Remembering “9/11” . . . .

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It’s Friday … and I’ve got to T.G.I.F.!
Geesh … I’ll tell you … inside … I feel like a washing machine every year on this day!!  It all started early that morning and I had settled in to a routine morning at City College, Ft. Lauderdale.  At that time, I worked as the International Student Office Coordinator and the English and reading specialist.  I also taught debate and “personal development”.
I was walking down the hallway amidst a few students who were running into the media center yelling: “It’s the Twin Towers in New York City!!  A plane just hit one of the Towers and it looks like another one is going to ….”  I scurried into the media center where a good friend, Jackie Thomas, worked for several years while I taught there.  I gasped, “This looks like a movie!”
Where were you then??  Where are you “now”, so to speak?  Has your idea of America changed since then??  Do you feel more vulnerable??  There are “random” shootings on a highway in the good ole US of A!  There’s a teen stalker in Miami who has struck multiple times since 2013 … has even had sex with some victims … and was scared off by others!  Have you noticed that most conversations nowadays end up sometimes with, “Yeah, it is a crazy world we live in!”??
Clearly, we live in an unpredictable world, one that apparently causes more stress and strife than peace and love.  Yes, wars have served their purposes and humanity is still paying the “price”.  So today, consider yourself an integral though small part of the universe as “humanity” seeks to overcome “our differences”.  Take a moment to look at the bigger picture, hone in on the “real heroes” who lost their lives rescuing others during this catastrophe.  May we remember the travesty to humanity … and learn from it.


John I. Cook, Director

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