Stay Safe!! The Plot Thickens

Happy Friday, All!

So, could those of us who really appreciate our lives do a “TGIF”?!  TGIF, y’all!

Now, I have a bunch of stuff that I wanted to write about today but I’m going to focus on something I “reported” in my last correspondence.  Now, like the current occupant of the White House, “I am not a doctor or scientist!”.  But I wanted to follow up with the situation when I speculated about where the COVID 19 virus originated, though we may never really know.  One thing I like to do is “figure stuff out”  …  like a detective or investigator.  So, here we go!

There is a doctor and scientist named Dennis Carroll, currently the Chair of The Global Virome Project, who appeared on a newscast focusing on the origins of this pandemic.  He was also the former director of USAID’s Pandemic Influenza and Emerging Threats Unit, accordingly well qualified.  So, I listened to the interview and took notes.  It was on CNN, I like the facts on which I can base my opinion and behavior.   Let’s do the facts first.  Shucks, I feel like I’m in school again … taking notes!

Mr. Carroll states that the COVID 19 virus has the “genetic signature” of a horseshoe bat.  In other words, the virus was NOT made biochemically in a laboratory.  While I had embraced the notion that the virus did not come from the live animal market in Wuhan, China, I am now making an addendum to my initial comment.  I had also seen a program regarding the attraction and use of the animal called the Pangolin.  It is a scaly anteater and flourishes in many parts of the world, including China and Africa, where the largest ones are found.  There are some Chinese who believe that the scales of the anteater when ground and consumed help with problems of lactation and arthritis.  As well, between 2011 and 2015, various shipments of the meat of the animal were confiscated in Asia that had come from Nigeria.  The immense quantity of meat was on the way to China!  So, these are facts, not my opinion.

Mr. Carroll continued on with his hypothesis that the virus did NOT come from a lab but possibly from the Wuhan market where live animals are sold for consumption.  The pangolin is sold there in the market in both forms, scales and meat.  Hold on … I know!  Mr. Carroll speculates that a horseshoe bat may have bitten and infected a pangolin whose meat was then sold there at the “live” animal market in Wuhan.  And so, possibly, began the pandemic that we are experiencing.  This type of thinking diverges somewhat from popular theories about how the virus got started and its origins.

Here in Puerto Viejo, there is some movement.  In the local pizza shop and many restaurants, they have tried to stay afloat by serving take away food ONLY.  I wear a mask when I go to yoga because there is so much dust on the floor.  My nose is extremely sensitive.  When I go to Old Harbor Market, I also wear or carry my mask.  The attendants there take your temperature after a customer has washed their hands.  If the temperature is safe, one can enter.  I am doing okay here on my own, so to speak.  I feel the force of my Creator as I sleep and wake each night and day … I am forever grateful! 

So, let’s all stay safe, “Do the Right Thing!” and try to listen to the scientists … and your Creator! 


John I. Cook, Director

Is THIS What It Boils Down To?!?

Yes, yes, y’all!  It’s Friday again!  Let’s do a TGIF for the team!  TGIF, then!!

I get a little corny sometimes, I know!  Shucks, I even get a little crazy sometimes . . . but it’s a “happy” corny and a “happy” crazy!  “We don’t want no problems, we just want to have a party”!  – Wande Coal!  I wish some folks had a sense of humor, maybe even a touch of class, too!

Well, most “world leaders” are looking the same – somewhat irresponsible, except for … pardon me … the women leaders of Europe!  Don’t go mincing my words now, but they don’t seem as “uncaring”, dishonest and braggadocious like some of these so-called “men”!  I mean, how often have you seen a “health crisis update” turn in to a darn political party rally?!?!  I know … NEVER!  When have you been “talked to” by a person who NEVER allows you to finish your question?!?  I personally will not deal with those kinds of people!!  Now … place that person at the “head” of your country, city, or team … and … “We’ve got a problem, Houston!”

For me, it boils down to this in one front:  Some scientists, I use that term “loosely”, were analyzing bats in a secret laboratory in Wuhan, China!  Why?!?  I don’t know … but maybe “chemical/biological warfare” experimentation went wrong!!  That’s enough “evil” right there to shut them down!  Two quick observations of statements: 1) there were no bats at the wet market just blocks away from the lab in Wuhan that some American scientists got to visit, and 2) several Chinese scientists tried to “sound the alarm” … but were silenced!!  One was even “allowed” to die!!  “How do you like them apples?!?”

No, I am not a “conspiracy theorist” but I did hear about a story (fiction) written about a laboratory in Wuhan, China that was performing experimentation on bats!!  I have seen the “copy cat” syndrome enacted before but this is extremely incredible …  Is there anyone or anything else that seems incredible “around” here, on our Planet?!?

So, in case you haven’t noticed, “we” are destroying ourselves!!  Some “humans” are so ignorant that they want to “get back to work” before the proper mechanisms are in place!  That will clearly expedite the extinction process!!  Is THIS what “you” feel you deserve?!?  Come on now … WAKE UP!

Okay, I climbed down off of my “soapbox” … and before I go I just want to tell youse I love you …


John I. Cook, Director

“What Day Is It? Friday?!?”

Happy Friday . . . yes, I dared to say it! And TGIF, too!

If you all are feeling anything like me, you’re probably learning to understand how happiness is often very elusive: just when you think you “have” it … you don’t!  It’ll find it’s way to you when you’re least expecting it.  Perhaps, that’s when you actually have “earned” it!

Here of late, I’ve been feeling kind of “mystical”, as my basketball buddies from Cali, Colombia, SA used to say when I wasn’t “quite all there” back in 1995!  I woke up early this past Wednesday morning to meditate on “nature” as I have learned to do for part of my “healing”.  If you haven’t figured it out, if you’re interested, “society” as we know it takes a toll on you!  It did on me, but, maybe you’re “different”!  As I meditated Wednesday morning, I had thoughts and warm memories of when my mother, Marietta, came to visit me in Cali during the Easter of ’94!  We had a blast for a whole week in “Valle de Cauca”, Colombia!  Next, I remembered when my “only child” was born on April 12th, 1982.  Ayanna Lynne was a “honeymoon” baby!!  In fact, those two have often been important “motivators” for me in my life … still to this day!  I use to call them “Big and Little Pumpkin” whenever we all would be together – fond memories …

So, this is a Happy 38th Birthday “message” to my only biological child!  We’ve had our ups and downs yet we’ve both hung in there since the separation and ultimate divorce when she was only 2 …  I take responsibility for my part of that “challenge” and continue to put my best foot forward.  Happy Birthday, “Li’l Pumpkin”!

Now, I won’t spend any time ruining an otherwise happy Friday by talking about world affairs.  If you’re staying home like me and probably watching the various brainwashing sessions on tv conducted by this administration, which actually teeter on “campaign rallies”, you already know what I’m talking about.  Let’s use this time, like the company Alibaba and give back to the universe in PPE; or, like a Vietnamese company that shifted their manufacturing to make ventilators for the world.  You see, some countries actually “get it” … we are one planet, just a smidgen of the universe.  Stay well!


John I. Cook. Director

Human vs. Nature

Happy Friday, I still say though tongue in cheek!  So, TGIF, then!

How’re “we” holding up?!  Each morning, I just count my blessings for what I DON’T have to do!  If I were in Ft. Lauderdale, I would either be renting a room in someone’s trailer home, renting a “convertible sofa bed” in the living room in someone’s 2 bedroom apartment in a gated community … Or, rent a bed in a hostel complete with 3 bunk beds in EACH of 2 rooms!  All for a wonderful “high price” of $600.00/month!  (The hostel bunk bed comes complete with a racist Chihuahua and drunken-drugged out suite mates who work at “the Marina”!)  Take your pick!!  NOT!!  Those are accurate descriptions of places that I actually stayed and could afford in Ft. Lauderdale WITHOUT working and living ONLY on my pensions.  That’s how I lived for the last year or so before I traveled to Barcelona in search of a retirement “home”!!  So right about now, I’m good!  No busses, no Uber … NO DRAMA!

I had a massage Wednesday and am going to yoga this morning.  Quarantine is easy for me because I don’t have to ask people to go home!!  I mean, I am not LOOKING for friends … been there, done that and got accused of a lot of crap!!  I am cool by myself.  No drama, no lies … no “I forgot to tell you whys!!”  It’s a great time to “drop-down and give me 20” or roll between the bed and sofa/bed in the bedroom!  In other words, I am learning how to enjoy my retirement “healing” and feeling good about myself … by myself.  It’s so funny how I kind of “fit in” here in Puerto Viejo.  Yesterday, as I took a stroll to “Old Harbor”, the local market with some of the most attentive staff, I passed by a house of a few young brothers with whom I’ve become acquaintances.  “Abuelo!  Abueeelo!” yelled the three kids!  I had to smile and yell back “Hola!” upon realizing that they were talking to me!!  Such is life!!  It’s a beautiful one!!

Those of us who may have studied psychology a bit may recall the “nature vs. nurture (environment)” issue and their individual impact on human development.  After contemplating this dichotomy several years back, I came to the conclusion that BOTH have a tremendous impact on human development.  Now, enter the struggle between “nature vs. human” … which is more “powerful, intelligent, and omnipresent”?!?  What??  I can’t hear you?!?  Another no brainer, right.  I am not “sure” of what is happening “out here”, but EACH time I see these “world leaders” jumping on and off airplanes and walking across “the red carpets” of the world . . . while the “people” seem to suffer more and more under tyrannical rule … my heart sinks!  Does anyone remember when the “leader” of India invited the “leader” of the USA recently to visit?!?  The Indian people were instructed to build “mud walls” to cover up the poverty-stricken areas around the stadium where the “two roosters” strutted, stroked and “hailed” each other.  NOW look …   So in case you can’t tell, we’ve ALL been “bamboozled”.  “Come Together … Right Now!”, people.

Do what you can to make a “positive” difference.  Many of “us” will get through this … some of us won’t …


John I. Cook, Director

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