Don’t Make Me Laugh … Make Me Smile!

doing for others

Yes, it’s Hump Day!!!
How’re you all holding up?!  Full week … we’re at Wednesday, right?!!  Progress …
First of all, I want to once again thank each of you for what you represent in my life … up until now.  Many of you I have known for years … Some, I met just once and others I long to see again!  Yet, there are others with whom I remain in contact though not feverishly, it is frequent and amicable most often.  Thank you … each of you.  And again, if you would like to NOT receive these pieces, simply let me know!
One of those “friends” I just described in the previous paragraph is a guy whom I met at a writer’s workshop at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts.  It’s interesting because the venue was unique and so was the gathering …. We are still friends today.  I even stayed in his two bedroom apartment in Kissimmee, FL when I worked for ACORN in Orlando, training as a foreclosure prevention “specialist” and organizing a neighborhood into an ACORN component.  Shucks, I rode my Honda 1999 NightHawk 750 from So Florida to Orlando and back again on the weekends … for 4 months!!  I also drove the “Night Hawk” as I traveled as a community organizer in two neighborhoods, Carver Shores & Washington Heights, near Orlando.  I met some wonderful people, including the Rev. and Mrs. Vinson, doing community organizing … and I stayed with Stokely Gittens while doing so!!
Well, Stokely’s father just passed, though I think he lasted longer than most thought as he suffered from cancer.  It was all the more challenging because his mother just recently passed about a year ago!  Can we avoid death?  Methinks not … While many “folks”, scientists and new age movements are seeking ways to reverse the aging process, it seems to be a long ways off.  So, meanwhile, why don’t we accept this stage of our journey as “part of life” … or the end, at least.
Make someone smile today … you may not know how much they really need it.  It is a gesture to avert sadness as well as a gesture to uplift a fellow human being.  Stokely is amongst the friends I have who have recently lost parents … Please send out a prayer of uplifting, some positive thoughts … maybe even a smile!


John I. Cook, Director

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