Is THIS What It Boils Down To?!?

Yes, yes, y’all!  It’s Friday again!  Let’s do a TGIF for the team!  TGIF, then!!

I get a little corny sometimes, I know!  Shucks, I even get a little crazy sometimes . . . but it’s a “happy” corny and a “happy” crazy!  “We don’t want no problems, we just want to have a party”!  – Wande Coal!  I wish some folks had a sense of humor, maybe even a touch of class, too!

Well, most “world leaders” are looking the same – somewhat irresponsible, except for … pardon me … the women leaders of Europe!  Don’t go mincing my words now, but they don’t seem as “uncaring”, dishonest and braggadocious like some of these so-called “men”!  I mean, how often have you seen a “health crisis update” turn in to a darn political party rally?!?!  I know … NEVER!  When have you been “talked to” by a person who NEVER allows you to finish your question?!?  I personally will not deal with those kinds of people!!  Now … place that person at the “head” of your country, city, or team … and … “We’ve got a problem, Houston!”

For me, it boils down to this in one front:  Some scientists, I use that term “loosely”, were analyzing bats in a secret laboratory in Wuhan, China!  Why?!?  I don’t know … but maybe “chemical/biological warfare” experimentation went wrong!!  That’s enough “evil” right there to shut them down!  Two quick observations of statements: 1) there were no bats at the wet market just blocks away from the lab in Wuhan that some American scientists got to visit, and 2) several Chinese scientists tried to “sound the alarm” … but were silenced!!  One was even “allowed” to die!!  “How do you like them apples?!?”

No, I am not a “conspiracy theorist” but I did hear about a story (fiction) written about a laboratory in Wuhan, China that was performing experimentation on bats!!  I have seen the “copy cat” syndrome enacted before but this is extremely incredible …  Is there anyone or anything else that seems incredible “around” here, on our Planet?!?

So, in case you haven’t noticed, “we” are destroying ourselves!!  Some “humans” are so ignorant that they want to “get back to work” before the proper mechanisms are in place!  That will clearly expedite the extinction process!!  Is THIS what “you” feel you deserve?!?  Come on now … WAKE UP!

Okay, I climbed down off of my “soapbox” … and before I go I just want to tell youse I love you …


John I. Cook, Director

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