“We’ve Got To Be REAL!”

Happy Friday, All!

I’m hoping that you are up for a “TGIF” today … so … Let’s Do It!!  TGIF!!!

Things get so muddled when one tries to determine the TRUTH.  Now, we’ve got Tucker Carlson’s interview with Kyle to spread MORE hatred, division, racism, and disrespect for the current president!!  I had roasted Kyle for trying to shift the blame of his murders onto the murdered!  Tucker wanted to help spread this mental illness by getting a mere child to comment on the President’s dislike of vigilantes!  Now, this kid doesn’t know what he’s talking about when he tells the President to watch the trial!!  (Kyle has never been president and doesn’t know that white supremacy groups are at the top of the terrorist groups …) Then, after this kid killed 2 people, he has the NERVE to pretend to know what he had just done!  WE saw it … he left his original assignment to get into “the streets” with his cool AR-15 slung over his shoulder!!  WHY????  Admit it … he was bored and wanted “real action”!!  He even said it before when he saw “looters” and replied, “I wish I had an AR-15 to shoot them!”  His victims weren’t looters but … were damn surprised to see a kid on “their streets” with a military-style rifle!  HE frightened them!! Remember, uncle judge forbade the use of that statement by prosecutors during the trial and clearly demonstrated his appreciation for what Kyle had done!!  I’m glad he didn’t get incarcerated … he’d never make it there …

Now, Kyle realizes that those “streets” ain’t no joke and that one can get mixed up in a mess in a New York second!!!  NOW he says, if he had to do it all over again, he wouldn’t do it!!  At least, he knows that!  Now, he will have to avoid being used by the gun advocates and racists who seek to use him as a pawn in their game of hatred.  As the mother of one of his victims said, “He’s going to have to man up real quick!”  Even the former president invited him and his mother to the resort in Florida to set him up to be used in his campaigns against democracy and his fundraising. (Have you become aware of the fact that the Republican Party is now paying #45’s legal fees?!?)  Did you know that a “private group” paid Rittenhouse’s legal fees? (The kind of thing that makes one go “Hmmmm …”)

Well, at least the jurors in the Ahmaud Arbery lynching got it right!  Despite the defense attorney asking to bar more “black pastors” from the courtroom, and the manner in which the disrespectful “hussy” racist defense attorney described Mr. Arbery’s toes which she has NEVER seen, the jurors got it right!  The proceedings in Charlottesville were also able to find the white nationalists culpable for millions of dollars in damages and the death of one and injuries of multiple others who had peacefully protested the white supremacy rally in their city.  Many people in the States are able to see these attempts for what they are … hateful rallies against democracy and against equality under the law.  Be a part of the solution or … become a part of the problem  Be REAL, y’all!  We’ve got to be real.

Happy Holy Days!

John I. Cook, Director

ps. Thank you for reading!

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