“I’ve Got To Get Through This!”

God will help


It’s Tuesday …

By now, I should be well on my way to an interview for a debt settlement analyst/customer service position in the lovely city of Plantation, Florida!  I remember the first time I heard that name, as that is where my buddy from Highlands Jr. High School lived when I first met up with him at the American Airlines Arena one night when I was at an NBA game there with good church friends who had an extra ticket.  I am going anyway, especially since it is not worse than the image Davie, FL has where you can find an occasional Confederate flag on a truck or even a trailer!  I used to do debt settlement so I am going to check it out.  I also sent a resume to a charter school here in Sunrise, FL as well as completed some on-line assessments and application for employment with a company at the airports both in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale.

Now, in case you didn’t know, I got laid off on Friday, the same day that an assignment that our small team was assigned was completed.  Now, usually I can understand how things are done and why things are done on “exit interviews” and stuff.  But this situation was really weird … and personal.  I knew that the company which is a call center for health related products and services has depended on diabetic supplies and pain cream leads which were generated for pharmacies.  Management used to have a contract with a compound pain cream pharmacy out of Montreal … but … apparently they messed up … and lost the contract.  I was doing quality assurance at that time for the leads generated until that pharmacy closed its doors on United Marketing Group, which changed names to Precision Healthcare after I heard that managers had gotten into some legal trouble in Boca Raton, FL.  This is a long “call center” saga so I am going to try to keep it simple!

I worked for a company in Boca Raton previously where this Human Resources person was the “head of quality assurance” and I was an agent.  He couldn’t sell anything so the middle manager, now the CEO of this “newer” call center, promoted him from the sales floor where I had been for two years before he even came to work there to head of quality assurance, as they had high turnover for “qa directors”.  We worked together once I had gotten promoted to a “qa” agent until the company, which was run like an illegal call center – not paying taxes, not offering insurance, having unlicensed sales reps, and so on – had to close down!  The current “hr” guy was the head of qa there … and upon hearing the bad news, he cried like a baby.  He had never experienced what I have experienced being let go from a job.  Many friends commented that this is “a blessing in disguise” forcing me to move on and find better employment perhaps not in a call center like this one.  I have an interview this morning and applied to two other positions.  I will keep you posted, if you care.

A few friends have come through like soldiers for me and I wanted to mention John Henry Low, co-classmate from St.Paul’s and Princeton, and thank him for helping me get through a previous change as well as this one.  Thank you sir.  One other good friend who came through is a former student from White Plains High School, Kelvin Carey, who also sent some emergency funds over the weekend.  You guys won’t be disappointed as I must get things moving again … like NOW!  I have got to get through this …


John I. Cook, Director

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