I Had To See This One For Myself

learn from mistakes


It’s Tuesday … and the night after what was for me, an historic opening of the Democratic Convention.  There were some impeccable speakers indeed.  Michelle Obama, Bernie Sanders and the points they raised, not to mention the near perfect explanation by Elizabeth Warren, I believe, of how “segregation” was used by the “rich and powerful” to keep the poor whites of the South thinking …. ” Well, at least we are white and better than the Negro!”

Bernie Sanders was received in such an incredible way that it was clear how close he came, if not even would’ve won, had it not been for the scandal surrounding e-mails of Florida’s Debbie Wasserman-Schultz possibly discrediting Sanders!  Even some of the commentaries indicated a strong following for Bernie and even belief, by one that Bernie was the more popular of the people than Hillary.  What can you say … the process ran its course.  Yet, I was proud for Bernie … and sad at the same time since he didn’t win … of how he stood his ground, defending his positions, and even included Hillary in on several of his major issues, like free education at local colleges for everyone!!  While his “revolution”, which we need badly in this country to redistribute wealth and power and refocus our efforts on the American people (rather than block proposed legislation just because it came from the Obama administration, whether good or not so good), may be taking the back burner for now, but as he said:  “It will continue!”

Michelle Obama spoke like the polished, well informed, charismatic and “people focused” person that she is!  She literally brought the house down!  It was a great effort done by ALL to set the stage for Hillary, whom I pray can stand up to Big Pharma and Wall Street as many speakers suggested in their speeches for the Democratic Party.  I said this before, and I’ll say it again, if it were not for the fact that Hillary is a woman, she would simply be for me “the lesser of two evils”, though I do think her experience by far surpasses any buffoonery that Trump could muster that might resemble an experienced leader “of the people, by the people and for the people!”

I saw it for myself … did you?!?  I prefer not to be one of those people that functions based on hear say, though there are many areas in which I lack knowledge.  Whoever votes for Trump must definitely be a psychological “basket case” who is not only ignorant of what Trump “has no plans to do anything about”, but are motivated by fear, racism, division and stupidity!  Woe is “you”!  There is more to come for the DNC with Bill planning to speak tonight and Hillary herself later this week, that I still have to see for myself!


John I. Cook, Director

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