“Giving Tuesday”!

giving tuesday


Yes, it is not just any Tuesday, y’all!  This is GIVING TUESDAY!  What on Earth could that mean?!?  “You all are gonna learn today!!!”
But before I talk about that, I would like to give “kudos” to the people of Baltimore who kept fighting to get justice for another unarmed African American male, Freddie Gray, who was killed at the hands of several police officers!  I mean, these officers chased Mr. Gray, just like bullies would chase a helpless child down the hallways of a school, and began to beat him in plain sight!!  The interesting component of these crimes is that the officers were not only “white”, but hispanic and yes …. black!!!  This tells us that in our society that even “black” officers tend to forget who they are and what they are doing to a fellow African American male!!  Yet, Monday marked the opening of the trial for the first officer to face charges in the death of Mr. Gray!!  It was said that this officer drove the van erratically while Mr. Gray was in the back of the prisoner transport van and had NOT even been arrested … nor properly secured!  He was complaining of pains as he was literally thrown into the back of the van and probably was suffering from an injured spine THEN after he was beaten by all five or six officers after they caught up with him!!!  Mr. Gray was also NOT secured, as is required by police procedure when transporting a “prisoner”.  Mr. Gray was a hostage, in fact, and was NEVER charged with anything!!  Lock them ALL up in J.A.I.L. and charge them with murder!  Next officer …. STAND UP!!!  Thank you, State Attorney Mosby for making these “bullies” stand trial!  A “hero” ain’t a “hero” just because he or she wears a blue uniform with a badge and carries a gun.  Don’t forget the officer who had been stealing money and tried to stage his own murder, again claiming it was “black men” who had killed him!!!  He wore “blue”, too!
So, what is “Giving Tuesday”???  It comes on the heels of “Black Friday” …. geeesh, what a name, huh … and just a bit after Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday.  One announcer on a radio station here in SoFlo said: “Imagine, all the kids with their families sitting around the table having Thanksgiving dinner and their parents teaching them to “give thanks” … Then, the sun goes down, the sun comes up and those SAME parents are at the mall …. beating the crap out of each other to get a bargain on something material!!  (Hopefully, the parents left the kids at home!!)  So, “Giving Tuesday” is designed to offset the violence and avarice normally associated with Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Holiday shopping.  It has become a day to celebrate “the spirit of giving” to local charities, non-profit organizations, and … giving to people in need … like a neighbor or a friend who has fallen on hard times.  Many folks are like myself, who try to stay afloat with a philanthropic/humanitarian service like the blog and e-mails for Educational Excellence.  It is not easy … and of course, I would like to take this time to thank many of you … over and over … for helping keep ME and EE afloat all these years!!  You all truly embrace the spirit of “Giving Tuesday”.
See what you can do, check how you feel … and check your checkbook, too!  One should ONLY give if one can “afford” to do it … while many of different faiths believe that ” … it is in the giving, that one finds grace!”  Have a great first day of December, last month of 2015 … and a splendid “Giving Tuesday”!!  It is the FIRST of its kind … how about YOU!?

John I. Cook, Director

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