Make Some Changes, Please!

minor and major


Happy Friday, Y’ALL!

I know I need it … and … I wanna … “T.G.I.F.”!  It’s been one of those weeks … Yet, I am still standing!!  Isn’t it interesting that when you try to do the right thing, someone from somewhere tries to “knock you down”??  Why??  I don’t even ask anymore … I just keep movin’!  I notice how people like the Baltimore City’s newly elected State Attorney has been carrying herself as a small band of the devil’s cheerleaders try to minimize her impact and authority in the case with Freddie Gray.  Do you need a forensic’s degree to see that each and every one of those officers surrounding “unarmed” Mr. Gray are responsible for his death?!?  Unless … you are “the devil”?!?
Well, I am glad that the judge who oversaw the proceedings when the attorneys representing those officers tried to recuse Marilyn J. Mosby decided as he did.  Not only did he deny the “recuse” claim but also decided that EACH officer should be tried separately.  It is only fair.  Another human being lost his life in “your custody”, so, each person that was present, played a part and is liable.  Therefore, they EACH should be tried for his death … Whether Gray was a “good citizen” is not the question.  I am sure many of us … if we are honest … can say there were times that we weren’t “good citizens” … just not to the extremes that Gray has been alleged to have been involved in like misdemeanors and maybe possession charges.  And Mosby being requested to recuse is horrifying!  This woman worked hard for her career and deserves the same respect and opportunities to perform her job, which is an important one, the way she sees things should be happening there in Baltimore.  I admit, I don’t know the City and have never been there so I guess you could say I am relying on my “reading”.  I have a long time good friend who lived there during his youth … College Park … Larry T. Woody.  There there’s Lee Blair, a good friend from college, who has recently moved from the New Jersey area to Baltimore.  From what I understand, this is not “new” there (police misconduct) … but all the pieces pointing to misconduct are apparent … Gray was killed by a spinal injury, which I believed occurred BEFORE he was placed into the van.  No way to treat a human … no matter what he did.  Jury or judge decides life or death!!!  What  happened to the trial portion?!?  He wasn’t armed!!!  Some one should be charged with his death!!  Make some changes!!
Now, I am not preaching.  You might call it confessing!  Yet, what I’ve found is that if I keep a positive attitude … and “joy” … simple old “joy” in my heart … I’ll be alright!!  Good things happen to us all … Sometimes, we don’t appreciate them, or, don’t notice them.  I try to keep it simple!  Transparent even.  Where are you guys at on this subject?!?  It’s serious, too!  So … give it some thought!!  What can you change …. about YOURSELF?!

John I. Cook, Director

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