“Which Way Is UP!”

Happy Friday, All!

I’m feeling it today ’cause I have to …  A cool “TGIF” works for me!!  What about you?

It’s always important for me to be open and honest … especially with myself!  Now, I have my “ups and downs” but I definitely know “which way is up”!  One thing I learned through those experiences is that if you can’t admit to YOURSELF that one is “down” … you can’t get up!  Be honest with “YOU” … to thine own self be true!

The month of May is always special for me.  My Mother’s birthday (RIP) is May 20th, 1917.  May is the month that also holds “Mother’s Day”.  So by the end of the month, I am a “mother”!  Just smile … don’t analyze it.  I honor my Mom, Marietta Dolores, with my life nowadays.  When she was on the “ropes” with “Alzheimer’s Disease”, I knew that there wasn’t much more time for her …  Interestingly enough while she struggled with the disease, her Creator, whom she chooses to call God, carried her through a “slip and fall” which caused a brain hemorrhage and she ultimately became comatose.  My Mom was living in my sister’s house receiving a “pension” set up by one of her employers in New York and my sister was in charge of her finances …  I was at my Mother’s side just moments before she succumbed to “death” as we know it.

My third book is dedicated to my Mother because she was “at my side” through thick and thin.  She and my Dad came to St. Paul’s School in Concord, NH for my graduation in 1972; she and Dad were also both there when I graduated from Princeton … thus the title of my first book, “From the Projects to Princeton”.  Most of you know that I have struggled with different “demons” surrounding substance abuse.  I was trying to be “good” but sometimes, I just lacked the proper judgment.  When I saw how negatively those episodes affected my Mom (and ME!!) I had to make a change …  (pushing back tears …)  I was there with her in hospice in Florida General in Ft. Lauderdale until she expired …

I was able to finally internalize her love for me and replaced my “lack” with her love!  THIS is the main reason why I embrace the “power of love” each day now.  Trust me, I know how to be “nasty” and keep my foes at a distance, but that doesn’t work for ME … I might get stuck there with all of the negativity swirling around the world today … especially the States.  I could’ve been Mr. Arbery … or any of the other African American males (and females at times!) who were killed by vigilantes or police officers …  I am so grateful today, that I am sure that my Creator is surrounding me with the love (if only from myself) I require at ALL TIMES … and I don’t worry about a thang!!

Living in Costa Rica is something that I had never thought about …  I had lived in Cali, Colombia, SA for 5 years and visited Ecuador.  These were places I had contemplated retiring in but not Costa Rica!  And look at what “found me” … a little Caribbean town called “Puerto Viejo”!!  I had never … I repeat … NEVER  imagined the simple life-style I enjoy here … for now!

As I witness the “extreme drama” in the States, I know why my Creator brought me here.  Thank you … 

Enjoy your weekends, stay safe, and healthy … mentally, too … and remember “which way is up”!


John I. Cook, Director

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