In Search of Human Decency …

It’s Friday again!  How about a little “TGIF”, then, Baby?!?

Can I do or say that?  Nobody’s getting hurt by it, right?  In fact, some are even helped by it!!  What’s that?!  Gratitude!!  TGIF!  Stuff is going to happen … so … we may as well embrace “the good”, even if it is ONLY “the lesson” to be more careful!

Now, the insurrection at the Capitol on January 6th has so many levels of analysis, if you will.  Here’s one micro-level event that reflects the horror of the “underbelly” of the States:  An African American officer at the Capitol said, as he sobbed into his hands: “I was called the n-word like 18 times …”  Needless to say, he was just doing his job.  That is reflective of the state of depravity in interpersonal relations in American society.  Some people take ANY opportunity to hurl an insult in attempts to emotionally, psychologically, and mentally scar (not scare …) the “other” person.  It’s the same as an “elected official” who intentionally misleads a supporter whom the leader is manipulating a fear within while simultaneously knowing that the “supporter” will believe what his “leader” says … even if it’s a blatant LIE.  Is this “human decency”?!?

I recall the three months that I traveled through cities like Barcelona, Valencia … Hamburg and Prague … yes, then Amsterdam, Paris and back to Barcelona again in the summer of 2017.  Once people whom I met in a hostel or AirBnB in these cities knew that I was from the States, they ALWAYS asked: “How did you Americans elect #45 to be the president?!?  Have you Americans lost your minds?!?”  My answer was usually, “No, THEY lost their minds to a bully!”  Even right now with a clear open and shut case, bullied and frightened politicians can’t seem to find “the human decency” to represent “the people” … their constituents … rather than defend a “chronic creep”!  Damn shame!

As Billie Jean King said as she applauded her organization’s contributions:  “I feel sorry for the young people who inherited this mess …”  What about you?  Will you dare to sit down with a colleague or co-worker and discuss “the case for HUMAN DECENCY”?  Big words … especially for little minds and hearts!!  Grow up you damn adults in the political system in the States … and the rest of YOUSE!!  Don’t you feel any remorse?!?  Have you no HUMAN DECENCY!?  If they can’t … WE … the people … MUST!  There’s enough of us … methinks … to “fight the good fight”!

Be well, be aware … and BE DECENT!!


John I. Cook, Director

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