“Make Sure This Doesn’t Happen Again!”

Happy Friday, All!

I hope you’re ALL up for showing some gratitude, right?  A simple “thank you” to your Creator may suffice today!  TGIF, then!  Before continuing with this message, I want to wish those United States Military Veterans, past, present, and future a Happy Belated Veteran’s Day!  Thank you EACH for your service.  And imagine, today there is a serious threat to the democracy experiment taking place in the same United States of America …

Most students of or aficionados of American History know that the country was started as an experiment in the practice of democracy, not to mention a series of businesses or joint-stock companies.  Needless to say, the experiment’s hypothesis had to be modified to include ALL PEOPLE … not just the founding fathers who were wealthy white men.  As the founding fathers soon discovered, the experiment’s success required the election of qualified, moral, and trustworthy leaders to represent the people.  Have you noticed that we’ve had so many events in the USA lately that the most common comment is: “… let’s make sure that nothing happens like this again!”?!?  Whether it was regarding the Marjory Stoneman Douglas School shooting or … the whole world watching George Floyd … or Ahmaud Arbery get killed in broad daylight and on film, we end up saying the same thing …  Is this the “new normal”?  Now we have a kid who got sucked up into the “war of words” that so-called “educated people” are spewing from their mouths and he is now facing murder charges …  And the judge … oh my goshhh!!!  People are just looking for “stuff” to disagree with in order to carry out a “civil war of words”.  The only thing is that people who have been riled up with fundamental lies don’t realize that they are feeding into the “negative energy” until it gets out of control …  Ask Kyle …

Okay, so what I am suggesting, as we see countries and governments as well as very well-off private citizens looking to help the less fortunate on the planet, we can each do our part!  How you may ask?  By spreading positive vibrations … wherever you go and in whatever you do!!  In case you haven’t noticed, much of the geography of this Planet is a mess.  “They” don’t want “us” to know how bad it really is.  It is clear that a “shift” must take place …  Be the change at every opportunity.  Realize that we are each an integral part of Creation.  Carry on!


John I. Cook, Director

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