“What Day Is It? Friday?!?”

Happy Friday . . . yes, I dared to say it! And TGIF, too!

If you all are feeling anything like me, you’re probably learning to understand how happiness is often very elusive: just when you think you “have” it … you don’t!  It’ll find it’s way to you when you’re least expecting it.  Perhaps, that’s when you actually have “earned” it!

Here of late, I’ve been feeling kind of “mystical”, as my basketball buddies from Cali, Colombia, SA used to say when I wasn’t “quite all there” back in 1995!  I woke up early this past Wednesday morning to meditate on “nature” as I have learned to do for part of my “healing”.  If you haven’t figured it out, if you’re interested, “society” as we know it takes a toll on you!  It did on me, but, maybe you’re “different”!  As I meditated Wednesday morning, I had thoughts and warm memories of when my mother, Marietta, came to visit me in Cali during the Easter of ’94!  We had a blast for a whole week in “Valle de Cauca”, Colombia!  Next, I remembered when my “only child” was born on April 12th, 1982.  Ayanna Lynne was a “honeymoon” baby!!  In fact, those two have often been important “motivators” for me in my life … still to this day!  I use to call them “Big and Little Pumpkin” whenever we all would be together – fond memories …

So, this is a Happy 38th Birthday “message” to my only biological child!  We’ve had our ups and downs yet we’ve both hung in there since the separation and ultimate divorce when she was only 2 …  I take responsibility for my part of that “challenge” and continue to put my best foot forward.  Happy Birthday, “Li’l Pumpkin”!

Now, I won’t spend any time ruining an otherwise happy Friday by talking about world affairs.  If you’re staying home like me and probably watching the various brainwashing sessions on tv conducted by this administration, which actually teeter on “campaign rallies”, you already know what I’m talking about.  Let’s use this time, like the company Alibaba and give back to the universe in PPE; or, like a Vietnamese company that shifted their manufacturing to make ventilators for the world.  You see, some countries actually “get it” … we are one planet, just a smidgen of the universe.  Stay well!


John I. Cook. Director

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