Connecting to Your “True Self”

Happy Friday, All!

Whether you say it with me or not, it’s going DOWN!!  So, TGIF!  Make it a good one!!

Through my last years in the States before retiring abroad, I noticed that as long as I kept a positive attitude things would go well.  There was a pattern that I observed when challenges or obstacles would appear from nowhere!  If I kept a positive attitude with peace, love and respect in my approach to things, a positive result would be “created”.  Sometimes, I would be pleasantly surprised by the manner in which “The Universe” would unfold and provide me with the things I needed!  Sometimes, it was like magic!!

Since I have been living here in Puerto Viejo, I have experienced the “pros and cons” of being an “outsider” though I look like I am from here, so I have been told!!  A few nights ago … it was the full moon … I was at a gathering of friends and a guy approached me and had nothing but kind things to say.  Now we had spoken before and I am closer with his lady friend, but he caught me off guard in a most uplifting way!!  He complimented me on my kindness and genuine effort to meet and interact with “good people” here as well as telling me what a gentleman I have been with both he and his girlfriend. Shortly after that, another young gent approached me and asked me where I was from.  I told him and he said that his father was from the Bronx, NY and lives here now.  They are looking to do some filming and video shooting …  So he kind of repeated what my other friend, “Paolo” had said:  “You look like you are from here but when you speak and the manner in which you carry yourself, it’s clear that you are not from here!  I like the way you represent yourself …”  I smiled and thanked him and we exchanged numbers for only “The Universe” knows why!!

A friend and former colleague at a college I taught for in Ft. Lauderdale – City College – had some nice things to say to me on social media.  I was happily surprised as well!  She had worked in admissions before the school shut down for various reasons.  She had mentioned recently on social media that she had just gotten a new position in admissions for another university in Florida.  In her response to my well wishes in obtaining her new position, she said something like this:  “Thanks, John!  You have always inspired me and were a role model for me in working with and motivating the students!”  My jaw dropped as I pushed one tear back …  “Wow!”, I thought to myself.  “What a compliment!”

So, just remember this … “When they go low, we go high!”  – Michelle Obama

Connect with your true self!!


John I. Cook

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