No … It’s NOT Okay!!!

Yeah … it’s okay.  His “boys” are getting tired of him, too!  So, we can do this … TGIF!  Coddle a grown ignorant, arrogant, boastful bully?!?  I don’t think so!!  I mean, damn … he’s already thinking about pardoning HIMSELF?!?  Who does that?!?  A criminal!!  Did you actually vote for a perverted, racist, dishonest bully?!?  Who does THAT????

I’m not one of those teachers who says, “I told you so!”  I am a person who hopes that people pay attention to their mistakes … and then, correct them.  Of course, first, you have to admit that certain things are not okay!  Are “we” capable of that or have we been dumbed down so much that we think horrific stuff is okay?  Do you still believe that there is a “law and order” president in the White House today?!?  Oh yeah … he got you, too!  This is the kind of stuff that you can’t just “grin and bear” … a quarter of a million Americans have died on HIS watch and his priority is to recount the votes so he can wallow in the FACT that he lost!!!   This is a very mentally ill person … Like some of his fellow Republicans all said after the fact … “He’s not fit to lead the country!”  I say, “Lock HIM up!!”

So, these are not things that we can “toy” around with … our lives, the environment that we live in, our families and friends … geesh … our loved ones!  Do I have to remind “you” of THEM, too …  This character hasn’t mentioned the pandemic since he lost the election!!  What a selfish POS!!  Did you lose anyone in YOUR family yet?!?  I think that retired professional tennis player, Billie Jean King said it best: “Yes, Black lives matter … they have ALWAYS mattered! … We should use our platforms to inform people of the injustices in America …  Yes, it’s a lot that we are handing over to the younger generation to resolve …  I wish them well though I feel sorry for them sometimes …”  The Republican director of elections in Philadelphia said something shocking: “It’s amazing how many people just look for lies and conspiracy theories to believe in …”  He’s gotten death threats, too.  No, it’s not okay …

Former President Barack Hussein Obama has a new book out.  It’s about his eight years in the White House … another person who has gotten daily death threats!  I mean … some crazies want to “threaten” Dr. Fauci and his family!  You say it this time … “It’s not okay to threaten to kill people who don’t look like you or think like you … and live in the same country as you with the same needs as you!”  It does seem sometimes … that “politicians” have lost civility, respect for each other, and their missions to lead the American people …  I think back to the impeachment proceedings … Oh MY GOSH!!  One can’t “lead” anyone to anything beneficial without being respectful of EVERYTHING!

Do what you can … and then some … to make things right!  “A house divided will surely fall!”

Have a great day and a wonder-filled weekend!


John I. Cook, Director

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