Human vs. Nature

Happy Friday, I still say though tongue in cheek!  So, TGIF, then!

How’re “we” holding up?!  Each morning, I just count my blessings for what I DON’T have to do!  If I were in Ft. Lauderdale, I would either be renting a room in someone’s trailer home, renting a “convertible sofa bed” in the living room in someone’s 2 bedroom apartment in a gated community … Or, rent a bed in a hostel complete with 3 bunk beds in EACH of 2 rooms!  All for a wonderful “high price” of $600.00/month!  (The hostel bunk bed comes complete with a racist Chihuahua and drunken-drugged out suite mates who work at “the Marina”!)  Take your pick!!  NOT!!  Those are accurate descriptions of places that I actually stayed and could afford in Ft. Lauderdale WITHOUT working and living ONLY on my pensions.  That’s how I lived for the last year or so before I traveled to Barcelona in search of a retirement “home”!!  So right about now, I’m good!  No busses, no Uber … NO DRAMA!

I had a massage Wednesday and am going to yoga this morning.  Quarantine is easy for me because I don’t have to ask people to go home!!  I mean, I am not LOOKING for friends … been there, done that and got accused of a lot of crap!!  I am cool by myself.  No drama, no lies … no “I forgot to tell you whys!!”  It’s a great time to “drop-down and give me 20” or roll between the bed and sofa/bed in the bedroom!  In other words, I am learning how to enjoy my retirement “healing” and feeling good about myself … by myself.  It’s so funny how I kind of “fit in” here in Puerto Viejo.  Yesterday, as I took a stroll to “Old Harbor”, the local market with some of the most attentive staff, I passed by a house of a few young brothers with whom I’ve become acquaintances.  “Abuelo!  Abueeelo!” yelled the three kids!  I had to smile and yell back “Hola!” upon realizing that they were talking to me!!  Such is life!!  It’s a beautiful one!!

Those of us who may have studied psychology a bit may recall the “nature vs. nurture (environment)” issue and their individual impact on human development.  After contemplating this dichotomy several years back, I came to the conclusion that BOTH have a tremendous impact on human development.  Now, enter the struggle between “nature vs. human” … which is more “powerful, intelligent, and omnipresent”?!?  What??  I can’t hear you?!?  Another no brainer, right.  I am not “sure” of what is happening “out here”, but EACH time I see these “world leaders” jumping on and off airplanes and walking across “the red carpets” of the world . . . while the “people” seem to suffer more and more under tyrannical rule … my heart sinks!  Does anyone remember when the “leader” of India invited the “leader” of the USA recently to visit?!?  The Indian people were instructed to build “mud walls” to cover up the poverty-stricken areas around the stadium where the “two roosters” strutted, stroked and “hailed” each other.  NOW look …   So in case you can’t tell, we’ve ALL been “bamboozled”.  “Come Together … Right Now!”, people.

Do what you can to make a “positive” difference.  Many of “us” will get through this … some of us won’t …


John I. Cook, Director

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