Please … Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Happy Friday, Y’all!

How are we holding up today in this world full of precarious situations?  Think positive … TGIF, even!  It can’t hurt!

So, first of all, I want to thank the readers of the e-mails/blog posts from me.  Educational Excellence has become a viable platform for me to send out some grassroots messages and vibrations to help make the world a better place.  I was raised by my parents and the “universe”, often in the form of God and friends, with “tough love”.  It’s something I not only had to come to grips with as well as its’ lessons, I have also learned to employ it on myself.  I try to make these pieces have some universal appeal and relevance.  I mean, I am an African American male.  I don’t want to change that and I accept the challenge!  And if you think it’s not a challenge, keep reading and hanging around.  There are a lot of people like me in the world.  We’re not so “bad”.  In fact, we are good for the world!

So, my experiences often begin with someone else’s notion of what an African American man should be treated like, defined even.  Now, we ALL know the historical premises that this “identity” was based on, and, unfortunately, some folks still hold those or similar ideas about the aforementioned.  Can you imagine how many different ideas are floating around?!?  So, I am tough in my love … and that means if you “love” or care about me and my kind, you will accept the mission of what it means to be “my friend”.  That includes mutual respect and basic human intelligence.  “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Several Oath Keepers have been charged with sedition.  The leader of them, Mr. Rhodes, has been charged with seditious conspiracy.  They promised “Civil War 2.0” … if the attempt to “steal” the election by bullying FORCE failed.  Which side will you be on?!?  Freakin’ ridiculous moronic bs!!  As I watched some news clips of the “tourist insurrection” (OMG!), I saw a guy holding a sign that read: “Blacks for Trump”.  I thought to myself, “What will happen to them during Civil War 2.0?”  But, cut to the chase, THAT’s the logic that keeps me away from the States … Civil War 2.0 …wtf!!  Even as I traveled to a few European countries four years ago, most people I met from Paris or Amsterdam, Valencia, Barcelona .. even Hamburg … shook their heads when I told them that I wanted to retire outside of the States.  I think that they understood why and felt sorry for me!!  Just in case “you” didn’t know, more people have retired outside of the States due to the political and social instability.

So, my pieces and my attitude, as well as my work in general, seek to clarify some social ills and misconceptions, false information and disinformation, that might make someone “choose sides” in “CW 2.0”.  Right now, I have got to say: “You know I am joking and that nobody I know better not choose any side to sacrifice you and your loved ones lives for in CW2!!”  Can you imagine how close the USA’s Capitol came to being another mass murder scene?  It hurts to think people allow themselves to get so worked up … mostly over lies or misunderstandings.  The “Beacon of Hope” or the “Shining City on the Hill” almost became an overthrown democracy turned “citizen coup”.  Some folks sit around listening to hate speech by people like Bannon who said: “There will be blood in the streets …” or Rhodes who continued to plan the violent overthrow of the US government AFTER January 6th …  So exciting, right?!?  WRONG!!  #45 nor Rhodes was at the Capitol that day …  They as hate “leaders” simply riled up “the fools” and sent them into mayhem to cause chaos.

Be a good person because it’s more fulfilling and constructive than hateful, misdirected violence.  It’s not important to look for differences between ourselves.  Be smart enough to NOT be used by negative destructive energies.  Wake up if you’ve been misled by the leader(s) you choose to support and reclaim your natural loving, peaceful, cooperative self.  It’s okay … WE ARE ONE!


John I. Cook, Director

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