Stop Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse!

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It’s Monday ….

What a way to spend the weekend!  The squalls and outer bands of Hurricane Erica drenched SoFlo over the entire weekend!!  They say we can anticipate some downpours today, Monday …
Sunday, I hunkered down at home and watched a series of “Law & Order: SVU”.  As most of you know, one of Educational Excellence’s goals is to awaken a sense of responsibility in many of us to do whatever we can to “stop the violence”.  Most people don’t take a look at themselves to see how we can avoid “hurtful” thinking that, when it gets out of control, can lead to expressions of physical and sexual violence.  “Law & Order” had several shows on Sunday “back to back” exposing situations where this type of thinking prevailed and led to the need for the “Special Victims Unit” to get involved.  Some of the “fictitious” events brought tears to my eyes.
One episode showed a couple of teen-aged girls on a group trip with their school to what appeared to be a college campus.  One of the girls was bored and wanted to do something different from what the group’s leader had planned to do.  There were two sisters and one was approached by a young woman that seemed to be surveilling the group of teen girls and invited one of them to a party at a “frat house”.  The two decided to go, one got “drugged” by a “stalker” and led off into a short term of “live streaming teen pornography”.  The SVU got the missing persons report from the girl’s parents and closed in on a ring led by an extremely sick young man!  He was BUSTED using advanced technology and a professional “cyber space stalker” who had gotten locked up for some of his crimes!  This cyber stalker was able to help the “SVU” to break the codes and locate the address of the live streaming.
The most intriguing episode I saw even had the Miami HEAT’s center, Chris Bosh, supporting the professional sport’s community’s embracing of “stop domestic violence and sexual abuse”.  This time, there was a high school boy’s basketball coach who seemed to leave a “trail of tears”, so to speak, of young “black” men, if you will, who were from the inner city.  Several of the “boys” had risen to local fame as basketball players while one white kid in particular who couldn’t handle the abuse he experienced from this coach had gotten hooked on drugs and fell out of the local sports scene.  His untimely death brought on an interest from the Special Victim’s Unit, including former rapper “Iced T” who plays the part of an SVU detective on Law and Order!  So, a star player was contacted who had apparently experienced sexual abuse as a young boy when their “coach” accompanied the boys on a ‘travel team trip’ who had a habit of taking advantage of the boys during bed checks.  One of the biggest local stars decided to expose the sexual abuse he experienced as a young boy under this same coach.  Chris Bosh was there while this “fictitious” character finally took off his sunglasses and made a surprising announcement to the press that his coach had violated him, too, during those bed-checks on road trips.  It actually brought tears to my eyes considering how familiar I was from having coached boys’ basketball at White Plains High School for five years.  Yes, even young men …. better said … boys have been found to be victims of sexual abuse in the athletic arena.
In closing, keep your eyes open, folks.  Don’t allow your daughters and sons to suffer at the hands of a boyfriend or girlfriend, coach even, because we must speak out and stop domestic abuse and sexual violence.  Do your part, when presented with the opportunity, to “Stop the Violence”!

John I. Cook, Director

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