I’m Not Too Surprised . . .

Happy Friday, All!

I hope your week has been “Pura Vida”!  So, T.G.I.F.!

Hey … did y’all hear about “The Nixon-Reagan Tapes”?!?  I mean, the context of the conversation about newly-elected African leaders being “monkeys” and “still getting used to wearing shoes” clearly renders the remarks “racist” (denying someone dignity due to their race …).  I won’t waste time discussing it ’cause I am not too surprised.  I have said some “harsh sh@t” about a person who had shown me their true racist colors, perhaps behind their back as I don’t go looking for someone when they’ve disrespected me in some way.  Yet, I am one who would say the same in “their” face if that’s what they need to come to grips with my reality!

Have you ever given someone too much “credit” or respect, and then later realized that they didn’t really deserve the amount of respect you had given them … because that’s just the way you are?!?  I know the feeling!  I often wonder how many people who voted for #45 actually regret it now.  I hope that you wised up, if possible.  You don’t have to tell anybody, but this character is being ridiculed NOW even by other republicans including “old white men” … I get so sick of the political party game!

This post is coming out a little later than usual because I live in the Caribbean, Baby, Puerto Viejo to be exact!  The Internet was out since last night.  Shucks, yesterday afternoon the water was shut off in the neighborhood, sometimes called “the grid”.  So, I had to just wait, imagine that, WAIT until the internet was restored after close to 15 hours more or less.  Same with the water sometimes but for less time. People here have told me that here in Puerto Viejo maybe 20 years ago, there were ONLY internet cafes!!  Sometimes, not only were those cafes overcrowded but often had no internet access when open, which was maybe three times a week!  They said back then, it was REALLY “the jungle”!  So, that’s why this communication is going out now.  

I just saw a breaking news report that Congressional Rep. (D) Mr. Cummings’ home was robbed in Baltimore last night or yesterday.  The president’s response was “Too Bad!”.  I mean … this guy acts like a classless leader with a childish behavior unbecoming of a president of the United States of America … or even a high school class president!!  Damn “scrump”!  I wouldn’t doubt, though not suggesting it, that he and/or his family may have paid someone to rob Mr. Cummings’ home.  I wouldn’t doubt that he and Jared are that kind of “dirty”.

You know, I am going to close this with a simple perhaps too general “generalization”, that “racism” is a mental illness.  I researched the topic a bit from a psychological perspective, and, if you think about it as I did, you might agree that it “works” for people who have low self-esteem to have someone “else” that they can appear … important word … to be more accomplished than and can look down upon …  It’s a sad thing that I have seen over and over, I study stuff and people like this.  My “space” is just that important to me nowadays that I choose NOT to have it invaded by lesser positive energy “spirits” who may be seeking to distract me from my enlightened goals in life.  

So, while I am not too surprised at the “socio-political climate” in the States, with an insulting role model in the form of a president, it does sadden me to see adults blindly following a full-fledged fool!  Pray for enlightenment.


John I. Cook, Director

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