“Let the Healing Begin . . . with the TRUTH!!”

Happy Friday, Y’all!

We’ve got yet another chance to get it right, so … TGIF, then!  I know, I know … I am corny sometimes!!  That’s how I roll!

So, sure … now that domestic terrorists have defaced the Capitol and it was televised worldwide, the call for healing is louder than ever … even from the so-called “right”.  But why do “we” need unity and healing?  What happened?  Why did people ransack the Capitol in the first place?  Can we “heal” and call for unity while “The Big LIE” that the election was stolen is not being addressed??  Let’s be logical!  Nothing can be healed without addressing “The BIG Lie”. 

These cowards that perpetuated this “lie” must be held “accountable” like any other damn employee!!  Shucks, I remember being “docked” for my pay for arriving to work 20 minutes late … after a car accident from which I had called my manager!  Now, these “mofos” straight up LIE in some feeble faces and minds!!  No acknowledgment of the “LIE” has followed … and there will be only “fake healing” (temporary at best!) until these “little effin boys (and girls)” admit their dishonesty with the American people!  In case some of us haven’t heard, “scrump” watched the tv while the dumb ass domestic terrorists acted on HIS LIE!!  (He said he was going with them!!!) You see, “scrump” has ALWAYS preferred uneducated, desperate (even many with money), followers whom he can whip into an “ignorant frenzy” like in “Lord of the Flies” and have “us” kill each other … Capitol and DC police included!!  Why do you think that those two or three officers committed suicide … AFTERWARDS?!?  They were undoubtedly abused beyond comprehension during the riot!!  Can you say, #NOLIVESMATTER with this creep?!  Then, one of his lapdogs traveled to perform the ultimate act of stupid humility by visiting a twice impeached, morally bankrupt cowardly creep and ask for “its” help!!!  Damn, Bro’!!

Yeah, I came to Costa Rica to heal myself, which I can’t do on the “capitalistic merry-go-round” anymore in the States.  Yes, I am humble … but far from stupid!!  I don’t envy anyone and I try to take care of MYSELF and my “loved ones”!  I keep it simple and HONEST!  I am ALWAYS representin’ for EVERYONE … unless you choose to be stupid!  Then, you’re on your own!!  You see, the people who “look for” hatred, racism and just have a judgmental attitude in general, are the real ignorant victims of these arrogant “politicians” who enjoy manipulating these “losers”!  Trust me, “they” don’t have to be “losers” … they just need to do some researching and soul searching …  Yep, that’s a TALL order, mofos, but you better start taking responsibility for your OWN behavior!  Even these “so-called” leaders …. or are they just LIARS?!? … don’t give a rancid crap about you and your families!

“… to thine own self be true …”

Enjoy your weekends, let’s step it up while we can.  The “roaches” are looking for a reason to come out of hiding!  Stand Tall for TRUTH!


John I. Cook, Director

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