How to Slow Roast a Home Grown Demagogue

Obama Roasts Trump


Happy Friday, All!

Let’s ALL give it up with a hearty “T.G.I.F.”!!!

How did you like the speech given by President Barack Hussein Obama Wednesday night in Philadelphia?!?  Well, it was “off the chain”, as he intellectually dismantled the Republican Party’s candidate for president as well as his ideas in which he clearly treats the American people as those who need “direction” and “a ruler” … a demagogue in short … even though we are a democracy … with leadership ” … of the people, by the people and for the people”!!  There were even chants of “Four More Years!” as he spoke!  Obama also acknowledged the tremendous following created by Bernie Sanders and applauded his “organizers” for building such an incredible following for Mr. Sanders!  Impressive, indeed … Obama was laser focused and chose all the right words for this moment in history!  Thank you, POTUS!

Most of the people who had a chance to discredit the “Tom-foolery” of Trump did so with style!  Joe Biden also delivered a heart-felt message about what he observed in his time working with Hillary in her position as Secretary of State even though the e-mail scandal had become a major talking point in the Republican Party’s attempt to discredit her even though from my reading and limited research, it appears that she was not the only person in recent political history who had used their personal e-mails while in office.  It seems that this was a tremendous effort to discredit Hillary Clinton as she takes the helm of the Democratic Party going into this next presidential election.   While Trump had taken his cheapest shots at Clinton especially when calling her “crooked Hillary”, as if HE has never done anything “crooked” when filing multiple bankruptcies, the POTUS and his administration took turns “roasting” the big-mouthed braggart!!!   If anyone does vote for Donald Trump, it is not because that person thinks that Trump would do a decent job or even knows what to do as POTUS!!  In my opinion, as well as many many others, including New York’s Michael Bloomberg when he spoke in support of Hillary, it was easy to highlight Hillary’s experience in “politics” while indicating Trump’s lack of knowledge of world affairs, not to mention his bias, racist remarks and attitude as he seeks to divide the people of these United States of America.  It is as if he, and his supporters, have a set of blinders on coupled with their “selective hearing/reasoning”!

Now, most of you know that I don’t usually like to talk about the dreaded politics of this nation, clearly now propelled by special interests groups wielding money as opposed to the values that once defined America … shallow as they seem sometimes … Trump is clueless!  Slow roast his a$$ … and as Obama said, “Don’t boo, vote!”  Enjoy your weekends, folks!  Don’t let hate divide us … recognize our similarities!


John I. Cook, Director

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