“If the Shoe Fits, Wear It!”

Good Day, y’all. “Hey ya, hey ya, hey ya, hey yaaaa!”  Let’s do the TGIF thing, okay?! TGIF!

I hope that your weeks and days are flowing smoothly.  I was pleasantly surprised when I called the self-publishing company I used for my first two books yesterday.  I had “promised” myself to use the “stimulus check” to publish my third book.  It is dedicated to my Mother with a short “shout out” to a couple of people who helped out while and when I experienced successes and challenges as well as those who helped in putting the finished product together.  During my call yesterday, the representative I spoke with offered me a discount as a repeat author as well as to provide the option of perhaps two or three payments. THIS, too, is “how I roll” in my dedication to “give back” to the Universe that nourishes and guides me.  I fell into deep thought yesterday morning about my brother “Hank” aka Henry Charles Cook (RIP).  In talking with a friend yesterday, I realized how much my Father had endured and why he was so strict on me to “make” me internalize that “work ethic” and self-discipline.  Of course, I make it a point to “represent” the best of “my” people … the best of ALL people … in whatever I do!

My only grandchild – the Son of my only Child, Ayanna Lynne – will be 5 years of age in October.  I promised myself that I would fund a passport for him on his birthday.  I’m still on it!!  As I spend my last couple of weeks in “Casita Azul” with the kitchen roof still under repair, I am pulling together the energies of the Universe to “be the best that I can be”!  I am excited to be moving! I often stress how important it is to “know thyself” and to “be yourself”.  Of course, improvements are permitted!!  I write about things that I “see” in the world today and give an honest view of things, whether they involve me or “others”.  I simply offer MY perspective which “you” can disagree with or “grow” from, if interested.  Some folks don’t “like” that while others take the discussion as an opportunity to improve oneself and the “world” we live in!  Choose wisely . . .

In the meantime … enjoy the day and your weekends!  Follow the scientists, not the “fools”!  Stay safe in peace, respect, and love!


John I. Cook, Director

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