The Worst of Two Worlds!!

twp evil guys


Happy Hump Day, y’all!
What a world wind of events these past few months … Trumps mouth and Cosby “conquests”, to put it bluntly!
Everyone has a right to their own opinion, right?!?  Right?!?  But some folks take advantage of that and just say any darn thing they want.  Do you know people like that??  They say stuff … just to get a rise out of you!!  Very often, “they” know that what they are saying is incorrect or will make you angry … they hope!!  I love those kind of folks, especially when they realize that they can NOT find “my buttons”!!  It’s the peace within that keeps me sane nowadays!!
People lie, people talk “nonsense” … people just make up stuff to try and stay “ahead” of their own ignorance.  Then there are some folks who have “fooled us ALL”!!  Enter Bill Cosby, aka Dr. Huxtable!!  Did they know what type of “doctor” that they were casting for that show?!?  The network had me fooled!!  How about you?  All those years of folks applauding the African American television family that seemed to have it “all together” … and the tv father turns out to be a “confessed sexual predator”.  “I bought the <drugs> to give to young women I wanted to have sex with!”  Then, he returned to the set of one of America’s favorite shows!  “Hicky burr!  Burrr Hicky … burr!”
Now, we have Mr. Millionaire, Donald Trump!  He says whatever he wants … and twists it and turns it and never ever backs down!  Those are the most scary people for me … like a “Joker” or “Court Jester” … but for real!!! … and with M.O.N.E.Y.!!!  Now, he is starting to get dropped like a “hot potato” from every venue, event and charitable activity he has been a part of!  Ms. Colombia said it best: “The people who own the pageant are not the same as the people who actually “run” the pageant.  I mean, there are girls from all over the world in the Miss Universe Pageant!  It brings people together from many different countries.  We share our lives together as part of the pageant!”  It seems that though she doesn’t have the money that Trump has been able to amass, she does exceed his level of intelligence in this matter.
Enter the Dalai Lama!!!  His birthday was Monday, July 6th … he turned 80 years old!  He is the 14th Dalai Lama and has become a world icon and a Noble Peace Prize Winner, too!  He was born in Taktser, China.  It takes people like him to balance out all the ignorance and drama that people seem to think is so important today.  Many of us have lost sight of our divine mission … to save ourselves!

John I. Cook, Director

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