“Got Balance?”

Happy Friday, All!

Can “we” put a little T.G.I.F. in our lives … maybe?!?  You know there are a bunch of “lunatics” running the main countries of the world today!!  Crazy “mofos”! Imagine how some of these “people” came to power!!  Lies, bribery, death threats and assassination/murder!  How “democratic” … NOT.  In the States, it appears that the concept of “democratic government” is being put to the test.  As it was stated during the hearing of Mr. Mueller, the president was NOT exonerated and his entourage of family and friends who were GIVEN security clearances by the “perpetrator” himself, were in contact with Russian “thugs” over 125 times during the campaign!  Scrump is ready to take more information from hostile foreign governments AGAIN!  As I watch people rally around a perfectly insane creature, my heart breaks for them ….

THIS is where stuff like meditation, yoga, stretching, deep breathing, and positive thinking come into play … for me!  My birthday just passed and it was (still is, by the way, as I continue to celebrate the month of July) a very “balanced” one.  I didn’t plan anything … and everything turned out just right!  Now, of course, I planned the basics, to wake up, wash up, eat and “look nice” … but everything else just fell into place!  “Pura Vida” and good vibrations.  Of course, “the haters” continued to try to upset my balance … because “they” have NONE … but that’s to be expected from “struggling souls” and “spirits”.  When I can’t “control” the environment outside of my body, my temple … I am sure to “control” my spirit, even when aroused and disrespected by “fledgling souls” who are hell-bent on disturbing “the peace” … MY peace!!

When I learned how much MONEY the “Scrump Organization/Gang” have been amassing while “it” is still in office, I cringed!  Freaking “Scrump Towers” everywhere!  If “we” didn’t hear Mr. Mueller, yes … worn and run down because he had to conduct an investigation into “tampering” with the election in multiple ways, from “bots” and fake accounts to pure lies and treason, “we”must be deaf and want to be stupid.  If you think that he, not to mention the four women of color in the United States Congress and their families, has NOT been receiving “death threats” from the supporters of this heinous administration, you don’t know how “Scrump” works.  When … I said WHEN have you seen SO MUCH criminal activity surrounding a president, from grabbing “private places” of women to paying off prostitutes (I feel sorry for his wife!) to ignoring historical facts like “Frederick Douglass is Dead” to out and out lying to the very people he is supposed to be representing.  Why doesn’t the US just wise up and make the popular vote numbers the deciding factor in who becomes the leader of a once “so-called” Democratic nation!?  There is no darn balance … people are all over the place doing as “scrump” says “… anything I want”!  I thought those people were called “dictators”!!  Maybe “scrump” didn’t study that in history class either!

While the world spins out of control, may we each stay balanced … doing the right things … the enlightened things … the things that may help sustain “humanity” …

Peace and Blessings,

John I. Cook, Director

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