What Are You Putting In Your GUT?!?

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Happy Hump Day, Yeaaahhhh!

There’s nothing like the middle of the week …. except the weekend, Baby!  And we are halfway there!!  It’s gonna be “Labor Day Weekend”, too!  Lovin’ it!
Here of late, hopefully not too late, I have become more concerned with what I eat and what I do with my vessel … also known as “the body”!  Did you ever think about yourself like that?!  A vessel … carrying you along this journey … relying on what you put IN it?!  Most vehicles require fuel, as do our bodies!  Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that I have been perfect in caring for my body.  In fact, I am like most people … I have abused my body with some terrible things that I put inside of it!!  The body does require “good fuel” in order to run and function properly.  Are you a slave to your “taste buds”?  How about “over the top” commercials selling fast food and stuff?!
Last night, I attended an event sponsored by Filiz Bakar (from Turkey) at Thrive Wellness here in Ft. Lauderdale.  She has hosted many events, offering incredible insight as she seeks to combine “high level science” and Chinese medicine!  She talked about everything from “methylation” to the benefits of “manuka honey” and the listing of “good fats” (avocado, coconut and “ghee”).  Our bodies are much more than “containers to put stuff inside of” …. it contains our LIFE FORCE!!  Many folks who grew up in European countries where “GMO’s” are illegal and no preservatives are allowed in prepared foods know the benefits of a “healthy gut”.  Have you ever heard of a “leaky gut” and the causes of it?  It might be something that you want to look into … if interested.  I am a novice in this area of “healthy eating”, but I have always wanted to know how I can live better and challenge any discomforts that I experience.  I am not a big fan of “doctors” nor of “Big Pharma” nor these corporate monstrosities that control what is available for us to eat.  Yet, this is still another area where I refuse to allow external forces to control what I put in my gut!!
I do know that I owe my body many apologies for what I have done to it in the past.  Sometimes, I wonder how I didn’t experience more consequences from the things I have put in my body … or not …   So, consider your options, enjoy what you eat, but don’t ignore your body and your gut … which is everything in between the two “openings in our bodies”, to use one of Filiz’s expressions that she used in last night’s lecture!  Be well!

John I. Cook, Director

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