A Tale of Two Police Officers . . .

And you know it, we got here again!  Happy Friday, and a “TGIF” to you, too!  In case you haven’t noticed, “Your participation is requested … from the Universe!”

Throughout what I perceive to be human history, things often appear as a “duality” … one … OR … the other!  We are often asked to choose which option we prefer.  On occasion, our decisions can be helped by looking carefully at the choices.

On January 6th, 2021, a seizure of the US Capitol occurred due to insurrectionists who were motivated, stimulated, and deceived by the then-sitting president.  The symbolism that was associated with the destruction after “scrump”  held his “infamous last rally” is hard to imagine.  That’s why the Impeachment Managers want to use videos of what MANY of us didn’t even see!  And of course, that’s why the latest “money-grubbing fool” lawyer (LIAR!) who has decided to defend “the trash” says, “Oh, we’ll concede that there was rioting in the Capitol building and the “president” has condemned it!  He spoke of a peaceful protest and his words had nothing to do with what happened at the Capitol.”  Believe it or not!!

Derek Chauvin murdered an unarmed Black man … after he had damn near murdered many OTHER “victims of his hatred” including a woman on whom he used the same “knee on the neck/throat” technique.  Her mother had called the police for help with her “unarmed” daughter.  Once Chauvin arrived on “the scene”, he immediately went into action after the mother accused the daughter of trying to strangle her with the extension cord that the mother was purportedly swinging at her daughter!  The daughter said she simply grabbed the cord as her mother was striking her with it!  (Does anybody remember the “extension cord” whippings from our parents?!?)  Within seconds, Chauvin had the young woman … of color … on the ground with his knee on her neck … until she screamed “Harder!”  to annoy Chauvin not thinking he would actually do it!!!  Thankfully, she wasn’t killed as her mother looked on in horror at “the scene”.

Brian Sicknick (RIP) Washington, DC Capitol Police officer was killed in the insurrection at the Capitol building on January 6th, 2021.  There have been so many “spins” on this Big Lie Event from it being a “peaceful protest” … to it being a bloody, hurtful insurrection!  Your eyes don’t lie …  The world saw clip after clip on top of video after video of “The liar in Chief” yelling like a moron until he said it: “We’re gonna march to the Capitol, I’m going with you …” and the rest is history.  Anyone who feels sorry for a moron who incited a riot against his OWN government officials is as sick as “he” is!!

Officer Sicknick loved his job, they say.  It must be true because he fought “the good fight” but lost his life in the end …  Blessings to his family and loved ones.  I remember when my Dad – Isaac Henry Cook – worked for the “Auxiliary Police of White Plains, NY”.  He was the ONLY chocolate chip in the cookie at that time.  He was a proud Man as he had escaped the brutal racism in North/Central Florida with his young bride and arrived in Harlem, NY circa “The Harlem Renaissance”.  He had stories … Man, did he have stories.  I learned “to learn” every day and a little something from everybody!  Police work ain’t no joke!

Last we observed, there were at least two different “Americas”.  Some folks even live in two (or more!) different realities!  That’s a tough situation from which to run a democratic country with immigrants from all over the world …  Let’s be as one …


John I. Cook, Director

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