“As The World Turns . . .”

As the world turns


Happy Friday, All!

Can we purse our lips to say, “T.G.I.F.” today?!?  We just need to say a “Thank You!” EVERYDAY to our Creator.  Have you taken a look around the world today?!?  It is pretty frightening indeed!!  This is what I was alluding to on Veteran’s Day … that the USA (and others) have some of the best “weapons” to fight with today … sad as it may sound … because the ultimate goal of “weaponry” is destruction!!  Is that what makes “The World Turn” today?!?
Well, my daughter Ayanna Lynne recently had a baby boy, Caleb Isaac.  As well, yesterday, they held a funeral for her great grandmother, Ida, who passed from a cardiac arrest after falling and breaking her shoulder and her hip!  So, as the old African American folklore has it, “one comes … and one goes” … peace be still …
As we look around the world with ISIS literally causing and wreaking havoc all over the world, and recently, they have leveled threats at the USA’s well known New York City … it is hard for one to be comfortable!  Must we live in a world where we have to look over our shoulders in our own neighborhoods?  In our own cities?  In our own country?  What do we really “own”?  Is it ours to keep?  I wonder about that concept sometimes … ownership.  Putin of Russia has vowed to get back at ISIS and has been dropping bombs “left and right” in an effort to wipe them out!  French military strength is coming out in full force as well, in retaliation for the extremely unnecessary and harmful attacks there in Paris last weekend!
Back when I was a youngster, there was a television show called, “As The World Turns”.  It was a very popular “soap opera” that came on in the afternoons.  Even my mother used to watch it as she did house chores … either at our home or at her clients’s homes.  Today, we have a much more serious human condition at hand.  Does it appear that we won’t be satisfied until we … I use that term loosely … destroy ourselves?!?  Have you noticed that tendency amongst humanity nowadays?!?  It does frighten me as well.  Yet, I choose to be at peace with the universe … while I can.
Enjoy your weekends …
John I. Cook


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