you decide you’d like to!  I am sure it won’t hurt.  I have adopted this new “thing” when I am feeling particularly grateful … I say, “Thank You!” into the air around me, I look to the heavens and utter it again … “Thank You!” 

Have you ever experienced hearing someone say something that was completely absurd, not only unexpected?  And then, the perpetrator acts like “they” don’t know what you were talking about, and/or denies what they JUST said, a la Mick Mulvaney!?  “Makes me wanna holla … throw up both my hands!”  I personally choose NOT to deal with people like that … at least not too often!  The negative energy is just not something that I need in my life now … or ever.  People who violate others oftentimes don’t even have the decency to apologize, let alone stop manifesting their hate-filled energy.

Now, I don’t know who else read Orwell’s “1984” which illustrates what “doublespeak” is and how it is used to set people up to be taken over by totalitarianism and dictatorship.  Can you see it yet?!?  Scrump says, “It’s a perfect call!” (For a bully!)  Did you see the expression on Pres. Zelenski’s face when Pres. “Scrump” put on his big bully face looking at “Z” as if he was his (scrump’s) baby boy!!!  Then, he simultaneously grabbed his hand and pulled him damn near out of his chair!  And as Zelenski said, “I felt no pressure …” after being publicly bullied by “scrump” who then said, “See, no pressure!”, he looked at the cameras in triumph! 

If you were Pres. Zelenski, what would YOU say on international tv with a person who is in the office of one of, if not the, most powerful men on the planet?!?  Don’t forget, you are waiting for missiles and funds to help “hold off” the hungry Russian military who is omnipresent on their common borders and just waiting for the opportunity to pound them again!.  Of course, don’t forget the “dysfunctional bromance” between Putin and “scrump” and how he thinks being president of a country involves making a deal!  “Hey … Orange piece of malarky … make deals with YOU and YOUR family’s lives, leave the common people and US taxpayer’s money out of your bully crap leadership and “dirty deals”!  Maybe you should go back to failed mafia-style real estate!”  Then the classless leadership of the usa goes on international tv to tell China to investigate the Biden men!  In other words, “scrump” is saying to the world, “I did it once … I’ll do it again … over and over … until you stop me!  I will prove to the world that democracy in the usa needs a demagogue like me and then we will be in line with all the other totalitarian regimes on the planet!”  I guess you didn’t hear what he just said, so I just paraphrased it for you!

There are people like that all around us!  Some folks don’t know how to survive in harmony and peace and must ALWAYS make a contest out of the smallest thing, and make a contest regarding who talks the most malarky during the contest.  Is anybody tired of this “D” rated reality tv show that this character has turned the US government in to?!?  Whether the members of the Republican-dominated Senate where the case for impeachment will be heard once Congress draws up the charges decide to do their job in “protecting democracy”, NOT “scrump”, we can all sit back and watch “the show”!  Please, vote wisely in the usa for the next election because the Republicans have lost sight of their responsibility and are now engaged in “cover-ups” across the board.

In your daily deeds, be sure to “check” those mofos who try to make you look stupid.  Show them where the mirror is so they can see the real stupidity.  DON’T let them fool YOU!

(For that “person” trying to get my attention by putting low scores on my blog evaluation, “man up” and send me a note expressing your dissatisfaction with my blog!)

Have a great weekend!


John I. Cook, Director

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