Remember . . . The Children!

Happy Friday, “Friends”!

I hope your weeks have been vibrant enough to allow you to do a warm “TGIF”!  So be it, then …TGIF!

Thursday morning I woke up in time to catch a segment on CBS News about how children … teens included … are handling the pandemic.  Their comments were different from the current occupant of The White House’s comments!  The segment demonstrated the anxiety the young people feel as well as even fear!!  Imagine …  The “children” … yours and mine … must inherit whatever we create for them.  I mean, think of your grandchildren!?  They are the future.  Let’s leave them something “decent” to inherit!!  Teachers and athletic coaches have become “life coaches” … out of necessity.  I remember when …

Many activists and leaders, including Barack H. Obama, have noticed the heightened interest in “social justice” of young people of ALL races in the spectrum.  These youth can see the problem of systemic racism as events of another “person of colour” being killed by law enforcement unfold before their eyes.  RIP Walter Wallace who suffered from bipolar disorder and was shot 14 times by two officers in Philadelphia as he wielded one knife.  His mother looked on, screaming in disbelief … peace be still.  The officers didn’t have body cameras nor tasers … just “deadly force”.  Could THIS be an opportunity to de-escalate or maybe shoot the suspect in the leg?!?  THIS is the type of reform and training needed in law enforcement!!  Needless to say, if the suspect had been in a “middle-class white American neighborhood”, I am sure the officers would have come prepared with tasers and body cameras!!  THIS is an illustration of systemic racism once again!

While some of us “old schoolers” may not see the necessity of such reforms … remember … the children are watching and reacting and feeling “hopeless” as they observe their world spin out of control!!  Look into your child’s face … embrace your grandchildren and feel the love they emanate as some of them still look to adults for leadership, direction, and protection, not to mention a “more fair” world for them to inherit!  Well, as the time for the election in the States approaches, be sure to VOTE and do your part!!  Remember … The Children!


John I. Cook, Director

Play The Cards You’re Dealt!

It’s Friday, Folks!

How are you all holding up?!  I mean, there are world-wide problems … not only in the States … so …  Let’s do a big “TGIF” for the TEAM … all of US on the Planet!  TGIF!

I just learned that there are some locations in Turkey where “Americans” may be facing some danger.  Yet, as of Friday morning, no concrete news has been reported.  Just a few days ago, it seemed that some “American” politicians were concerned with how America appears to the international community.  Do I need to repeat the age-old axiom “No person (man) is an island!”?  Hopefully one day … the Earthlings will realize that we are interconnected and essentially interdependent.  What a concept!?!  It just seems so hard to grasp.  Us “humans” lack the desire to trust each other enough to work together without looking for the “upper hand” … control … ego … and all those other destructive forms of interacting.  Now some say, as they do for “scrump”, “That’s just the way it (he) is!”  That is an attitude that does not seek “being the best that we can be”!

Each of us is born with a certain set of circumstances.  Does that mean that one has to “stay inside the box”?  I don’t think so … especially if your “hand”, “box” or circumstances were not the most favorable for human existence.  Enter “modifications” … like I do in yoga … or life in general!  Don’t you love it when folks are so concerned with “you” that they start to predict what you will do in certain circumstances as “you” observe them trying to modify your existence?!  On occasion, it is NOT for your benefit!  So, “you” have to stay alert or pretty much be “aware of your surroundings” preferably at ALL times.

Life is quite unpredictable sometimes!  For example, just last night when I dozed off to sleep, I had left my laptop on listening to some music while “digesting” the debate.  Soon, I woke up and the television was watching me and my laptop had automatically shut down.  I did my usual limited “IT” checks like unplugging it and turning it off …  The only thing … it wouldn’t turn on again!  So I decided to “saddle up” first thing this morning and go to the only computer repair service in Puerto Viejo – “Don Julio”!  On a few occasions, he had helped me simply by “stroking” all of the keys at once … and suddenly … the laptop powered on!!!  This morning, I put the laptop on the kitchen table and unplugged everything.  Something told me to try powering it up while not charging.  Presto … it turned on and rebooted itself.  So, I hunkered down and prepared this piece for Friday.  I mean, I had gone over in my head what I was going to do even though my cellphone – the backup – is suffering from power issues, too!  The darn battery won’t keep a charge.  I can’t afford a new one just yet because I have so many other important projects to manage on a limited income.  Thanks to the “universe” again for a “little help from my friends”!  THIS is why I am so grateful!!

Hopefully, by now, the readers of my blog and e-mail pieces understand that I am not a “witch doctor” or mystic … let alone a “Mister Know-It-All”!  I just try to shed some light on otherwise “dark secrets” that many of us prefer to sweep under the rug.  I believe that we each can be happy with ourselves and each other if we practice acceptance of our differences and celebrate our similarities.  Of course, I am not suggesting that we humans adopt an avaricious lifestyle in which no one counts except ourselves … and as Mr. Obama said … “and our friends”!  “Can’t we all get along?!”  I know, I am hoping and working for a “true North” in human civilization …  How else do you think I wake up and function each day?!  By trying to be the best that I can be given such opportunities or … be able to “hijack” a few good opportunities!!  Educational Excellence is a sole proprietorship, a non-profit, philanthropic entity that encourages readers and non-readers to “Know Thyself!” and “be the best that you can be”!  Stay with me if you can …

Thanks for reading!


John I. Cook, Director

You Don’t Have to be So Smart . . .

Happy Friday, Yeah!

Have y’all had enough of the “unreal” reality tv show yet?!  President Obama said it right when referring to #45’s claim that he, Pres. Obama, was not born in the States as scrump’s “schtick” or comedic routine!  It’s funny that some people can be so stupid!  So, let’s TGIF right quick and carry on!  BOOM!!

The anecdote that “organization is the key to success” is quite accurate … at least for me!  I confess I don’t make any claims about being “the sharpest tool in the shed”; yet, I use what I have to the best of my ability.  In other words, it ain’t over until the final curtain … and then some!  I am not a quitter, even if I “lose” … whatever that means.  I believe we each can get something “good” from even our most “challenging” situations.  I once commented that “team sports” or group games foster a sense of interdependence that is vital to humanity’s success.  That comment comes from experience as well as observation.  There is no real “I” in “TEAM”!  It’s a “shared” reality … a shared experience, even!  Team players are often better “leaders”.  Team players learn and experience the concept of “community” as opposed to selfish individualism!  I don’t think 45 ever served in or played ANYTHING, selfish @#%$!

Okay, so how smart are you?!?  Are you smart enough to “see through” scrump’s accusation of VP Biden’s goal to “pack the courts” if and when he gets elected?  It’s simple!  Don’t look at the “shiny object” … look at how many judges of color the shyster appointed in his 4 years in office … ZERO African American and one Hispanic!!!  “I can’t …” tolerate those types of arrogant imbeciles!! (Can you see systemic racism, yet?!?)

Off the soapbox now … and back to my gratitude for my life today.  I’m missing a few friends from Ft. Lauderdale and New York, boarding school and college, my grandson whom I’ve only touched once when my Child brought him to meet me when he was like 3 or 4 months on the Planet.  Sometimes, I push back tears … Other times, I recognize how grateful I AM!  What about you?!?  

VOTE!! (Like your life depends on it ’cause it does!)


John I. Cook, Director

“And there you have it … AGAIN!!”

It’s that time again!!  Just being grateful and contemplating “gratitude” should be enough for the moment … TGIF!

Welp … in case you were wondering why so many “Americans” did not acknowledge “scrump” as their president, now you know!  New Yorkers have always known since he and his father had been sued for billions of dollars due to practicing “racism” in their screening of apartment applicants in New York City.  Shucks, these creeps would place the letter “B” on the applications if the applicant was “African American”!  Of course, they were “set up” like the “crooks” they ALL are, got caught red-handed by agents, and had to pay billions of dollars for their actions to the Federal government.  (And now, he’s in charge of the Fed!)  And “you” think it’s “safe” to live in a country being “mismanaged” by these avaricious clowns?!?  I hope not …

So, I have moved to my new place just a “hop, skip, and a jump” from the center of Puerto Viejo.  In fact, Wednesday, I walked from here leaving at about 8:15 am to arrive at “Old Harbor” (Wolaba) Market at 8:30-ish.  I took a minute to sit and chat with a local woman who makes bread and sits in front of Old Harbor selling it!  It’s a “small town” so the management there allows her to do so!  Soon, I started walking to “Jacaranda” for yoga class where I used to live two years ago and arrived early for class!  “A great class was had by all!” Molly checked on me at one point when I got up slowly from the plank and downward dog!  “You okay, John?” she asked me.  I shook off my “drama”, said yes, and assumed the position!  We continued with our “Sun salutations”.

It’s a front wall-less Caribbean styled one-bedroom apartment with lots of colorful foliage right outside my neighbor and my front doorway.  The electrical appliances are fairly new, I have hot water in all faucets, which is kind of a luxury.  I discovered a crab just behind the wall of my bedroom and bathroom, and, it seems that a possum is living nearby who enters the front door at night that Augusto made from scratch!  The possum drops a tiny load on the floor in the kitchen!!!  “Making myself at home!”  I couldn’t ask for more.  The “universe” led by Its divine energy found my positive energy and “hooked me up”!  Not only did the new landlady make a “creamy soup” (crema de zucchini) for me one day, she also sewed four colorful seat cushions for the otherwise hard dining table chairs!  Yep, I actually have a dining table with four chairs … out here in the beachside jungle!  “I’m loving it!”  I can hardly wait until my Child and hers can come to visit … maybe for her birthday next April as Caleb’s 5th birthday is in 10 days!  I still have to get him his passport soon after I get settled in with covering the publication costs of my third book, “Cookin’ With Life!”  I am excited because on Tuesday, I sent the manuscript to the “team leader” as well as photos and the design for the front cover, back cover, and an insert!  It should be in print by the middle of December!

I couldn’t vote this year because when I went to mail my request for a ballot during the height of COVID 19 to be sent to Costa Rica, they said it would cost fifty bucks just to send the request!  I didn’t want to ask how much it would cost to send the ballot back to the States if it ever got to me.  I had to have my Capitol One card sent to my good friend John Shelton in the FTL who then sent it to me … for $57.00 by DHL!!  Can you all say, “Enough is Enough!”?  So, get out to vote early to get these “ignorant parasites” out of the nation’s government!

Enjoy your day and weekends!


John I. Cook, Director

“Ball of Confusion”

Happy Friday, All!

It’s just one of those things that I love to do … show my appreciation!  Then, TGIF, mi gente!

It is really difficult not to pay attention to what’s happening in the States … the supposed most powerful country in the world that has a disproportionate number of deaths caused by the Covid19 virus.  Whoever is doing this … methinks it’s the Universe or “bad karma” … is exposing the most omnipresent frailties that “most Americans” think makes them strong.  The simple right of doing what I want and then framing it under one of the amendments or “bills of rights” and being downright “selfish”.  That’s the “American Way”, right?!  You already know what I’m going to say if you’ve heard me do my “social activist” rant!  Can’t “people” see that in many ways, we are interconnected and whatever happens to one will happen to “another” in a matter of time?

If you watched the “debate”, either way, “one” should be shocked.  I was happy for Biden because “scrump” went straight into “meltdown mode” …  He became unraveled as he tried to bully Biden and shoot off his usual array of lies.  His rude interruptions were so frequent that Biden had no choice except to say, “Will you shut up, Man!  This is so … is so … unpresidential!”  I mean, I would’ve said the same thing!  Then some undecided “jerk” from Ohio says he wouldn’t vote for Biden because he told the president to shut up!!  That person, #45, is “not presidential”, so one has no choice!  I won’t get into trying to understand people who accept his famous “grab ’em by the kitty kat” and just “kiss ’em” cause he’s a star “lines”, but “you” are as sick as he is!

Okay, let me try to clarify.  Have you ever met that person (we all have) who no matter how “wrong” they are will try to convince you that they are “right”?!  They, like “scrump”, just have to be right … no matter how insidious their crap is!  “The virus is going to disappear.”  He says, “it will eventually one day!”  I mean damn … we ALL are going to disappear one day!  But “raise your hand” if you want to live without contracting a virus …  He doesn’t want to shake “the disgusting” people’s hands anyway.  Now, make an excuse for that!!  Admit it, such people can’t admit that they are wrong.  They will take you to the grave with them, if you aren’t a “self preservationist”!  There are some people who would rather believe a lie than admit that is not true!

Back in the day, there was a song by “The Temptations” – Ball of Confusion.  “That’s what the world is today, hey hey, let me hear you now!”  As each of us pursues what we believe to be our “personal freedom”, just make sure that you don’t tread on anyone else’s “personal freedoms”!  And if it does, accept the truth and stop living lies!

Enjoy your weekends!  Thanks for reading!!


John I. Cook

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