Keep Calm . . . PERIOD!

Happy Friday, ALL!

I like that word “ALL” … it’s my favorite answer!  Don’t ask me which food I like … I like them ALL!!  So, T.G.I.F. to ALL of youse!

This is my last post for this year because next week, we’re looking at a New Year’s beginning.  Does that make you feel grateful … or NOT?  Do we take our mere existence for granted?  This is perhaps why we have struggles from time to time, so we may be able to appreciate the “smooth” times in our lives.  

In looking back over the year … shucks and years, in my case, I am inclined to just be grateful.  Now, I do my thing … write a blog post every now and then, add a few pages to my manuscript which includes more than 10 chapters now, and carry a bit of peace on my shoulders … a smile even!  I still enjoy putting together a class or two for a mind “thirsty” for more knowledge.  Not to mention, I still enjoy learning and living, too.  I maintain my focus on meditation, yoga, and exercise.  This morning, I will attend yoga.  I still do my “walks across Puerto” and still try to mind my business!  In any town, that’s not easy.  Most people just mind “other” people’s business and let theirs fall by the wayside.  THAT is not my style!

In a world full of corruption amongst leaders of any sort, it sometimes becomes hard to navigate one’s way.  As I notice the discontent ALL OVER THE WORLD, I wonder what I can do?!  Keep calm … and keep writing!  Keep calm and continue sharing love and peace, harmony and understanding even.  Trust me, I know it is hard.  Yet, each day that I can open my eyes and take care of myself and any others that I can, I am grateful!  If and when I can do “more” than just that, I do it!

I am hoping that these “holy days” are moving forward for us, that we learn something about each other, especially ourSELVES!  Make it a great day, y’all, and KEEP CALM … PERIOD!!  Blessings!!


John I. Cook, Director

“WELP . . .”

Yeah, y’all!  It’s Friday, again!

And what a “historical” week as we continue through the Hoy Day Season!  So, how’s about a timely T.G.I.F.!!  Boom!

Sometimes, you just have to purse your lips and say, “Welp …”.  That is not a sign of defeat but indeed it is an indication that one feels that she/he has done all one can in a given situation.  Now, … or then even … one must let the raw energy of the universe shape “humanity” … hmmmpff.  For me, “welp” means a strong combination of the two words “well” and “help” … you dig?!?  So, for me, I am content that #45 has been impeached … NOT removed from office for those who don’t quite understand what the difference is.  I seriously doubt that the “scrumpsters”, NOT republicans as the States once knew the party, in the Senate have the wherewithal to do the right thing … find the culprit guilty.

Many people, especially those aforementioned short-sighted politicians, don’t care about their future beyond the next election!  Imagine electing someone to an office that only cares about “themselves”!  How do you feel once you realize that you’ve been “HAD” … taken for granted, even?! Perhaps, ignored!  Now, you have said creatures speaking about a mere human (and a horrible one at that) as comparable to “Jesus Christ”; or his impeachment as something as tremendous as “the bombing at Pearl Harbor in World War II”!  (Where do they find these candidates!)

So … enter “welp” … well plus help.  I’ve shared some thoughts on liars and yellers, as well as plain old manipulators and bullies.  I can tell you, I have never seen a “bunch of men” … and I use that term loosely … yell and scream about whether it is day or night!  Now, they are all dressed up in suits and ties, the few women also stepping up to state their positions, some practicing to deceive while others are seeking to clarify a situation.  So, I say … “welp” …  All of the ingredients of “division” have been sown and “we” … the spiritual ones, at least … have to rely on the effects of pure positive energy in the form of love, cooperation, harmony, understanding … and peace!

I know it’s hard as I struggle with the same from time to time, to keep your perspective on “your life” and those you love.  If we include more people in that category of “those we love”, the world would indeed be a better place!

Blessings and Peace,

John I. Cook, Director

“How Does It Feel to be Talked About BAD?!?”/ NO Sides

Happy Friday, ALL!

I’d like to do that T.G.I.F. thing again if you care to join me!  “T.G.I.F.”!

Everybody knows what a hater is right?  They can’t tolerate seeing someone ELSE be “blessed”!  “They” want to be the center of attention … like a spoiled child!  And if they aren’t the “center” of attention and “you” are in “their way” to get that “childish” attention, they come at their imagined obstacle (you!) hard and insensitively.  It’s almost as if they want to inflict this “imagined pain” onto someone ELSE … especially if you are in “their” imagined limelight!

Watching parts of the “impeachment hearings” was hard from time to time.  It’s so hard watching already “privileged people” lie and whine as they try to convince “others” of a lie!  It’s like these so-called representatives demonstrate acute ignorance and childish behavior including lying and yelling falsehoods.  “They” want to “dumb down” and brainwash feeble-minded people by using their “imagined” fears!  This behavior of constantly lying in your face is not only disrespectful to me, maybe some others, but is designed to “dumb” me/us down!  Don’t make me say it …

As far as “the world” goes today … we’ll just have to see.  It’s an energy “thing” if you will.  If you have ever noticed that when you emit positive energy filled with similar high-level expectations like peace, harmony, and love, one usually receives the same.  So, if “we” don’t seek the truth collectively, we will suffer … collectively.  It’s interesting when you encounter “negative” energies trying to drain your positive intentions and expectations.  I have had people tell me “you are on the wrong side”!  This is not a side thing like in a war, this is a UNITY thing … collectivism … NOT separatism and ultimate destruction of the pieces that may remain.

However “it” goes down, I am going to be emitting positive energy in the form of peace, love, harmony, and truth!  There are no sides … get a grip!!  Enjoy the “holy days” and “do the right thing”!  Thanks for reading.


John I. Cook, Director

“Do Unto Others … As You Would Have Done to You!”

Happy Friday … yeah, Y’all!  Nothing bad about being grateful is it?!?  So … uh … T.G.I.F!

There has been so much going on … world-wide, including the NATO Meeting in London in which fun was made of the “camera hogging, egotistical reality show host” turned president …  So, world leaders can see how ridiculous #45 acts!  Is there any wonder that “others” see his childish behavior as unbecoming of a president!?  Yet, some Americans, though not most, still refuse to see the danger this character REALLY poses for the survival of democracy.

The title of this piece is something that many of us have heard, time and time again!  I learned this Bible passage in Sunday school in White Plains, NY at Bethel Baptist Church.  I mean, how hard is it to understand …  Not at all, just like it’s not hard to see that #45 is an imposter … a fake … in the wrong job!!  It is important to treat people with respect … the same respect “we” may want.  Now, when I look at myself, I try to treat everyone with respect … at first.  However, if I see that they don’t view me at least the same way, I will distance myself from that person(s) to attempt to maintain the peace and the respect that I deserve in my own human life.

As we enter the season of giving, the season of family and friends, the season of peace and love (though it should be every day!), may we honor our neighbors as we would ourselves!  “Just Do It!”


John I. Cook, Director

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