“Happy Thanksgiving, Pilgrims!”

Happiest of Thanksgivings


It’s Hump Day, yeahhh!!
Yes, it’s about to go down … Thanksgiving Style!!  I try not to think back too much to the story of the “Pilgrims and the Native Americans”, which have gotten more interpretations than the Bible!  One thing we can be sure of, is that the Native Americans here in North America were genuinely hospitable … and were clearly taken advantage of, over-powered and had “the land” that they lived on taken away by the “settlers from Europe” who sought to establish colonies to further their interest in expanding “joint stock companies” in the Americas.  The slave trade was in integral part of the “Triangular Trade”, and, colonists sought to add tobacco to the equation of how to build more wealth … from the land!!

The concept of land ownership often bothers me for various reasons.  Between the parking tickets I have gotten where Police Departments of different cities claim to “own” the land that your car is parked on and you have to PAY to park YOUR car on THEIR land, and the presence of officers  nearly everywhere, I don’t know which one makes me more nervous!!!  We all know the concept of “nationalism” and how it shaped the expansion of Western Europe into their colonies world-wide.  It was like a competition, especially in North America, where part of the “13 Colonies” were occupied by French explorers, Spanish explorers and the British whose colonization ultimately was predominant in the USA.  What happened to the Native Americans who welcomed the likes of Italian explorer Columbus and the first settlers in Jamestown from England?  You can well tell what happened to them … disease brought to them, massacres and tribes destroyed through superior weaponry and alcohol.  Remember now, the first “Amerinds” said to be from what we call the Bahamas today, were carried over the ocean to serve as servants to the Spanish elite and got sick, got cold from the climate … and died!  Those left here were hustled on to reservations!!!  Believe it … or not!
So, it is at this point that I really want to say “Thank You” to so many of you who read these e-mails and blog posts, and have come to my aide many many times when life had thrown me a few curve balls … back to back!  My goal most often is to sensitize us or not let us forget certain things that I think get “swept under” the politically correct “rug” far too often!  Yet, simultaneously to my commentary of the origins of Thanksgiving, I want to wish everyone everywhere … where ever this e-mail may go … a very Happy Thanksgiving … American Style!

John I. Cook, Director

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