“Just Because I Can!”

It’s Friday again, thank Creation and ALL the elements included!  Each of “us” is included …  Every life … and every death … all part of an enormous equation that we can’t fathom just yet!  Then, “TCIF”?!  Or is “TGIF” still cool!?  Pick any one … just be grateful.

It’s so hard to imagine … though we’ve ALL seen stuff like this in the USA … unarmed men of African descent killed in cold blood in the “land of the free, home of the brave”.  (Drop to a knee in protest of the fallacy of this statement …)  Why would someone  … several someones in both cases … stoop so low as to do something so deadly, and then … justify it with complete bull crap!?  Is this the “new America”?  Do these kinds of people … ex law-enforcement officer in the case in Georgia “protecting” his son who had pulled a shotgun on a jogger that was running on “their street” … actually believe that they can do this type of stuff?!  Wtf!!  When the jogger was about to take the shotgun away from the ex-officer’s son who had followed him for a distance … the father shot the jogger in cold blood!  No one was arrested until a few days ago though the incident occurred February 23rd, 2020 … another innocent man killed due to racial hostilities.  MAGA?!?!  WTF!!?  Now, what about the unarmed brother in a Michigan Dollar Store who worked as a security guard and simply asked the “customers” to wear the required face masks?!  The “customers” argued with the well- built unarmed “brother”, left the store, and returned to … shoot and kill another unarmed man of color!!!

Okay, let’s leave “the color game” for a minute …  Why would a nation’s “leader” forbid or prohibit an infectious disease specialist from informing the lower house of Congress and “we the people” of the status of a pandemic in the same country we (they) ALL live in?  Again, because they can!!  Have “we” had enough of these low-level energy-wasting activities that only hasten and ensure the collapse of human civilizations?!?  How do you use YOUR energies!??  I simply try to keep my energy on high-level values – love, harmony, peace, collaboration … even tolerance!  But to listen to various “characters” repeat:  “Everybody can get tested!  Everybody will have a ventilator if needed!  There’s millions of PPE and testing equipment!  Millions!” … is getting to be a bit much, heh!?!!  The “president” even tried to silence a nurse who spoke of her challenges with her OWN PPE!!!

Now, I’m not claiming to be “John the Baptist” and those of you who “know” me and have seen and helped me when I asked for it also know that I’ve been “down” …  But I still want to be “the best that I can be” … because I CAN!  But take a look at what some leaders around the world and now so-called leaders in American “democracy” are doing … because they CAN!!?

I was honored on social media (FB) by a student that I had taught at White Plains High School (Paula Wilson) alongside of another African American teacher Ms. Sharon Greene with a tribute for “Teacher Appreciation Week”.  I thought about all the challenges that I’ve had in my life.  Sometimes, I don’t “feel” worthy of such an honor.  Then, I remember all that I endured getting through those challenges!  I suddenly feel “worthy”, especially since I’m here telling you about it … because I CAN!  And I am a 65 years of age African American man!!  “More to come!”

The assault on the “truth” in America continues as these characters of the current administration attempt to re-write history as we watch!  We can’t “dumb down” and let that crap take place!!  Please vote wisely, folks!  Shucks, I am about to send off the request for my mail-in ballot for November 2020!  Again, because I can!!  Can YOU??

Enjoy your weekends by lifting each other up!!


John I. Cook, Director

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