Remember . . . The Children!

Happy Friday, “Friends”!

I hope your weeks have been vibrant enough to allow you to do a warm “TGIF”!  So be it, then …TGIF!

Thursday morning I woke up in time to catch a segment on CBS News about how children … teens included … are handling the pandemic.  Their comments were different from the current occupant of The White House’s comments!  The segment demonstrated the anxiety the young people feel as well as even fear!!  Imagine …  The “children” … yours and mine … must inherit whatever we create for them.  I mean, think of your grandchildren!?  They are the future.  Let’s leave them something “decent” to inherit!!  Teachers and athletic coaches have become “life coaches” … out of necessity.  I remember when …

Many activists and leaders, including Barack H. Obama, have noticed the heightened interest in “social justice” of young people of ALL races in the spectrum.  These youth can see the problem of systemic racism as events of another “person of colour” being killed by law enforcement unfold before their eyes.  RIP Walter Wallace who suffered from bipolar disorder and was shot 14 times by two officers in Philadelphia as he wielded one knife.  His mother looked on, screaming in disbelief … peace be still.  The officers didn’t have body cameras nor tasers … just “deadly force”.  Could THIS be an opportunity to de-escalate or maybe shoot the suspect in the leg?!?  THIS is the type of reform and training needed in law enforcement!!  Needless to say, if the suspect had been in a “middle-class white American neighborhood”, I am sure the officers would have come prepared with tasers and body cameras!!  THIS is an illustration of systemic racism once again!

While some of us “old schoolers” may not see the necessity of such reforms … remember … the children are watching and reacting and feeling “hopeless” as they observe their world spin out of control!!  Look into your child’s face … embrace your grandchildren and feel the love they emanate as some of them still look to adults for leadership, direction, and protection, not to mention a “more fair” world for them to inherit!  Well, as the time for the election in the States approaches, be sure to VOTE and do your part!!  Remember … The Children!


John I. Cook, Director

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