Freedom and Enlightenment

Happy Friday, All!

I don’t know about you but I know what I have to do … be grateful!! TGIF, Y’all!!

I’ve heard it said that “Americans have an interesting concept of freedom …”  Ponder that a bit.  Amendment 1 says basically “Freedom of speech” and the 2nd Amendment has transitioned from “Right to form militia” to “Right to bear arms”.  Now, through this “proverbial fear”, there are more “weapons/arms” in American homes than there are people.  Then, you hear a Senator say that Pres. Obama should “… keep his mouth shut …” about the pathetic handling of the pandemic by the current occupant of The White House!  Even the current White House Press Secretary is giving her ignorant analysis of what former Pres. Obama should or should not say!!  “My, my, my … that ignorance is contagious!”

Meanwhile, the current occupant feels free to say whatever he wants about anyone he wants!  And, if one disobeys or criticizes #45, “one” is ridiculed or FIRED!!  Democratic presidential behavior, right?!?  Now, you have a clearly deranged and racist individual, which whenever it wants touts some racist sh@t!  Now, you can decorate that type of thinking, but I won’t!  You may need excuses for a grown a$$ man but “other” people have lives given to “them” by their Creator, call it what you wish, that “should not be” subject to any other human’s control.  If so, we have broken the “divine order” … call it what you will, again and again until we have a “spiritually” impoverished world!!

I have learned to meditate on different high-frequency concepts like “love” and “peace”, cooperation and harmony … mutual respect, even!  “Life” is a precious gift that nobody I know of other than my parents and their “love” for each other, plus my Creator gave to me, that I should not let anyone take away from me!  Be enlightened enough to know your divine “place” in the Universe and carry on with that divinity!  Some less enlightened “humans” may come along and try to “use” you, rather than “love” you, which is your “divine” right bestowed upon “you” by your Creator!  That probably is a challenging thought for our “programmed” minds which REQUIRES “enlightenment” to understand and carry out!

In closing, I must say that I appreciate the “love and respect” that I was shown on my late Mother’s birthday, May 20th!  It was so beautiful for me to see and feel the unconditional love shown by those who know the treasured relationship I still have with my Mom!  Thank You!  I try to “KISS” (keep it simple, stupid) and follow my “GOD” (Good Orderly Direction) and spread the “love”!  I got those acronyms when I twice attended a “30-day program” of the “Alcoholics Anonymous” program at “ARC” (Addiction Recovery Corporation) in Yorktown Heights, New York.  I asked for help while I taught and struggled to save a marriage.  I “saved” myself instead.  What chooseth you?!?

Have a wonder-filled weekend!


John I. Cook. Director

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