America: On Trial

Happy Friday, All …

I say that loosely because for the families that lost loved ones in the Charlottesville white nationalist rally, or a son/father like Ahmaud … or the two young white men killed by Kyle … it might not be such a nice day …  So, let’s give a super “TGIF” to reach those hurting from losses …  Thank you!

Over the past few days, I have been pondering something that my Father had banged into my head on a few occasions, but with words: “Don’t lie, boy!  The only thing people have to go on are the words that come out of your mouth!”    Now, he had just asked me if I had “borrowed” his Volkswagen station wagon-styled vehicle.  He had rebuilt it for my Mom’s use with her domestic engineering work, volunteer activities, and shopping.  And yes … I had borrowed it without asking permission to drive my friends to Playland one Sunday afternoon while my Dad napped.  I had a learner’s permit (not a license) … and my Dad was extremely calm about this and I was extremely surprised, yet very grateful.  I had driven the German-made vehicle with a few friends in it … with the hand brake on … Big Ike knew his cars and he knew someone ELSE had driven Mom’s car!  He gave me a huge break … for telling the truth!

Now, in this little town in Georgia, there was a father-son team who went out hunting … Mr. Arbery.  Why were they hunting a fellow human being?!  The answer is clear!  You may remember a hypothesis I have proposed about racism being a mental illness … self-induced and maybe even taught by someone’s “dad”  or another family member …  This is what I was talking about – The McMichaels!!  Then, to watch the “courtroom performances” by defense counselors who are stuck in a time warp … in the USA … land of the free, home of the brave … is utterly reprehensible.  I mean, these morons have no shame!!  

Meanwhile back in Charlottesville, there are self confirmed white nationalists from all the far-right groups in the States facing trials for attacking peaceful protestors and killing one woman while wounding many others.  Has America become known as the country that tried to root out racial hatred promoted by the Ku Klux Klan but nowadays allows rallies where people chant: “Jews shall not replace us!”?  If the courts let these slugs off of the hook, it won’t be the last time we hear from “them”.

Then we have the then 17year old kid who has become for some “mentally ill” supporters of his who view him as their hero!  There is even a Congressional representative, Matt Goetz (R) of FL (still facing a sex trafficking investigation!) who demonstrated his mental illness by offering Kyle a job with him in Congress!!  “Hardy har har harrr!”  As he tells his story of how he went from his boring assignment (unofficial) to protect a used car lot from looters to flashing his “cool looking” AR 15 long gun down the streets in ANOTHER CITY in another state, Kyle also breaks down as he spins his story of why he HAD to kill two young men and wound another!  Is anyone else in “America” embarrassed at these displays of human hypocrisy?!?  Or, are you mentally ill, too?!?

Now, we live in a world where many “leaders” lie.  These leaders demonstrate to their constituents their lack of respect for THEM as they lie to them daily!  I mean, this country has become so much of a corrupt business opportunity that a twice impeached ex-president can still fundraise from idiots willing to believe that “it” won the election which it LOST!  This creature is raking in millions of dollars a day fundraising from still promoting “the big lie”!!!  Believe it … or not!!

Okay, so in closing, I want to thank all of the enlightened truth-seeking humans who promote harmony, dignity, and respect for ourselves and the Planet!  It requires outstanding people to take important positions during a time of human crises that threaten OUR survival.  There is ONLY ONE side in this situation … TRUTH!


John I. Cook, Director

ps. Thanks for reading!

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