We STILL Can’t Breathe!

Let’s make it a Happy Friday, y’all!  

“If you want something done right, sometimes, you have to do it yourself!”  So, let’s get off our collective “butts”, come together and rid the world of one of the most deceptive, lying, low-class people EVER!  Start with a “T.G.I.F.”, if you will!

If we … “people in general” … don’t know what, “Send her back!” means and ALL but insinuates that one is not wanted, respected, nor appreciated “here”, wherever that is, humanity is in sad shape!  Comments like this are simple to understand, even for a buffoon … especially the cowardly type.  It’s simple, the way I like to keep stuff, scrump is trying … nearly successfully so … to CHANGE the United States of America into a totalitarian dictatorship, an oligarchy of sorts, with HIS own family lurking in the ranks to “seize the spoils” of a pending civil war … just like in Libya … 

How can someone scream at the top of one’s hate-filled lungs with an extra dose of “greed” on the side that another person, elected to a seat in Congress, against all of the odds of being a woman of color … that “they hate this country”?!  This “alien’s” lies have gotten so personal that the House of Representatives had to take a vote to censor (condemn) some of the character’s “tweets”!  Now, everyone is on “Twitter” as part of the American Democratic process, “trashing” each other!!!  “Politics”, as former British PM, Theresa May said, “have become rancor!”  It is no longer a “classy” profession even in the good ole United States!!  Now, the leadership is disguising his campaign slogan, “Send them back!”, as something that is “political” in the lowest sense of the word!!  THIS is what happens when a person who doesn’t even know the history of the country he is supposed to be leading … attempts to lead a country … and a democratic one at that!!

The “social media” waves are manifesting themselves in “shouting” ralliers with poison passion in their veins – racism!  Now, I know that some of my thinking and writing “charge” us to “be the best that we can be” and that is an optimistic wish of mine … and others, I am sure.  Yet, when I watch a “crowd” get caught up in chanting some negative crap … I am thinking if one could replace the “negative” words with some positive ones, like, “We are ONE!”  We now have world leaders who are so greedy, corrupt, power-hungry and “classless”, that it is going to take a world-wide “Love Revolution” to change the vibrations prevalent in the world today!  I can’t even begin to imagine what it must be like in the “Gulf of Hormuz” with drones, shipping containers … and now battleships looming around every bend!!  It’s like humanity has lost its soul!  Look at your loved ones, hold your grandchildren, kiss your partners and love one another!  This is probably the ONLY way to overcome this … some plain old “hippy style” LOVE!  “Try IT … you just might like it!”  Besides, we’ve tried everything else!!

Peace and Blessings,

John I. Cook, Director

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