Pure Gratitude

Happy Friday, All!

I am truly feeling grateful … blessed … or, whatever word(s) you would like to use to describe that elevated state of happiness!  I’ll do a “TGIF” right about now … just because!

Christmas Day will make four years for me living in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica.  It’s been a journey, too!  I took my “plans” to retire abroad and followed the strong loving flow pretty much to where it led me!  So, I am currently living in a nice resort-style hotel, with a swimming pool, a spacious outdoor kitchen, and clean air-conditioned rooms with cable television.  Not too shabby for me … just me!  While I had been renting in Puerto Viejo, I decided to move to Cocles on Tucan Road to get out of town and finish the manuscript.  Between the ever-present hummingbirds (Colibri), howling monkeys with their relatively small stature, and of course the Toucans adorning every tree while singing and snacking, I am good … for now!  (I always say that – for now!  It’s the nomad/gypsy nature of my mission.)

Things and projects I have had are still moving along smoothly with a couple of “tight curves”.  I have gotten my teeth repaired by a dentist in Puerto, picked up 2 nice pairs of prescription glasses in Limon, and simultaneously self-published my third manuscript – Cookin’ With Life!: CookBook III.  I am still working on natural healing for my arthritis and even added to my yoga and meditation practices by working out at a good friend’s gym a few times a week.  I was able to get an electric motorbike to make getting around easier and more timely, not to mention less expensive over the long haul.  While I have been contemplating another project, I think that I should just retire before I kill myself!  Learning how to enjoy retirement is a “job” in itself!  I am grateful for this job, too!  As well, I am learning how to enjoy every minute of it.

Spiritually, I am feeling very well.  I don’t allow myself to be pulled away from who I “am”.  As we emphasize here in EE, “Know Thyself”.  It’s a really important beginning … and end … to a happy life.  Shucks, I have all of this positive energy and love to “share” and have become even more skillful at sharing those sentiments, too.  I’ve had “people” write back to me telling me to stop writing about Blacks who have been killed, but write about those who make it …  I am choosing to do BOTH!!  All in all, my gratitude propels me to mystical places that most people seldom visit – the heart.  That’s where we imagine that our love, peace, joy, and happiness flow from …  Be sure to be the best that YOU can be.  Try not to worry about everybody else unless you’re offering some genuinely positive input to them to help make their journey more pleasant.  “Say NO to hate!”

Happy Holy Days!


John I. Cook, Director

ps. – Thank you for reading!!

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  1. Deidre
    Dec 24, 2021 @ 09:47:50

    Happy holy days to you as well! I plan to make time and read more of your blogs. I truly enjoyed this one sir. I too am looking for natural healing for arthritis since traditional meds are not helpful. Take care and stay well.

    Deidre Thompson ❤



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