Tennis Professional Blake Calls for Cop’s Badge

tennis blake

It’s Monday, y’all!  I’ve got a lot on my mind!!  What about you?!?

Lately, there’s been some attempts by “people” and “the media” to criticize the “Black Lives Matter” movement.  One friend told me he heard some say “Blue Lives Matter” as well as what we have all heard, “All Lives Matter”!  Sure, I would agree.  But “those who do not know their history are destined to repeat it!”  So, keep in mind, naysayers, “all lives” were not enslaved in this country and forbidden to read, write … and then vote.  I’ve never heard of no “Blue” mofos though it is catchy and funny … and ridiculous at the same time … being lynched and hanging from trees!  Maybe someone should have mentioned that to the New York City undercover cop (transient from Florida) who tackled James Blake, retired tennis professional who happens to be …. um …. BLACK (bi-racial) … NOT “blue” nor any of that other “ignorant” crap folks are talking about.
This past week saw a lot of local folks trying to figure out how to stop the violence taking place in Miami as two high school “black teens” who attended the same school … were murdered during their first week of school!!!!  No, it wasn’t a cop who shot either of the boys this time … they think it was a “drive by” gone bad.  Do you think maybe cops could find the source of all these guns ending up in “the hood”??  The guns MUST be coming from somewhere else, ’cause last I checked, there are no “gun factories” in “the hood”, so … somebody must be letting them come into the hood … think about that for a minute!!  Are folks trying to suggest that these “kids” go and buy the guns that they use in their gangs and communities?!?  Someone is “dropping the ball” somewhere here …
The officer who tackled James Blake was told by someone he had just questioned that “the guy over there is the other perpetrator” involved in the stolen credit card ring.  The officer didn’t show any identification before rushing and tackling Mr. Blake, and, the officer is the defendant in two other cases where he is accused of beating up one suspect and using excessive force on still another.  Then, the representative for the “police” union said that this officer should NOT be taken off duty and assigned to desk duty until the investigation is complete!!  Are they kidding?!?  Do they need to wait until undercover officer Frascatore KILLS someone FIRST?!?  In other professions, if you tackle anyone, let alone a “suspect of a non-violent crime”, you LOSE your job … period … unless you are playing in the NFL!!  Blake also stated that he thinks, since he is bi-racial, that race probably has something to do with it; but the main issue here is the continued use of excessive force by THIS specific officer!  Blake wants him to never have a badge and a gun … AGAIN!!
You may not agree, but living as an African American man can be a challenge.  Now, of course, it has its good points and bad points, but consider the history of Africans/African Americans in THIS country … and its only been 500 years or so … and one can see a history of horror, genocide in some cases, as well as massive incarceration.  I am in agreement with Mr. Blake … in his belief that the NYC Police Commissioner and others involved “stop” their denial about racial profiling … and deal with officers as if they are human … because that is exactly what they are … No better than me … no worse than me … or YOU!
Have a great week, y’all.  Love youse …
John I. Cook, Director

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