Can You Believe This Guy?!?

‘t is Friday . . . What say you?  Really … what should we do?  You want to start with a “TGIF” first?!  Cool then … TGIF!  We might need all of our positive energy to abate the negativity that emanates from the current occupant’s mouth and apparently evil spirit.

Not one officer was even charged (let the court decide … NOT “the state attorney general”  #sellout) in the murder of Breonna Taylor in Louisville!  Now, two different officers are recovering … yep, in Louisville … from gunshot wounds leveled by a “protester”(the suspect is in custody) while “armed vigilante militia” arrived and parked near the “peaceful,protesters”.  Of course, on the other side of the parking lot were supposed “armed” protesters” … last night in Louisville.  I might add here that the majority of the “peaceful protesters” were younger white youth!  Not only did “scrump” praise the state attorney general for NOT doing his job, but this character also won’t agree to leave the White House if and when he loses to Biden.  “Welcome to the USA!”  The country where Africans were brought to a land “the immigrants” stole from the Natives and had the Africans provide free labor for 400 years.  

When the rhetorical question has been posed to “the clown’s” cronies, they all have been conditioned to say that China is interfering more than Russia in the current election!!  Yet, one executive from Facebook observed that the biggest threat to “America” is the feuding American people themselves!!!  The whole world is watching as the “American Experiment” is being flushed down to nowhere by “the liar in chief”!!  Aren’t YOU proud to be an American?!?  The States are now on the verge of a “civil war”, especially in “open carry” of weapons domains/states.  And look at the “head clown”, continuing to sow his hateful seeds of divisiveness!!  Check yourself … especially when you vote in November!!

Well, “young folks” world-wide … hopefully you can see clearly what your options are because “the adults” are caught up in pursuing THEIR own demise.  Please vote wisely and help to save the planet from greed and stupidity.  “There’s enough for ALL of us to have fun!”  “We are ONE”!  Frankie Beverly and MAZE


John I. Cook, Director

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