An “Alternate Fake Reality?!? Really?!”

It’s another fine Friday, Folks!  I have been rather pensive lately, arriving at one month in a new location in Puerto Viejo, and today being 15 years that my Mother expired …  That’s a reality that I’ve learned to live with, so … TGIF, then!

I had been keeping up with the election developments for president in the States!  What a “sitcom” with a new episode twice a day!  Oh MY GOD!!  Enough already!  I woke up early Friday … out of curiosity to see if Biden maintained his lead in the “battleground states”.  He has been and … “the people” even flipped Georgia to embrace Biden!!  Proof that while difficult to “hear or see” them, “AmeriCANS” are changing the direction of leadership in the country … thank God!!

It was fifteen years ago today and early in the morning when I took my last look at my Mother – Marietta Dolores Cook – in the form that she had held for 88 years!  It was a very difficult moment and time for me being the youngest “child” as I watched her struggle with Alzheimer’s Disease after having fallen in my sister’s house and suffered from a brain hemorrhage, according to the story my nephew told me on the phone when he called … Peace be still!!  My sister and I were not getting along for various reasons, yet she was the “caretaker” of my Mother who had helped my sister buy the house!  We still don’t speak to this day once I told her why I moved out of the country!!  I don’t like, nor appreciate … and it is very hard to tolerate … toxic dishonest phony people.  I stood “tall” as my Father had taught me while his wife, my Mother, struggled with her last breaths of life …  I wasn’t sure how I was going to handle things without her “unconditional love”.  But here I am today, retired and living abroad “happily” in Costa Rica … Puerto Viejo to be exact!  The third book, “Cookin’ With Life”, is dedicated to her and the many fine people who assisted me in getting to early retirement.  I just turned 66 in July … the same month that my Dad – “Big Ike” – was born!  I miss them both and carry their lessons and love in my heart each and every day …

I stick with my analysis of racism being a mental illness … self-induced at that!  So in my opinion, a racist has no excuses except that … the person is mentally ill and has established “the color” of another person’s skin as her/his compass of how that person should be treated!  Once “scrump” is gone, the real AmeriCANS can start healing the wounds that this “infantile” president has left on the nation and the world!  In fact, some of us who were misled can now reorient our “human compasses” to embrace each other.  In the words of John R. Lewis, “We’re better than this!”  Yes, yes, I am still concerned about “the States” as my grandson and only Child live there.  Both of my parents are buried there in New York, too!  So, I’ve got to be able to go back when I need to ….

In the meantime, I am hunkered down here in a new flat, much more convenient and private for me.  I can meditate even better here and have taken the option to partake in some physical fitness sessions with a young guy here.  While I am missing yoga a bit, I am more focused on my next projects – healing myself and … fixing my teeth!  I had a great appointment a few days ago with a local dentist when one of my front teeth fell out and into the toilet after years of my own dentistry (crazy glue!)!  I should be able to afford the treatment to restore my teeth once my last payment for self-publishing the book comes out of my bank account next month!  Onward and upward … with positive vibrations.  “Rid yourself of the fakeness!”


John I. Cook, Director

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